Tuesday, October 12, 2010


MY friends...It's DAY NINE ...and you will never believe what happened today!!!!!!!!!!
seriously, are you sitting down? Wait, who am I kidding, of course you're sitting down - we are all too sore to stand up! Drum roll please....

I GOT A COMMENT FROM TRACY!!!!!! Sware!!!!!!! I was like a five year old getting a letter from Santa Clause!  I might as well have been in foot jammies running around the house yelling " It's him! He wrote to me! Santa Clause is real!! Look!!! look at my letter!!! He say's Im gonna get the Barbie Dream House cause I've been a good girl!"

Except, I am 41 and I was in La Perla nighty jumping around yelling at my husband. "It's her!!! Tracy Anderson is real!!!! Look at my email!!! She says I 'm gonna get a great ass cause I've been such a good girl!!!!

ok - not her exact words... and it was actually written by Ali, whom I assume works with Tracy (thank you Ali, btw!)
- so allow me to quote the comment....
(from Tracy Anderson Method FB page)

"Hi Laura (it's Ali)- I'm traveling with Tracy and she is freaking out about your blog and posts. Sounds like you are really doing it the right way and are seeing the results. Keep us posted and let us know if you need any support."

I am excited all over again!!

It was at this point that James says to me "You guys are like the workout equivalent of the movie Julie and Julia!" which thrilled me! So Tracy - I just want you to know if someone wants to turn this into a movie I am more than willing to legally change my name to Trace, or Tracia - which ever makes for a catchier title.  Just sayin'...

of course, now that I am re-reading her comment  again... it says "she is freaking out about your blogs and posts"... it doesn't really go on to add..."because she loves them".... ah geez, what if the sentiment was more like..."she is freaking out about your blog and posts because you threatened her and you seem crazy as a shit- house- rat and she is currently getting a restraining order against you." hmmmm, it could kind of go either way. oh dear.

Ok, Tracy and Ali...if you didn't mean it in a good way- PLEASE don't tell me! I found out there was no Santa at age 5 - so let me live in the fairy tale of this a little longer!! hopefully, it was meant to be a compliment!

In my brain movie, it is a compliment!

 yah know - speaking of brain movie - let's go ahead and cover that one, shall we?
Anyone that knows me knows about my "brain movie"... it is how things are in my head... but not really how they are in real life.
For instance... in my brain movie (ROLL TAPE...) I am three inches taller - ALL LEGS - I have a freakishly high metabolism and I am WILDLY famous. (just inked a Pepsi deal in Japan) not to mention I am BESTIE's with Tracy. Duh. Sometimes me and her and Gwynie (that's what I call her) all go to lunch after working out together and we split a snow pea, which COMPLETELY satisfies my appetite. They are both sooooooo jealous of my body. I keep telling them that one day, they will both have an ass you can bounce a quarter off of- JUST LIKE MINE!
I also assure them they should not hate me because I'm beautiful, they should hate me because their husbands think I'm beautiful.
Madonna used to hang with us too, but she finally admitted she just couldn't deal with the papparazzi following me, so she bailed. I get it. (...AND CUT! )

another example... say you are at work and your boss is being a real jerk and rudely tells you  "I WANT THAT REPORT ON MY DESK FIVE MINUTES AGO!" in my brain movie I would answer him like this (ROLL TAPE...) "Well, monkey wants a fig, but he doesn't always get one. So why don't you go stand on the corner of Suck It and Piss off and step in front of the bus when it comes along." (...AND CUT!) in real life I would probably say "yes sir, I'm on it."

so - now you get the "brain movie"...obviously not exactly how things are..but hey! If you can't make fun of yourself, who can you make fun of??????

I frequently refer to my "brain movie" - so I thought I should catch everyone up to speed on what that meant! Now ...back to reality...

(side note: I did get the chance to meet (in real life) Gwyneth Paltrow when she was in Nashville last year working on a movie and you all should  know how incredibly lovely she was to be around!  Everyone I know that worked with her seemed to express the same sentiment. So , GP - if you're out there, Nashville loved having your warm light here for a while! come back anytime, you were a delight.)

ok- so today is DAY NINE ... Lather , Rinse, Repeat on the mornings plans. Up, Crank the heat, Stretch, Muscle Work, Cardio. Not much that was too new about it but here are a few things I have really started to notice during my workouts...

1. Every time I get all cocky and start to think a certain muscle work is getting easier, I realize my mind has drifted to thoughts like "hey , this is getting easier" and "I'm not so sure about this nail polish color" and  when I bring my focus back to the specifics of each exercise... I was wrong! It's not easier... I was just not doing it with my full mental focus! So...stay focused, ladies!! (and gentlemen, if your reading this!) It makes a huge difference.

2. I added a few new songs to my playlist and it really helped!!!
When making my playlist I put the Tracy DVD on my computer, muted it, and on my Iphone went through my uptempo songs to find ones that seemed to fit the right tempo. I made a list, then I burned them on to a CD and I play them while I conduct Dance Party USA up stairs in the sauna every morning!!!!

3. I also bought a dry erase calendar before I began so I could keep track of certain things...
In each days square I post my weight from the recent weigh in, then I put how many reps of each muscle work exercise I am doing that day. I also put the start time of my muscle work and start time of my cardio work so I can monitor if I'm taking too long, getting faster with practice, etc.
Under the reps I rate difficulty from one to ten - same with cardio.
After I am done with my workout (here comes the fun part)... I put HALF of a big red X in the square!!!
Then I remind myself that I have gifted myself the hard work and to get the OTHER HALF of the big X, all I have to do to earn it is stick to the food plan all day! Before I go to bed each night I get to go put the other half of the X and it feels great!!! I will post a picture of my silly calender so you can see my eight and a half x's so far!!!! I'm very proud of them all!

So , enough tips for today!

Hey bloggers- we have a friend that commented today FROM ITALY!!! how cool is that? She is putting a grocery list together broken down week by week and is going to send it to me to post on the blog! Nice of her, huh? We're taking Thass reduction Global, baby!!!!

and my favorite blog comment so far came today! and it said :

"Laura, I secretly hope you fail miserably so that you have to torture yourself all over again. Your blog is my post workout ritual these days, and I'll be sad when it's over. Is that wrong?"

I answered her back that I took it in the spirit it was given and it was hysterical!!! and that maybe I would have to come up with a new topic when we were done since everyone has made me feel so great about my silly little blog!
She answers back (and this is genius..) "how about a 60 day challenge and we'll call it  "Cankles- The Musical" LMAO!!!! Good stuff Dana!!! and thank you!

Whew. I'm chatty tonight!


Nine days and completely BY THE BOOK! Not an almond, not a sauce, not a drop of dairy, not a sip of alcohol, not a single non-regulation bite has gone into my mouth.
Not a single rep missed from the workout and not a minute missed of the cardio.
Also...not  a single meal missed (even though we all know I feel about the Kale Juice) but I am following Tracy's guidance to the smallest of details...and let me tell you what - she knows what she is talking about!!!!

I am in shock that in eight days I "un-did" what I have been grieving over for almost TWO YEARS! Think about that... for two years I have been upset, saying mean things to myself, not being able to fit in my clothes, feeling less than sexy and Tracy's method "un-did" all that in ONE WEEK. Talk about being sorry I didn't find this earlier! Usually those kinds of results only happen in my - you guessed it - BRAIN MOVIE!

WEIGHT: stayed the same for third day -down 8 pounds. Actually I was down about a half a pound, but I'm not counting it until it's a full pound!

ENERGY: I gotta be honest - I hit another wall today. I felt great after my workout and then a few hours later I felt "spent" again. Had to come home after work and lay down for twenty minutes, but now I'm feeling much better!

A friend at work walked into the kitchen and I turned around to say hi and he said- and I quote - "Oh! Is that you! Sorry, I didn't recognize you from behind!" From behind!!! Oh. Ma. Gawd...how great is that!!!
In other words - "I used to know it was you when I saw that big swamp ass... I would have never guessed that tiny hiney belonged to you!" You gotta love that...or at least I do.   :)

Before I go today I wanted to share with you a quote a friend sent me recently, and I then sent it on to a very dear friend, as well.
I thought of the quote again today when I was beaming from all the comments you all have taken the time to leave me on Facebook, the TAM page, and on my Thass blog - not to mention those of you that have signed up to follow!!! Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that so many people would be so encouraging and supportive! You all are making this so much fun and I love that there are so many of us trying to improve ourselves together! So from the bottom of my heart I thank you and send you all this quote...

"I am a success today because I had a friend who believed in me and I didn't have the heart to let him down...” 
               -Abraham Lincoln

9 days down...
21 to go.... all BY THE BOOK!

WHO's WITH ME??????????
we can do this!!!


PS- I'm starving my f-ing ass off !!!!!!! literally. :)


  1. OMG! I totally feel like a workout stalker, because I feel like I comment everyday, but I LOVE your blog, and omg, omg, omg - you got a comment from TRACY! Is it completely crazy that I'm so excited for you as a bystander? Anyway, you are doing amazing, and I'm so inspired. And the grocery list from Italy - that's also amazing! That's the biggest thing I would've liked from the book (totally selfish and lazy, but it would've been seriously nice). Anyway, congrats again - you're doing so awesome! You are who I want to be when I grow up (ok, I'm almost forty, but still!).

  2. Thanks so much for doing this Laura! You have made me cry and laugh over the last week...keep up the awesome work! I'm trying to muster up the courage to do this soon! Also, love the "brain movie"!

  3. Laura,
    Keeping it real and funny! Love it. You are 5 days ahead of me and I am not as diligent as you, but I am doing what I can and definitely seeing the results! Keep it going. This is my after workout "treat!"

  4. Susan!!!
    PLEASE be my blog stalker!!! It makes me so happy that you are enjoying my silly posts!!! Seriously- you guys are making this so fun for me!!!

    Keep the comments coming and I'll keep the funny stories coming!

    Thanks to Shannon and shay too! I appreciate you all!

  5. hey i am from india,
    i got glued to tam after my hubby got me the dvds from his off us trip.
    go girly go
    we r right there 4 u
    ur blog is getting addictive.

  6. Well, I'm secretly hoping you'll fail not so that you'll be forced to keep blogging, but so that you don't look better than me in a tennis skirt. I'm just sayin'....

    Love ya, Tracia! Keep up the AMAZING work!

  7. I have ordered the book of amazon as soon as it arrives im on it like a duck to water!!! Im just eating myself silly through all the bread chocolate and muffins I have in the house cus I dont want to be tempted by it when the book arrives and living in oz the food is 2 god damn expensive to throw away. Keep ploughing thru it u a super star x

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  10. Omg Im so excited I keep typing wrong!!! ps thanks for the advice I am gonna try the workout the way u said....Im feeling really excited and motivated all thanks to u :-) ♥

  11. Hi, I'm Angie from Germany.
    I think we (the Tracy and Laura followers) are much more international than you would think! And the FB site as well as your great blog give us the chance to come together and share what we do privately in our homes. For me the only way to talk about my workout.
    Great that you got a reaction from Tracy. I am sure she loves your story.

  12. OK Laura Tracia Trace Stroud! You've made me a follower. I've just spent the last 30 minutes reading all of your blogs and while my coffee is empty, I've yet to lose any lbs! Maybe if I read for 30 days I will eventually get motivated enough to commit. SERIOUSLY this is scary awesome! WAY TO GO girl. I think the last time I followed through on this kind of commitment was when I was pregnant and that was 14 years ago!