Saturday, October 9, 2010


First things first...
I HAVE 15 FOLLOWERS!!! how cute is that? I'm so excited and touched that 15 people care about my Thass!!!!! Thank you so much for following my silly little blog! It really makes me smile to see people have signed up. awwwww.
and thanks to everyone for the kind words on FB...very encouraging!'s DAY SIX.... and here what's happened since yesterday mornings blog...

Yesterday I felt REALLY tired all day, like I just had little to no energy.
I managed to make it through my work day and then started getting dressed for dinner out with friends.

Now, dinner with friends is a wonderful tradition, a great way to spend a Friday night. Share a few laughs, have a few drinks, enjoy a great meal...which is what everyone did...except me.
 Now, don't get me wrong - I had a great time because I have the best friends in the world and any time spent with them is lovely.... but portions of the meal were like window shopping at Neiman's (or if you're a man - watching a stripper) a lot of look but don't touch.

But since I am the freak who has signed herself up for thirty days of torture, and therefore can't really complain about the strict rules, I ordered my iced tea (since diet cokes are a Tracy Anderson no-no)and smiled about it. Everyone else had a cocktail (except my husband who doesn't drink) and at first it was a bummer and then I settled into it and didn't care one way or the other about having a drink.
Apparently, the drunk girl in me caught the news about the ill fated outcome of the fat girl and decided to keep her pie hole shut about nagging me to order a cocktail. Well played , drunk girl.

I quickly became the servers worse nightmare as I labored on about "my special diet" and could he please ask the chef to remove everything he learned from culinary school from my plate and please bring me dry fish and dry green beans. I insured him that I would not hold them responsible for the bland entree. They were the greatest about it! (Watermark, Nashville, Tn) they brought me EXACTLY what I asked for and it was Tracy Anderson approved!

Everyone at Watermark seemed to understand I was on a program and everyone helped me... everyone except...the bread guy. MY GOD, the bread guy! He clearly did not get the memo. (memo said: the blonde at the table seven clearly has an eating disorder. do not feed her.) for this guy was obviously going for employee of the month, bread guy of the year, or he just thought it was funny..?
if he came by and offered my bread once, he came by twelve times.
and he wasn't just offering bread from some basket, oh no!, he was offering an array of baked delights off this beautiful wide tray - it was like bread porn.
He was so diligent in his offerings that I didn't have the heart to tell him that if he stuck the mobile bakery in my face ONE MORE TIME I was going to knock him in the man junk and make him rain Foccacia all over the other tables.
So, what have we learned ? Well, for one - the bread guy is a foot soldier of Satan. Look out for him.
I also learned that I do not need to drink to enjoy my friends... who knew? HAHA! kidding about that one!

anyhoo - This mornings workout was REALLY tough... again. Moved the muscle reps from 25 to 30 and rocked the cardio out.

As it was Saturday, I got to sleep in a little bit and start later - so that was a treat.
And as it is hunting season, James was gone so- I turned up the music even louder since I didn't have to worry about making him miserable!

I have had another perfect day of eating, thanks to Lana Paavola (more on her tomorrow!)
and am about to go to the movies where I am sure the smell of popcorn will bitch slap me and mock me...but I am in the zone people!!!!! no getting me off track!!!

down another pound!!! sware - crazy huh? down SEVEN pounds in five days!

my body is literally changing brfore my eyes!!!

I'm going to go throw on some jeans for the movie that didn't fit mast time I went to the movies!

woo hoo!

24 more days... BY THE BOOK!

talk at ya tomorrow!!!



  1. down seven pounds?! wowza...
    i can probably do without bread & other delicious things.. but no wine? :/
    i'm scared already.

  2. Girl, you inspire me. I did a good 9 days and then...mmm...not so much. But, you know the saying, I'm so getting back on track Monday. Thank you God for Mondays. Btw, I should warn you that such a low calorie diet can so make you do odd things....( =)

  3. Firstly, you are my funniest friend.

    Secondly, taking a dieter to a restaurant with friends is like taking an alcoholic to a bar! Bravo for your restraint.

    Thirdly, you already act drunk sans alcohol.

    Lastly, I wasn't going to workout today, but you may have just inspired me. 7 lbs? Good grief!

  4. Congratulations! I wish I could motivate myself to follow her eating plan - I've started the South Beach Diet instead, and am down six pounds on day 12, but still! Seven pounds is FANTASTIC! I can only tell you that in my experience (and it's vast, let me tell you - I've been on this a whole entire few days longer :) - it does seem to get a bit easier by section II. Now, I can pop out forty reps with just a great deal of struggle, whereas last week, it was with many, many breaks and curses about what the hell I'd signed up for. Anyway, keep going - we're all in it together!

  5. PS - I live in Mississippi, and for some reason, this was the weekend of potlucks. Let me tell you - cheesy grits are also the spawn of Satan - they are the devil, I tell you!

  6. Thanks for all the encouragement and kind words! I love knowing there are folks out there doing this grueling thing too!!!!

    Way to go Mississippi dawsonsed! keep it up! and come on SUMMER -get back to it on Monday and we can do this thing together!!!!