Thursday, October 14, 2010


I usually blog at the end of the day and let you know how I rocked everything out and how I was tired but I pushed through, blog, blog, blog...

But today I interrupt whatever you are doing to send out an emergency Tracy Anderson bat signal to a new friend and follower in Istanbul, Turkey....
So here's today's emergency mid day blog. 

You all may not know this, but my husband and I are in the music business.
Therefore, we have loads of wonderful stories- past and present- that are hysterical!

This morning I reminded myself of one of my favorite music business stories.

When my husband first started out in the business he worked with a music business legend named Jimmy Bowen. Jimmy was a very famous producer and record label president, etc.
For several years he (Bowen) produced Frank Sinatra. (how cool is that?) and to the best of my knowledge the story goes something like this...

Jimmy and Frank were making a new album and it was a string date. (for those of you not in the music business a string date would be when you have an entire orchastra - live - in a room to play on your album...all on union scale... getting paid whether they play or not) String dates are VERY expensive...
on this particular day , everyone has shown up, tuned their instruments and are waiting on only one thing to happen so they can make beautiful music... the star to show up. They are waiting on Frank.
They wait, and they wait and they wait. Frank FINALLY shows up TWO HOURS LATE. He walks in to the studio with out speaking a word, tips his hat and walks into the vocal booth. As the orchestra sits up straight and prepares to draw bow to string, Frank lights a cigarette. He puts on his headphones and gets right up to the microphone. Everyone is so excited to hear the first silky note he's going to sing and have it fill their headphones with inspiration to play more beautifully than they ever have for they are about to play on a FRANK SINATRA record!!! When he finally opens his mouth , this is what comes out....

"Not today, Ba-by."

He takes off his headphones, puts out the cigarette and walks out the door.
He just wasn't feeling it.

Well... that is  exactly what happened to me this morning!!!!!!! I heated up my room, got my chair, got dressed, got my water, my towel, my playlist, my computer. I stretched, tried to focus on myself in the mirror repeated my name...and started the BRAND NEW MUSCLE sequence!  Then all of the sudden I just flat out stopped and said...

"Not today ba-by!"

ARGHHHHH!!!!! I don't know what my deal is today. I don't feel all that bad physically but I just COULD NOT force myself to get started! I made the mistake of reading some emails when I first woke up and realizing that some already bad business deals where getting worse and would need my attention today. That could be part of it... I should NEVER have done that. Those problems will be there for me when my workout is over, but now it's all I can think of and could not seem to focus on myself.

Now- before any of you panic..I AM GOING TO DO MY WORKOUT TODAY...
but I wanted to let you know that I am hitting walls, struggling, having to fight to push through just like all of you that are kind enough to write to me. This is hard. Maybe the hardest thing I've ever done. It's not that I have never endured anything more challenging physically, mentally,'s the combination of them all at once. and it's all fine and rosy when the sheen is at a high gloss and it's all new and still kind of fun. But the real test, the real push is going to start coming now...what makes it hard is the thirty days a row.

Thirty days in a woman's life encompasses a lot of things... for that is enough time to have several party invitations, several problems with business deals, several breakdowns in their children's or significant other's lives and last but not least.... at least one PERIOD. Yes, I said it... there it is.
(I am , however, resisting the urge to change the font color on the word "period" to red, because that just seems gross.)
Anyway - thirty days - IN A ROW - is the tough part. not thirty days in general. Because "in a row" means you can't cherry pick the good ones and have a good workout on those particular days. You can't pick the easy work load days to prepare your food, or the easy emotional days to feel good about yourself and your efforts. You have to push through when it gets hard...which becomes a little bit of a nightmare because this is already HARD on it's own... long before life makes it worse!

What caused me to sit down mid day and have this confessional????..... well, as fate would have it.... after I pulled a "Sinatra" on myself I sat down at the computer to see if anyone else had signed up to follow my blog (cause I am a dork and it thrills me so! and I was needing inspiration) and low and behold there was a new entry / follower from a lovely woman in TURKEY!!!!

Here's what she wrote:

"...hey Laura, i love your blog! and you know what I just thought reading it? (also have to mention that today is a bit haunting for on me, don't know why, but I really feel way too depressed   mentally and physically. have no idea how I'm gonna pull through today and do my workout, it's already 4pm here and have done nothing so far) anyways, I just dreamed that you were my neighbor and also my best friend living next door and we would share this experiment together. i'm 100% sure that I would achieve anything with a girlfriend like you! anyways, thanks for being there and sharing! I'm your 72nd follower, joining you from Istanbul , Turkey."

WOW! Well, thank you so much for the kind words and I hope it's ok that I am posting this comment... but it was amazing how I was feeling (am feeling) the exact same way today!!!!!!
I feel depressed and unmotivated. I feel fat and bloated and ugly today. I am annoyed at my work load and quite frankly ("frankly"... get it? - another frank sinatra reference!) - quite frankly, I feel like having a pity party for myself. I know I am not fat or ugly... but some days that's just how I feel.
Could be hormonal, could be fatigue, could be laziness...
But whatever it is, I have to push through it!!!! This is where we impress ourselves or let ourselves down!!!! I feel like I can get through it with a girlfriend like you too!

I PROMISE you, my friend  in Istanbul, I will push through it today and get all of my work in!!!

I am sending this MID-DAY blog for you! Since it is already late there I wanted to catch you before it was too late and tell you that I believe in you and you can do this!!!!!
I will be your "across the world neighbor" and bestie!!! and we can get through this experiment together - it's WAY easier to do it together!!!!
If I am too late (not sure exactly the time difference) and it's already tomorrow for you, then I am sorry I missed you when you came next door and "knocked" looking for encouragement -
but rise and shine, sister!!!! It's a new day- and today go kick sand in the little bratty kids eyes and take his toys! show your body who is the boss of this show!

I will do my workout in it's full lenght in just a little while - and I will think of you when I push through!!! Thanks for inspiring me!!!! from Turkey...that is so cool!!!!!!

Tracy , if your reading this - you have got to feel good about yourself!!!
You're  the "Thass- Whisperer"  to the entire globe!!! Raising one ass at a time!!!

Got Get Em my new Turkish neighbor!!!!!!!

I'll check in with you guys again tonight!

day eleven... no "half of an X yet....."
but the day ain't over !!!!

all my love and support...

I am feeling better already!


  1. Laura, go kick some sand in that brat's eyes, and kick some THASS! You're incredible for sharing everything, every last little thought whether triumphant or not, with us! The whole world believes in you and the difference you are making in yourself and in all of us!

  2. Laura,
    do not want to sound cheesy but you almost made me cry. but it is more like a cry of joy and energy. in fact, all your energy really flew this way, to the east, to the other end of the world.
    when i look at the time you had posted this, i was dancing to DC08 without knowing that you've written such a post. I was feeling enough energy that i was planning to do 40 min. of it and then do PD1 on top of it. however, my shins got me once again, i could only make 30 min. of DC08 and no PD1 for today. but i'm gonna make it up tomorrow. i am positive that it was you who got me to dance! cannot thank you enough.
    thank you beatiful woman! it feels so good to have such a neighbor!

  3. Hello Laura!:)

    Thank you so much for sharing all this!!
    You are so strong! I hope I will be able to do what you are doing..:)
    I'm still waiting for the book to arrive, but after reading your blog I can't wait to get it!!
    I'm so excited, I might not be able to sleep..:)
    (It's 11p.m here.I'm following you from Hungary.:) )

  4. Hello!
    As your official blog stalker, I just wanted to echo what everyone else wrote - I am thrilled you wrote this blog! I look forward to it every day, and feel like if you can do it, so can I - isn't it nice to know that we're getting healthy, strong (and don't forget HOT!) bodies one woman at a time, but all at the same time, all around the world! Your blog is great - push through the wall - you can do it!

  5. Hi Laura!
    Your blog is spreading like fire! Last night after reading through the last few days of posts, I texted my friend and fellow TA follower saying "Ummm should check out this girl's blog...she's pretty awesome" and her response: "oh my god I've been reading it for days!" i should've known. We're all reading it :)
    Even though I'm just doing the workouts and not the meal plan, your blog seems to sum up what ALL of us are going through and thinking at one point or another. Thanks for being so honest and PLEASE keep posting!!
    -Your #1 Fan in NYC a.k.a. Sam

  6. I agree with Sambstyle down below at the bottom :) your blog IS spreading like fire! Wish mine would too haha.

    Anyways it was cool reading about the Frank Sinatra situation. Didn't know he was a bit of "Diva" ;-) Well I guess he was entitled :-)

    Anyway's I'm still waiting for my book to arrive and as soon as it does I will start the 30 days method. *ahhh, scared*

    Well, now I'm gonna continue reading. Just wanted to say Hi :)

  7. I meant Sambstyle above me haha. (Such clumsy - or can you say clutz??)