Thursday, October 21, 2010


I'm BACK !!!!!

Man, I feel much better today!!!!!
Yesterday was exhausting and I could not figure out why I was so hungry (more so than usual) and why I was feeling so puny...then guess what happened???
(spoiler alert: - if you are male and reading this...first off, thanks...secondly, this is your chance to stop reading if it freaks you out to hear about "girl" things, "girl" things that happen ...say, uhhh... once a month)

Well, I'm sure you figured out what happened - my cycle started. Which completely explains why I looked at food commercials last night as if I had never eaten before and would never eat again.
It also explains why I was in a slight funk - nothing too bad, just off a little.

You know periods are funny things really.

They represent the two reasons why women are CLEARLY the stronger gender...

First off, (and I say this lovingly because I love men!) if men had to endure the horrors of being pregnant and giving birth - the pain, the wrecked bodies, the passing of an 8 pound wad through a hole that previously brought them pleasure - we would have ceased to exist long ago.

Secondly, show me ONE man that has ever bled for a week and lived to tell about it.
 just sayin'...

Now - if there any brave men still out there and reading - congrats to you - for taking a joke and not being too horrified with the subject topic.

I will tip my hat to you boys on one talking point... Bless each and every one of you that has to share a household with a girlfriend, wife, daughter, mother or friend...cause at some point I feel confident you have had to suffer right along with us when you were involuntary drafted to ride the emotional roller coaster!
"Please keep your hands and feet in the car at all times during the ride...."

wow... let me just say this about hormones...

I consider myself a VERY rational and  normal - a person who doesn't get too crazy over things (usually) but catch me on that ONE WRONG DAY, when the hormones are a little cocked up and wanky... and LOOK OUT!
I won't be mean to you (usually) but I might start crying... and I will expect you to listen carefully, council me, worry about me - and then forget all of it the next day when I am suddenly back to normal and have have no idea why you are calling to check on me.

I sometimes live in fear that they will prove PMS doesn't exist and I will have to acknowledge that crazy is actually part of my personality.

Anyway...moving on...

So today - I was slow to get up - woke up feeling sluggish and immediately began the internal negotiation to postpone my workout until later in the day.

I was miraculously saved by a text message asking if I was available for an early morning conference call...
"Welllllll, just so happens I AM AVAILABLE!" Sweeeeeeeet. Saved by the bell.

Three hours of work later - I started working out. By this time I felt SO much better. I think it helped that I ate breakfast this morning before working out.

I upped my reps to 45 today - which made me kind of think I was a badass to push myself in light off my "visitor" being in town.

Then I rocked right into my cardio segment - I danced like a maniac for forty minutes and then a really funny thing happened... I hit a wall like I have never hit a wall before!!!
It was funny because I never saw it coming!!!! I was fine one minute, literally dying the next! I pushed through the 5th segment (50 minutes) and ALMOST caved before going into the last ten minutes - but decided that it was at moments like this - when it gets REALLY hard- that real progress is made... so I kept on going - even though I had to step touch some of it!

But ya know what... I gotta tell ya...
there was more than one time that I could not help thinking to myself that If I were somewhere eating an microwavable giant buritto and drinking a Big Gulp Mountain Dew because I was on break from my construction job -
I would TOTALLY say something inappropriate to me if I walked by!!!

I'm really getting stronger! and really getting smaller! and hopefully at some point that will all roll into a pretty little package that equates to really getting HOTTER!!
Woo Hoo!!!!

Tomorrow is measure / pinch day number 2 !!!!! and I'm not sure how the pinch / measure will be effected by it being that time of the month - but I'm sure it will go well, and all inches lost will show up in the long run.

I am definitely a little "puffy" - but glad to report weight holding steady at 129! (that's 12 lbs down!)

...and if history repeats itself - I usually drop a few when I'm all done with my cycle.
I guess we'll see!

I want to say on a more serious note - how touched I was by everyone's thoughtful and concerned comments and messages you sent regarding yesterdays' post! I didn't mean to alarm anyone that I wasn't feeling well - but was touched by the concern none the less. Thank you again for always being so supportive!

I have developed a silly little routine in the mornings...when the alarm starts going off and my brain turns on and wants to say... "not today ba-by"... I reach for my Ipad before I even get out of bed and open it up to my blog comments!!!
Between the kind words there and the encouraging comments on Facebook I am motivated enough to jump up and get after it again - so I can report that I did it - that I earned another half X and then had another BY THE BOOK day!!!!!

I had a wonderful message this morning from a reader in ASIA  - Singapore to be exact -who had been reading regularly but had not signed up to be a follower because she didn't have a Google account, but after reading I was having a rough day yesterday she set up a goggle account so she leave me an encouraging message!!!! How unbelievably thoughtful was that???? Thanks to you in Asia!

... and Canada, and Germany and India and all over the world! I wish the news would focus more on how much kindness is in the world and not always just report on the ugliness. Maybe we can finally discover world peace because we finally found a universal theme... Thass -less ness.
I'm kind of loving that.

18  DAYS DOWN...? Can you believe that????
I will be on the cleanse before you know it and then hitting my mark!

30 perfect days... that elusive little monkey will be mine!!!

I also want to say something to all of you out there who have commented that you "messed up" or "failed" to do this program perfectly... I choose to do it "by the book" because I needed to challenge myself to do something I did not think I could do. So doing it in a flawless way was as much of the challenge as any part of it. I also knew my self well enough to know that FOR ME - the minute I began saying things like "oh, just a few almonds won't hurt anything" or "It couldn't be that big a deal to skip this one meal... this one workout...  this one set of reps, etc" - my goose would be cooked.

I knew if I lost momentum I would be in trouble. The wheels would come completely off for me. But again - that's just me , and more mentally than anything.

...but I want to acknowledge that isn't the case for everyone and if you have stumbled - don't give up! Don't throw away all the hard work and effort you've put in just because one day wasn't perfect - pick up where you were and get back in the ring!

I read this quote and thought it was perfect for just such a thought!...

"If you have made mistakes, there is always another chance for you.
You may have a fresh start any moment you choose,
for this thing we call 'failure' is not the falling down, but the staying down."
-Mary Pickford 

I love that!!! a fresh start any moment you choose...awesome. Once's a choice!

Hey - guess what's not a frickin' choice???? tomorrow's breakfast.... Hard boiled egg and KALE JUICE!!!! awesome! I wonder if I'll even be able to sleep tonight since I'll be so excited!
It's kind of like Christmas.
If Christmas were the day you traditionally drank ass juice.

Oh... and I wish I had a video camera right now... I'm on the couch (I'm always worried I will misspell "couch" and make it "coach" and "I'm on the coach" kind of makes me sound like a whore. anyhoo...) I'm on the COUCH and I  have my husband on one side of me and my ninety pound lab on the other...and they are BOTH SNORING!!!!!
MY LORD it's LOUD!!!! hysterical.
and they also are both twitching!!!! silly boys! I sure do love them both.

I guess I'll go tuck them in the biscuit and get in there myself and get some rest.

Even though I'll probably have night terrors about drinking more Kale juice.

18 days down...
12 days to go...

all BY THE BOOK...
every last MOTHER SCRATCHIN' one of em!



  1. Kale Juice??? woman, u r so brave!!!U should win a prize or something for all the tasteful (ahah) kale juice u r drinkin'!!!

  2. You are amazing! I admire you so much for this! That diet is so hard, especially paired with 2 hours of exercise! You need to treat yourself to a huge shopping spree with SMALLER clothes of course! Please post after pictures!

  3. Yay! I knew you'd make it over the hump!

  4. I too have my crazy/off/what's going on with me today days when I'm pmsing and don't realize it b/c I don't keep track to the day of my period like so many! lol Then, when flo arrives I get so excited b/c I realize I'm NOT those things, it's just HER VISIT that makes it all happen. Hurray! I'm normal! :-) Also, I find it SO MUCH HARDER to workout when it's that time. The first 2 days are the worst! then it gets easier. Working out helps the cramps though.