Sunday, October 10, 2010


Well folks... today started off great! I woke up, felt a little less sore, staggered over to the scale for my morning weigh in - expecting no more weight loss after seven pounds in five days...but sure enough...

That's eight pounds in six days!! WOW! That's a lot for me and my frame. I'm 5'6" and had already lost a about six pounds in the month or two before starting TAM. So, it wasn't all "I'm gonna be on the biggest loser so I'll gain 20 pounds on top of my already morbid obesity right before I start"

And I have followers!!!!! so many precious little followers!!!!! I must say -you have no idea how much fun it is that you guys would take the time to follow my blog!!!! makes me so happy, thanks!!!

So... back to today... let me tell you what is AWESOME : waking up with a little more energy, feeling a little better and losing another pound! That is AWESOME.

Now... let me also tell you what is NOT AWESOME: ...Kale juice!
That's right, I said it. Kale Juice.
For the love of God! I had to rub my eyes and blink several times when I read that breakfast was "Kale juice and a hard boiled egg". Really??? How about gym sock juice? May we please have gym sock juice tomorrow?  Cause gym sock juice would really hit the spot!
Or we could have shit sandwich juice? That sounds kinda yummy, too.
Kale juice... ummm...Take a tip... when something doeasn't taste good in the first place...don't make a juice out of it. Just sayin'.  But ole "BY THE BOOK Stroud" choked that vile, little day brightener down, chased it with a hard boiled egg and was ready to kick some ass in my workout! and for the first time since I started I knew the workout was not the hardest part about the diet. It was the Mother Scratchin' Kale juice.
 oh, did I mention that I brushed my teeth after breakfast...cause what gives you better breath than Kale Juice and a hard boiled egg? mercy. just sayin'.

Moving on... the workout was good - 30 reps each on muscle work and it felt a little more "do-able" - going to 35 reps tomorrow. Yikes.
Cardio was rough getting started , but then I caught my groove and knocked it out.

My main problem today during my workout was maintaining focus. I kept wanting to check emails and goof off. But I forced myself to stay focused and get through it.

as always - it takes my 2 hours to do it all. and for some reason today I was extra whipped afterwards...more so than usual! I showered, slowly. Got dressed, slowly. and then had to lay down for a minute! I really felt like I couldn't do anything today for about two or three hours. I'm thinking it was the f-ing Kale Juice. But I can't really prove it.

I finally recovered enough to go to the grocery store so I could get my Arugula and Tuna for dinner - which thrilled me because it actually sounded delicious! and I was authorized to have a splash of low sodium soy sauce!!! SALT!!!!!!!! SALTY!!!! SALTY McSALTERSON!!!!! I was fired up!

James and I went to one of our best friends homes to watch the Titans game (yea Titans!) and I skipped the game beer and had some iced tea and grilled my tuna...oh it was so yummy!! By far the most satisfing meal yet! I immediately felt better after eating, so my feeling weak was obviously tied to blood sugar and small meals.

I wont lie to you ... today was rough. One of the worse so far, but now I feel great again!!!!!!

I am really excited for this Thursday - that's when I will get re-measured and re-pinched and will run to my blog to report all numbers...and that includes (GULP) telling you all my original starting weight!

DAMN!!! My husband is sitting on the coach next to me eating crackers with peanut butter. Is it normal that I want to roofie him so I can steal his food and make sweet, sweet love to the peanut butter???? once again...I want to, but I'm not going to!

NO WAY!!!! I'm going thirty days, baby! BY THE BOOK!!!!!!

I'm guessing tomorrow's weight will be the same or maybe even go up a smidge since I had some sodium at dinner... but I'm committed!!! and after all - I did not do this for "weight", I did it for fitness, health, (yes some for weight) but mainly for the challenge and the THASS!!!

My goodness, can you imagine??? If I can lift my ass, flatten my stomach, firm up my legs...????
 I tell you what- if I can do all that, I'll drink another glass of Kale juice!

My best wishes for everyone trying this at their house!

Thanks for all the support... tomorrow starts week two! one down, three to go!



PS- I wore jeans today that I haven't had on in two years! Don't get me wrong - they were
T-I-G-H-T!!!! - but they were on! and no muffin top!!!! that's new to not have a muffin top when my jeans are tight! see, body is changing!! Going to bed early! sweet dreams everyone!


  1. Hehehe... I escaped the wrath of the kale juice! That day I was running stupid late so it was close to lunch time before I could eat & just settled for the egg (but I'm not being as diligent as you are). Reading this.... SOOOOOO glad I did!

    Congrats on your tenacity & brilliant results (especially the jeans)!

    Carrie xo

  2. whahahhaa....gym sock juice..hilarious...:-P.
    I love your blog. Keep it up!

  3. i am on the cleanse this week....and had to stomach the juice. Oh. Ma. Word. Not cool, Tracy, not cool.

    Also not cool? The edamame/carrot ensemble and the tomato gazpacho. I think the cleanse is more to starve yourself than anything.

    But hey, it's all for fitness right?!?


  4. ahhhhh, Summer!!! man oh man - that really gives me something to look forward to!! but I'm so proud of you for getting all the way to the cleanse! how have your results been??