Wednesday, October 20, 2010

LOOK AT ALL THOSE "X's"!!!!! 16.5 to be exact! 16.5 PERFECT days in a row!!!


  1. Yay!! Keep it up! You are MY inspiration :)


  2. Wow - that is so impressive! You keep me so motivated. For the first time, I got up on time this morning (4am - gotta be at work at 7am -- yep, it's suckish). Usually, I just divide the workout in half, but this morning, I thought of your blog and all the other TAMMYs (that's what I call the TAM-ers in my head) and decided the skinny girl was winning this argument! Thanks for your blog!

  3. Thanks guys! Today was tough...but I hung in there! You guys can do it! Go for it!,, tomorrow will be better. Fingers crossed.