Sunday, October 24, 2010


Today was the first day of the third muscle work section...
ummmmm...someone coulda warned me!!!! Holy smoke!!!!

It always takes me longer to do the muscle work on the first day or two of a new section as I'm learning the proper technique...but was like an eternity.
To complete my muscle work and my 60 minutes of cardio it took me 3 hours and 20 minutes!!!!

Sware - I do not know how it was possible - as I was not wasting time - but it took every bit of that time and I thought I was going to sweat to death. The leg lifts and ab work... let me just say this - it's a good thing she did not reveal these little ass kickers until now or I would have given up a long time ago!!!
Oddly enough - when it was time to do my cardio (2:20 minutes after I started) I felt strong and danced like crazy! But the rest of the day I was spent!

I started at 7:20 and did not finish until 10:45! I had to be dressed and in the car by 11:15 so we wouldn't miss the Titan's kick I had to boogie getting dressed. I actually got completely showered, hair dried, make up on, dressed, breakfast down the hatch and lunch ready to take in the 40 minutes!
All on shaky legs.
James was very patient because I really wasn't in the car until 11:30. Thank you James!

I ate my lunch in the car to try and ward off any hunger possible because I  knew I was walking into a stadium full of wiley temptresses...cold beer, hot dogs, pizza, Vodka and cranberry (oh how I miss my vodka cranny treats, one day we will be reunited- and by one day - I mean in 9 days...) chips, popcorn, COOKIES...and even the seemingly innocent Diet Coke...they all whispered my name today.

They called out "Laura, Hey La! Pssssttt... over here.  Don't you miss us? You don't call. You don't write. I thought we were close? We are so confused, where have you gone? Are you coming back ever? Don't you still love us? We miss you. Please come back to us! We need you."

I thought about it for a while and then realized - WAIT, food doesn't was that damn Farmer Celly - OMG he's a vantrilaquist!!!! I shoulda known.

 He's needing seed for his future crop and is pulling out all the stops. I shut him down. I sat on him.  ...and then drank lemon water for the entire game!
Oh...and did I mention that we are lucky enough to have a suite??? So there was a spread of food and cookies out the ENTIRE game!!! Our wonderful suite manager , Robert ,was kind enough to go looking in the stadium kitchen for some fruit for me...and found me an ORANGE!!!
I felt like a kid on Christmas 1932 - cause I had an orange in my stocking from Old Saint Nick. Praise Jesus!

It was delicious!!! Truth be told... I did kind of want to poke a hole in it and fill it with vodka and drink it like a little citrus- snack -screw- driver. But , as you could guess - I didn't. But I thought about it!!
Looks like the drunk girl in me is tired of not getting any face time.

The game was one of the most exciting I've ever seen!!! We were NOT looking so good and down by 9 going into the 4th quarter...then all of the sudden -WHAM! We got it together, started turning things around and came out not only with a WIN - but kind of kicked some ass!!!!

If you think about it ...the run down of the game kind of describes me and my Thass battle!!!
Not looking so good - going into the 4th quarter of my life - a time in the game most would think - it's too late to make a come back, you're not looking so good...but then WHAM! Buy a book, heat a room, start a blog, work the plan and not only come out with a WIN - but kind of kick some ass!!!

Moral of the story... it's never too late to turn things around! The clock is ticking but- HEY - we're not dead and there's still time on the clock! So get in the game ladies and gentlemen!

It was so much fun today. Yah know - I'm getting really used to going places and not eating and drinking and still really enjoying myself... goes to show it can be done. I do not plan on always being so stringent -of course- but it's a good lesson to learn that they it is not a requirement to eat like a redneck on a Carnival cruise at every function.

My weight is STILL hanging at 129!!! I moved to 129 last Tuesday and it has held steady for 6 days!
I do want to thank the Universe for allowing my weight to hang up at 129, rather than 130...cause that would have just been mean!!!!
After today's workout, maybe there will be a change tomorrow...not worried about it at all - because there does seem to be a change in the way my clothes are fitting almost every day! That's what really matters!!!

I wonder if I'm going to be let down at the end of this if I don't get to go on a talk show, like say -Ricky Lake, and bust through an old picture of myself when I was heavier and have the "new me" pop through and be greeted by appluase from a loving audience?

You know the show - the one titles "I used to be fat, but know I'm all that!"....

Except on those shows, it usually someone who wants to "get back" at the kid who said something ugly to her in 7th grade. They've brought that poor schmuck on the show and then the traumatized girl who is now "hot" (read: HUGE fake boobs, bad bleach blond hair, a lycra mini dress and acrylic hooker shoes) bursts through for her moment of glory and what happens...the guy doesn't even remember her!!!!!

Those shows are awful!!! But kind of funny. but so awful. but so funny.

Oh- and take a tip- if you are invited to one of those shows for a "make over" and you get there and they ask you to go in the soundproof booth...  You. my friend - ARE NOT getting a make over- you're boyfriend is sleeping with your best friend and they both think they should tell you...on national TV.
Oh well, I probably won't break through a "before" photo of myself and that's ok because unless you're a football team taking the field - it never really works out to be a graceful thing.

So maybe I'll just take some "After" photos and post those for my fearless and loving 117 followers to see!!!!!!

I can't believe we are in the home stretch!!! Last ten days...and only four to go before I go to the cleanse phase...oh my....the cleanse phase. Piss on a flat rock.
I'm not looking forward to that to be honest with you.
oh well - let's not borrow trouble! We can deal with that on Friday, now can't we????

OH!!!! and guess what - THERE ARE MUSCLES IN MY STOMACH!!! I would not lie about something this serious, people.
There are actually muscles in my stomach. I see them! I can feel them!!!!
The last time I had muscles in my stomach - I had just eaten seafood...they had been served over linguini.
I'm finally heading towards a six pack... and heading away from the pony keg I was rockin... this is a VERY good thing!!!

Thank you again  for everyone who reads, laughs, comments and just "gets on the field" and plays this game with me! You guys are amazing and it's made all the difference in the world for me ... and I know it will make the biggest difference in how the score board will read at the end of this - it's like my own personal itty bitty stadium of fans cheering me on!!!!

You know what... I may hire some cheerleaders and have James walk up and down our staircase selling popcorn and cold beer!!!


WEIGHT: still 129

ENERGY: Felt great today , felt strong - but a little shaky and a little tired - but not like it used to be when I was nauseous all day!

CELLULITE - DRAMATICALLY reduced - sware - it's really something to see how much that has changed.

FOOD - tastes amazing to me now. Funny how fruit can be such a treat! It's like little pieces of mouth porn to eat some fruit! in the past I would have skipped the fruit for the cookie next to it - nice to appreciate the REAL taste of real food again.

I continue to be amazed at what Tracy's method and my efforts are affording me in such a short amount of time.  I'm kind of excited about it.
I feel better about myself.
I feel proud of myself.
That's a bigger statement than it seems- coming from me. 
I'm more comfortable making fun of myself than saying something like I'm proud of myself. :)

Thanks again for the support!!

day twenty I come!

21 DAY DOWN....
9 DAYS TO GO ....

all BY THE BOOK!!!!



  1. Laura, you are doing so amazing, and you are such an inspiration!! <3 YOU'RE ALMOST DONE!! Sorry your workout took so long. Hopefully it won't the next few days. Only nine left!

  2. Forget the popcorn and beer, James should be selling kale juice and hard boild eggs!

    Glad to see that you are doing so well.

  3. Thanks for the info from your trainer friend about the "wall". I think it's been happening to me too (really energized then slump). I've been putting it down to dehydration, which in part it is, but I think it's lower water intake coupled with what you described. Understanding it, will help me get thru the next inevitable one!

    All the best, you're so close now!

  4. Laura, you are wonderful!
    Really the cellulite has become less???
    Cellulite is my horror!
    One day I want to come to visit you!!

  5. GO Laura GO!
    someone here is also really proud of you!
    by the way, my hubby just caught a glimpse of you the other day and told me that you have the looks of a celebrity.

  6. Go go go! You are doing so well! I kind of wanted to tell you about the Section three exercises, to be honest, but didn't want to tell you how long it took me and that they were so d&&ned hard! I seriously thought I would die on day 21, but it gets better, promise!

    Soooooo - I propose that you move on to the Perfect Design Series....and keep writing your awesome blog!!! (also, it would be so fab to have a virtual partner!) - I'm sorry - I'm selfish to the end (and also have alot further to go weight wise - down 9, but 25 more to go ;(
    You've so inspired me the whole month! Thanks again!!! OMG, could I use any more exclamation points?!!!