Friday, October 22, 2010

DAY NINETEEN - Here are my NUMBERS!!!!!! (measure/ pinch #2)

Is everyone sitting down....
Because you ARE NOT GOING TO BELIEVE what I'm about to tell you all!!!!!

I was pinched and measured today and I about FELL OVER when I saw the results!!!!!

I was so worried that I felt "puffy"(as I mentioned in my mid day post)  and my pinch and inches lost numbers might not be that great... but LOOK OUT PEOPLE...
I kicked Thass!!!

After posting some fairly significant losses after the first ten days I was prepared to not see anything close to those figures - especially since I lost 9 pounds in the first ten days and only 3 in the second ten days (and if you want to be exact - only three pounds in the second NINE days, for we measured a day early) but low and behold...I exceeded the numbers and inches lost from the first ten days!!!!!


I'm so excited, I really can't believe it!!!

So the first column is where I began, the second are results after first ten days on the TAM program and the third column (on the right ) are my results from today!!! Then total losses on far right in red...

                                            DAY 1                DAY 10               DAY 19 (TODAY)               TOTAL LOST

WEIGHT :                            141                      132                        129                                   12 lbs!!!

BODY FAT:                          26.4%                 22.90%                  18.8%                              -7.6%!!!

INCHES LOST:                    ----                      -5.75"                     -8"                                  -13.75"!!!

TOTAL MM's:                      133.5                   110.5                      85                                   -48.5 !!!!


I have NEVER been below 20% body fat - EVER! Never, ever, ever, ever...until today that is! :)

The first ten days I lost 3.5 % body fat (or 23. 5mm on skin fold test) - the second ten days I lost an additional 4.1% (or 25mm from the skinfold test) resulting in -7.6%!!

and I lost 8 inches!!! and that is in the last TEN DAYS...after losing almost 6" inches the first ten days - almost 14" total - that's CRAZY!

I can post all the exact numbers if anyone cares. Let me know and I will list all the numbers so you can see how much is coming off -and from where. We have been doing a standard 7 point skin fold pinch to measure body fat and measuring 10 points on the body.

Todays' biggest loss in regards to inches was on my belly!! (hence the old man skin, right??)
1.75" lost and ...and my hiney became a little more  1" !!! if you add that to the 1"off each of my thighs - that would be a total of 3" off the ole "Thass Region" ten days- not too shabby and gettin' less flabby!

You hear that Farmer Celly - you just lost three acres of prime real estate! Ha- suck it!

I also talked to my friend and trainer (the guy who measures me and is REALLY knowledgeable about all things body) and he said that it is very normal to have a "crash day" -where the workout seems impossible - after a couple of great, strong days. He went on to explain what now seems obvious -when you are feeling strong and working out hard - you are giving more, pushing harder and working to your every few days your body just gets tired and needs to catch up - which is why I have been struggling every five days or so - but then it gets better- so hang in there!!

I am so thrilled about my results ... that I am kind of worshiping Tracy Anderson right now.
I would drink that woman's bath water if she told me to!!

Seriously - this is remarkable!

Thanks Tracy, for putting in ten years of hard work on research so I could put in 19 days of hard work and get such amazing results! I can't wait to see what will happen in the next eleven days...hmmmm?

Too bad I can't burn calories when I use exclamation points - I would be down another 3 pounds!!! Sorry - guess I'm excited  ... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I highly suggest that anyone doing this program measure and pinch before you start - it has really  helped to inspire me and put the hard work into concrete numbers. I felt lousy today until I got my numbers and then I was re-energized and ready to rock out the last eleven's helping to keep me focused so I can finish strong.

I have had several requests for a video blog and or some photos - so I promise I'll try and figure that out. Thanks again for ALL THE SUPPORT - and I'm equally excited about everyone else and their progress - keep up the good work! And please keep the comments and updates on your progress coming my way! I love them all!

I think I may go stare at myself in the mirror naked for a while...just sayin'.

11 DAYS TO GO...

and BY THE BOOK!!!!!!


PS- I bought some new jeans today... they were size 26....are you kidding me, I needed a 26??? They are tight...but they fit!!!!!    SCHWWWEEEEEEETTTT!!!


  1. amazing results!!!!! well done!!!!!

  2. I would love to see your exact numbers!! I am so inspired by your fantastic results!! I really wasn't going to do it by the book but now I absolutely have to : 0 )

  3. Congratulations! Great job Laura. I've been thinking about trying to do the 30 day boot camp and yesterday I found and read all of your blogs...which are very inspiring and really make me want to give it a try. I still am not sure what to do about the food, seems like a lot of work and maybe a lot of money. Thanks for blogging. I look forward to following you the next 11 days.

  4. whoot whoot! KILLER!!! :) So proud of you girl!

  5. Great news Laura! I hope Tracy is following your resultsxx

    Melissa from Canada

  6. Laura,
    Awesome!!!! Here in Austin and just FB about this. Here is a copy of it!

    Shannon Green Owen^^^^^^^Tracy Anderson Method: I fell off the wagon!!! Went out of town and am sabotaging my hard work. I was on day 8 of bootcamp and feel like a failure. I need someone to talk me off the ledge. And please don't tell Laura (the funniest blog ever) BY THE BOOK because I feel like I just deserved a big "F on the report card!!! She is my idol!!!!! AGHHH Mad at myself! Tomorrow is another day!
    5 minutes ago · Comment · Like

    You totally motivate me and I appreciate your honesty and humor. Thanks!