Friday, October 8, 2010


So here's a general re-cap of this morning...
Alarm goes off at 6:00 and I immediately start the internal debate between the fat girl and skinny girl inside of my head.
"You know - why don't you stay in bed and do your workout after your 10:30 doctors appointment"
"No. get up"
"Orrrrrr, we could sleep some more, do half later, blah, blah ,blah"
this went on for a while, then I came up with a good solution. The skinny girl in me hit the fat girl over the head and then ate her.
Solved two problems.

So, I climbed out of bed and when my feet hit the floor and a searing wave of heat ripped up the back of my was originating from my calves. Kind of a pain Tsunami. I gimped my way over to brush my teeth- A.) because I practice outstanding oral hygeine and B.) because I wanted to eat my toothpaste.
(I stole that last line from my mother!)

I then hit the 80 degree room upstairs for the one hour of muscle work. It actually seemed a little easier today. And by that I do not mean it was easy - I just mean I wasn't praying for the sweet release of death to end the session. Which is a marked improvement from yesterday.

Ahhhh, but then came the 40 minutes of cardio (this is generally when I hear James leave the house as he isn't super crazy about listening to "Boom Boom Pow" and "Suga"  blaring from upstairs at seven thirty in the morning) ...and this morning the cardio was a living nightmare.
Not sure exactly why... but I hit a wall WAY early in the cardio.
I found myself wishing that flogging myself with a cat of nine tails was an option to the cardio - I would have taken it. I would have rocked it out like I was Opus Die. But alas, not an option.
And since I have to push through and stay BY THE BOOK for thirty days, I kept moving and kept trying! There were moments I looked like Elaine from Seinfeld when she danced or maybe a wounded animal ... if either of them were ever soaked in sweat and cursing.

My precious husband went and got me coffee while I struggled through and then I finally held tight to the handrail of the stairs and shook my way back down stairs for breakfast!!!!! I'm so excited to eat BREAKFAST!!! what's for breakfast today??? I look it up...half a grapefruit..
I believe my exact response was "Are you shitting me?".
I don't even like Grapefruit. Ironically, those of you that know me know my favorite cocktail is Vodka & Grapefruit, so I found myself wanting to pour some Vodka into my bullshit half grapefruit and make it a little more exciting. But I didn't. But I wanted to. Seems to be that there is a drunk girl inside of me as well. We'll eat her another day.

Lunch is grilled chicken with broccoli and tomatoes. That may sound boring - but it is  served with a side of bland and seasoned with air.

and you know what... it all tastes pretty dang good to me!

I felt less like I was going to throw up today!!! woo hoo!
that's exciting!

Tonight I have dinner with some friends. I have called ahead to the chef and asked him if he coud remove all, salt, oil, butter and consequently flavor from my meal so it would be on target. He laughed and said he would.

So - five days in to a thirty day haul ... I'm asking myself it worth it???

WEIGHT: I'm down six pounds!

CELLULITE: I sware it is already 70% better! sware!

ENERGY: maybe improving a little - still want to lay down and rest a lot. but no longer feel like Ive got the flu.

DENIM: I put on jeans this morning that I wore last weekend and had to take them back off...cause they were too big!

so... hell yeah it's worth it!
This thing may kill me...but at least I'll go down in a size four coffin!
Thanks for the support, everyone.
It really helps!
twenty five more days....


  1. Laura,
    You are amazing! Thank you so much for sharing all of this. I start BY THE BOOK on Monday. Maybe I will leave u comments as my check in and accountability on how I'm doing. Thank you again! And by the way you can have ANYTHING you want: ask,believe,receive! (read the secret!)

    Also BTB xox,

  2. You are cracking me up! I love your great attitude! You can totally do it--keep having fun with it and listen to your body and the 30 days will be over before you know it. :)

  3. I have the fat girl/skinny girl argument each and every single day I wake up to do this! I so admire your dedication - because I DO have to divide the workout in two (muscle in the morning/cardio at night), since being at work at seven am leaves little to no time for sleep otherwise. But so far, it's SOOO worth it. I want to go down in a size six coffin (some days, I wish that would happen sooner than others :)
    Keep it up, though - you're hilarious, and it sounds like you're doing great!

  4. Yes, totally cracking me up too! I literally laughed out loud when reading "served with a side of bland and seasoned with air." I think all of you doing the 30 Day Method are incredible. I don't really ever plan to follow the menus in the book to a T, I will try some recipes after I finish nursing my baby (which will hopefully be in the next 3 months) but I cannot imagine doing everything she recommends. I honestly don't know how I could only eat 1/2 a grapefruit for breakfast. When she did the radio interview just recently the first caller mentioned she wanted to loose between 5-8 lbs. if I'm remembering correctly and Tracy commented on how that weight range would be really hard and she would feel really hungry. I wonder why that is? Tracy assured her she was getting enough nutrition despite feeling like she wasn't eating enough. Hmmm....

  5. Interesting what Tracy said... well, I'll tell you this much - I have been hungry! and more than hungry - really weak at times in the day.

    Other times, Im so nauseous from the workout that I have to choke down the food.

    However--- it's working!!! I'm guessing the weight loss will stop tomorrow and maybe even go up a little since it has fallen off so much.????

    either way - my whole body is changing in shape - so she's got something right!

    and MELISSA - keep me up to date on your start tomorrow- I want to hear all the details!!!

  6. Hi! Love your blog! I just started on Monday and am reading back at your blogs for motovation! Thx for the inspiration!
    Also wanted to know did you eat the full portion of the recipes when it says 8 ounce or did you half it? Thx