Friday, October 15, 2010


Hi everyone!

I'm on the couch, feeling a little like day one or two all over again. WIPED OUT.

I have to tell all you ladies that do your workout in the afternoon or, I tip my hat to you!
I had an early morning meeting today so I made plans in my schedule to try my workout in the early evening when I was done with work.

Emotionally, it reminded me of getting in trouble as a child and being told" when we get home you're gonna get a spanking!!!"... waiting on the spanking all day is always worse than the actual spanking.

Once I got home I continued to prolong the inevitable with a time honored stalling!  Funny how you can have a pile of clothes, an unorganized closet, basically any household chore that has probably been there for days or weeks and you walk right past it...but when you need to get to your workout done , suddenly that project JUST CAN'T WAIT ANOTHER MINUTE!

So eventually... after a full workday and with a very clean house, I crawled upstairs and got down to it!

For only the second time since I started I decided to try doing my cardio first, then doing my muscle work. I cranked up the music and got pretty into it! So much in fact that I decided to add 10 extra minutes to my cardio for the first time!!!


Hey...Take a tip...when you're on the second day of your new muscle work- and the day before you struggled to get through your reps, had flu like symptoms AGAIN due to soreness ... and you ate roasted vegetables for's not the time to be a hero.

I guess I was too busy shakin' my money maker to stop and consider that maybe I was burning up every last tiny drop of fuel I had and that a more prudent woman would consider the fact that she still had an entire hour of lifting  numb and sequoia like legs high in the air, while holding on to a chair.
oh dear.

Needless to say, my muscle work was not Rated G. I screamed and moaned throughout the whole thing -and if there are any male readers...not in a good , sexy way - more in the way a woman does when she is having a baby and the head is crowning out of the vagina - You know that kind of "he-he-he-he" kind of breathing they teach you at Lamaze class... I was doing that...a lot.

I am somewhat surprised the neighbors didn't call the police. Maybe they just went to get me a baby gift instead.

This was BY FAR the hardest muscle work. I wanted to scream! oh wait.. I did scream. a lot.
But.... since I am the BY THE BOOK girl (argh...whose stupid idea was that?).. I did it. every last rep. and it was a nightmare. I'm not gonna lie to ya.

So all in all, today was a success.
The food was the typical  fare... and today's lunch  (roasted vegetables) reminded me of lunch from a few days ago - pureed broccoli and sweet potato soup... at first it tasted delicious and then after several bites it started activating my gag reflex. Once that starts - I am done eating...still hungry or not.

My weight is STILL hanging in there at 132 (-9) but I know if I keep pushing it will eventually move.
I am feeling smaller and more lean!!! so , I got that goin' for me!
Jeans and pants that were starting to maybe fit last weekend (after all the initial rapid weight loss) are now fitting perfectly - and a couple of pairs are already too big!
So- even though the scale doesn't seem to be currently moving , one thing DOES seem to be moving... you guessed it ... THE THASS!!!!

yea!!! Let's celebrate!! let's all have a drink!!! oh wait...a drink of what? water!!! yea!!!
ya's just not the same, is it? I am not a big drinker in the first place but I gotta tell ya - I am ready for a cocktail, or a glass of wine!!!! I am a firm believer that a day without wine is like a day without sunshine... but on a day without sunshine, you can still get drunk!! hahaa!

I guess it's not unlike all the mommies out there who went 9 months without a glass of wine.
I always feel sorry for my friends when they are pregnant. They get all fat, people look at them weird when they sneak a cig. It's so hard.

hhah! I was kidding about sneaking a cig - that's a line from Four Christmases and it makes me laugh out loud every time I see it!

On a final note...  since everything today seems to be "preggers" related....I wanted to give a special shout out to all of you trying to do this AND have children at the house!!  That would make it really hard! So , since I referenced giving birth - I thought I should also give extra credit for those of you who have to kick your own bottom and the chase after little ones!

You might as well know a little more about me since we are spending so much time together!
You see, I do not have any biological children. So, although I have yet to give birth... I do have three AMAZING step-children and ...wait for it...THREE grandchildren!!!!

That's right - I'm a 41 year old, Thass fighting, GRANDMOTHER!!!! You can't make this stuff up.
(My husband is 19 years older than I am - in case you're trying to do the math)

anyhoo... just thought I would share with you one of my favorite comments from a friend.

Simply put, he said..."well, I guess that makes you the first  G.I.L.F. I've ever known!!!!!!"


Still cracks me up!  G.I.L.F.!!!!!

I may sleep on the couch because I'm too tired to crawl to my bed.

But I will rest well knowing I survived another day - to exact Tracy standards.

12 days down...
18 to go...


PS- I still cannot get over all the people cheering me on and following my blog!!!!
It makes me sooooo happy!!!! Thank you!! Thank you!! I'm starting to get tired of hearing myself talk about my ass, so just let me know if you're tired of hearing about it too and you want me to put a lid on it! I wouldn't be the first time someone made that request of me!



  1. Oh shit! I did the same thing... pushed the cardio. I had to split the workout today (cardio AM, mat work PM) so I hope I've got enough left for the mat work tonight. I'll think of you & how you did it back to back if I even have a sniff of considering to can it...

  2. So glad you're hanging in there, girl! I look forward to hearing about your day on the daily. So keep it comin'!! I read it while easting my Day13 dinner - sub chicken, If I poach one more fish I will DIE! I had the most unsatisfying day (food-wise) from the start that I had to change it up a little, I'm not as good as you - being by the book. My hats off!!
    41??? you look GOOD! Keep it up! You are rockin'!!

  3. Don't mind us, we looooove to hear about your derrière up in the air (sorry, it rhymes!).

    Keep it up, you're doing great and I'm amazed by your achievements and your dedication. A bit worried though because this whole enterprise seems to be quite grueling and difficult :/

    You are almost halfway through! Yay!

    Have a great week-end...

  4. I do have to tell you that I have 2 kids 2 and 4 and getting the 1h30 of work done is hard but I do it 6 times a week and follow Tracy's BC to the best of my knowledge. That means having to make two different diners at night, having to prepare my breakfast & lunch when the kids are sleeping, but MY ASS is looking great and I haven't been in this shape in after all IF YOU WANT SOMETHING GOTTA PUT THE EFFORT INTO im doin' it lost 8.4 pounds fitting into clothes I never did and feeling like a rock star!!! thanks for your blog I love it!

  5. Just poppin' in to say YOU ROCK!! Thanks for being you and posting exactly what's on your mind! So many of us need to hear it and it helps keep you and all of those that follow your freaking hysterical blog pumped and ready to rock our days! Oh, and I don't know about everyone else, but hearing about your ass is just part of your wonderful charm girl! ;)

  6. hi... well, just to add to your broad range of followers, i am in malaysia. i wish i could be as disciplined as you. i do the method on and off, maybe i should do a blog like you specifically for the method progress. i want to see drastic results! i travel so much for work lately i just can't commit to the diet and to do the cardio i need space and the hotel room i'm in now i can barely move in! you're inspiring me to try harder.

  7. Quick update: I did it! Didn't want to & it caned me, but I did it (kept thinking of how you managed them back to back & thought I can't be slacking off now). My husband now officially thinks I'm nuts (but a soon to be hot nut). Keep at it!

  8. Way to go Caroline!!!!
    and Sasha in Malaysia!!! AWESOME!!!! welcome!
    and Thanks, Yasmin, Christine, CAt and Miss Pudding (love that name , btw) you guys are amazing!
    Keep up the good work and together we will rock it out.

  9. Laura,
    This is my first blog to follow...LOVE IT! You go girl!! I am on day 17, down 7 lbs (my goal is 10), not going exactly by the book with the food... however, I am eating clean with small portions. So last night, I had wine. Two glasses. It wasn't as great as I thought it would be. Weird, hmm? My body was like what the hell is this? Just thought I'd share!