Wednesday, October 6, 2010

catching you up to DAY THREE..

ok... so I got this blog thing all set up and was ready to document each day and then the craziest thing happened... I started the program and felt like someone had beaten me with a pillow case full of oranges and am just now getting around to blogging...

Not that it really matters - I'm not sure that anyone is going to actually read this, but I feel that I need to send it out to the universe so I will be accountable!

So... if you're out there, and you care enough to read about a middle aged woman kicking her own ass for thirty days - well, God Bless ya!

So - here's what you've missed since day one....

I started Monday morning, bright and early, filled with hope for the promise of a better body in just thirty days. Tracy promises me that if I "show up" every day for thirty days that I will astound myself with the changes I can make. She also promised it would be hard.
Well, she has already delivered on the later promise. and I am astounded at how hard it is...

HOLY SMOKE... rarely does one get the chance to inflict such pain on one's self!!!

"I created my space" upstairs and had it all set up for my muscular work and cardio work and a mere 2 hours later I was done working out. was WAY more challenging than I had anticipated.

All day long I felt "flu like" symptoms and could barely put thoughts together. Sounds fun, doesn't it? Don't you want to jump on this bandwagon? Well, I'm committed and regardless of how difficult I WILL make it thirty days...without one workout missed and BY THE BOOK on the food plan.

I was measured, weighed and pinched before I started and will be measured weighed and pinched every ten days... I'll keep you posted on my progress...please Lord, let there be progress!
and YES, I took before pictures... and NO I won't be posting them!!!!

So - from this point on I will make an effort to post daily updates with facts, humor and struggles - sorry I missed the first few days!!!


weight loss: 3 POUNDS!! (since Monday)

soreness: unbelievable - seriously, would someone please start a telethon for me - I feel like I have Polio.

hunger: not so bad - mostly because I assume my body is eating itself, so that should take care of it's hunger.

cellulite: my arch's still here. We've agreed to disagree about it's presence.

Dancing is getting a little less embarrassing (a little) and floor work is still impossibly difficult.

Food plan is not exactly generous, but I am following it - to the letter - thanks to Lana Paavola - more on her later!

Could be my imagination, but I sware I'm already feeling changes. I'm kind of excited...

you saucy little minx. Let's do this thang!


  1. Great job, Strouder! We're out here reading!

  2. Oh my goodness, you are so funny! I had to come back and start at the beginning to catch up w/ things and I'm lovin' your personality and positivity! So can't wait to follow along w/ you!

  3. Seriously laughed out loud at work with your telethon omment! Thanks for sharing, I'm starting Sunday...any tips?