Saturday, October 23, 2010


I can't believe it's DAY TWENTY!!!

That means several things to me...

I'm 2/3rds of the way to the finish line! YEA!!

and...tomorrow starts the new section of muscle work. NOT YEA!!! OPPOSITE OF YEA!!!

Oh dear... that means I will be crippled again for the next two days. Oh this point - I feel like I can handle anything! Um, well...Easy for me to say, cause "at this point" I'm sitting in my jammies on the couch.

Ask me again tomorrow and I might feel differently.
But ya know what...I will deal with THAT tomorrow.
That's the great thing about the future, it only comes at ya one day at a time.
So, I'll try not to borrow trouble thinking or dreading what may- or may not - come after tomorrow's workout!!! or the next day's or the next...

So, back to today... this morning was like magic! I was back to feeling strong and capable!! Go least I can identify a pattern. I go from one day where I'm barely able to get through it and my muscles are shaking like a Chihuahua in someone's purse to the next day when I wake up with super human powers and kick it's boo-tay.
When given a choice...I prefer the latter.

One thing that really made a difference today was I added a few new songs to my play list.

I'm not sure about you guys, but music is everything to me.

I know that some of you probably love the techno club music with no lyrics that plays behind Tracy's cardio DVD - but if I had to dance to that I would not have made it through the first day.

It's not my cup of tea, as they say. The only time I ever hear that kind of music is on the rare occasion that I get talked into going into a club in Vegas, Miami or LA. You know the kind - the bullshit velvet rope places where to get a table you have to pay $600 for a bottle of vodka - two bottle minimum- and the table top is usually the size of a large pizza. (side note: ummmmm, pizza.) You probably had to know someone to get "ON THE LIST" in the first place and once you're inside..if you're like me... your thought process might go something like this:
"Hey, everyone in here is REALLY young. Hey, that means I am REALLY old - like foot in the grave old.  Hey, who's idea was this for 'girls night'? Ya know what -I don't care if I'm old!!! I'm gonna get out there on that dance floor and Hey - WT..? why are strangers trying to rub up against my ham??? Back off, man child - I'm twice your age and my husband has guns. Hey- has this deafeningly loud techno song been going on for forty minutes?What??? DID YOU SAY SOMETHING???  THUMP< THUMP<  I CAN'T HEAR YOU ...THUMP... someone please shoot me - even though if someone shoots me - no one will hear it!!! ... I'll GLADLY pay for the $1200 in vodka -even though we haven't had a single drink- if someone will get me THE F out of here!!! THUMP THUMP THUMP!!!"
And then we leave.

I'm guessing that is exactly how all those little ham rubbing punks can afford the $1200 bar tab minimums...they just wait for the old coots to come in - knowing they will run them out in ten minutes - and snag their abandoned booze. Kind of well played, if you think about it.
Anyway - I think I've made my point... I do not like that kind of music. Obviously! :)

I'm all about a sexy bar now and again - with loud music and a some dancing. But I like my music to have lyrics,  a driving tempo...and some adults in the room.
Or better yet.. I'll take a juke box, dart board and a booth with draft beer. NOW we're talkin'!!!

So, I say all that to say - my play list is the only thing that gets me through the cardio!  I play her DVD politely "muted" while I blast my own play list from my stereo. which in Tracy's defense, is what she suggests.
Also in her defense - I know what it would cost her to have to license some great music...hence the cheap techno crap.

I know music is like everything else in the world - different strokes for different folks - or as I like to say "every ass has it's seat"  - meaning everyone likes something different... and thank God for that - if everyone liked the same thing in life, then the whole world would be in love with my husband ...and I can't take that kind of competition! So, knowing that different kinds of music move different folks - my choices may not be for everyone - but I thought I would share a few that get me shakin' my tail feather....

These all... for the most part...keep in time with Tracy's cardio: A mix of Old School and Current...

"Ring My Bell" - Anita Ward  (****please husband is the drummer and back ground singer on this song!!!! hahaah! gotta love that!)

 "Boom Boom Pow" - Black Eyed Peas
 "I Gotta Feeling" - Black Eyed Peas
 "Pump it"- Black Eyed Peas

"Club can't Even Handle Me Right Now" - Flo-rida
"Low" - Flo-rida
"Sugar" Flo-rida

"Keeps Gettin' Better" - Christina Aguilera
"Baby I'm a Star" - Prince and The Revolution
 Glamorous" - Fergie
"That's Not My Name" - Ting Tings

...and I added a few for my guest blogger - remember her? the precious , beautiful soul who was involved with the human fecal matter of a man... yah him...argh.  I threw a few extras on for her that I highly recommend if you are dancing your way through a heartache...

"FU" - Cee Lo Green
"Womanizer" - Brittany Spears
"You Can't Touch This" - MC Hammer

Just sayin'.... what ever gets ya through it!

I have found that something as simple as adding a few new songs every ten days of so keeps things from getting too boring - especially in light of repeating the same moves every day.

And as long as we are talking about music - I wanted to tell you all a story a very famous friend of mine recently shared with me.
If you remember from an earlier blog - my husband and I are in the music business. Through the course of our work we have become very good friends with many people that most would consider "famous"...
and I am here to tell you that when they say "famous people are people just like us" - that is so true.

I mean, they are just like us, except they usually have A LOT more money,  are better looking and more talented. Other than that - they are JUST like us. Almost identical.
OH! and they get better tables at places and probably don't have to pay for the $600 a bottle vodka  - and they get their pictures taken all the time and complete strangers want to be their friends and ask them to sign napkins and stuff.
You know - the more I really think about it - they aren't like us AT ALL.
Yes, they are just like us, only infinitely better!!!!

I'm kidding..well, kind of! I will tell you where they are either "like us" or "not like us"...they are either lovely, wonderful "normal" people, or they aren't!!

Anyhoo- I'm on a tangent, sorry.  I brought this up to simply share with you the story my friend  recently told me and although it was no big deal - I have thought about it several times since then.

She said she was recently sent a photo of herself in a gorgeous dress, hair and make up was done and she thought to herself " Damn, I look pretty good. Wait, maybe a little too good. OK...send me THE ORIGINAL!" Then she laughed at herself, rolled her eyes and said" Ya right, I wish I looked like that! Her "people" then sent her the un re-touched original photo. She laughed and said - Now that's more like it! That's what I thought...!"

The reason this stuck with me is that... first of all - it is important to understand that this woman is GORGEOUS! Fit, beautiful skin, great everything! She works hard to stay that way and it shows.
Secondly - she had her hair and makeup done professionally the night the photo was taken and was wearing a dress that -this part I'm guessing - had been picked out by a professional stylist...or maybe even made specifically for her. More than likely one of the two.

So they took a gorgeous woman, professionally coiffed and dressed...and THEN "FIXED" the photo!!!!!! The original was gorgeous!

But they "FIXED" it... and these are the images that we, the not-so-famous women in the world, compare ourselves to day in and day out.

Trust me folks - I have seen the wizard behind the curtain.  In this regard- celebrities are JUST like us!
We ALL look our best when we spend two hours in hair and make up, have industrial strength spanks on under a designer dress and are lit properly! Then photo shopped!!!! I know - I'm not famous... but I've done it before- the hair, the make up really helps. I mean REALLY helps!!!

Then there are the fashion magazines - don't even get me started. Never do I feel so ugly as when I buy a BEAUTY magazine. ahahah!
Models are genetic mutants - (I mean that with no disrespect - because they are amazing to look at and  I would love to be a six foot tall- legs for days- mutant!) but I simply mean that it is rare that someone is so perfectly attractive that they get paid just to be stunning.

I'm actually a fan of anyone that excels in a field enough to be the very best at it! Be famous! Be a smokin' hot genetic mutant of a woman! Be drop dead gorgeous in a photo! Be everything you want to be!!!

But I have to frequently remind myself that I should not COMPARE myself to those photos - those perfectly "fixed" photos when I'm sitting in my house in my bathrobe, or working out, or cooking dinner, or watching a movie.
Because I have been with those gorgeous, famous woman when they were doing more mundane things and although they are still stunning (because more than anything it's their spirit and their heart that make them beautiful in the first place) they do not look EXACTLY like those photos.

They all complain about flaws, imperfections, CELLULITE, old man stomach skin - you name it -
they sound just like us... and look just like us! Hey- I've changed my mind again...
They are a lot like us.

The only PERFECT people in the world are the ones we don't know very well.
They are mothers, daughters, friends, wives, sisters, employees, employers - all trying to look their best, do their best, be their best - make the best of what they've got.
...and aren't we all!

I guess that's my point - strive for YOUR best - and what is your best?  That can only be defined by you. Define it, be it, be happy with it.

It's only a trap, if we set it.

Hey...could someone please help me down from my soap box - I would hate to injure myself right before the the new muscle work!!!!!

I'm really chatty tonight!
Must be because James is in NY - he was on The Mike Huckabee show tonight on FOX. James you looked so handsome!!!! I'm glad you are on your way home!

I'm going to rock another day tomorrow - starting at 6:00am on a SUNDAY!!! why...because the Titans are playing at noon and I want to be sure and cripple myself before I go to the game!!!!

Talk to you guys tomorrow!

 20 days down...
10  days to go...

all BY THE BOOK...


PS- weight is STILL hanging in there at 129! five days in a row now!!! eeeeeekkkkk!
I guess well see what happens in the morning!


  1. Ok, so I was toying with the idea of doing the 30 day bootcamp but your blog has me dying to do it now. BY THE BOOK! I, too, have a Thass and it's gotta go. Love this blog and I adore you Miss Thang! Thanks for being such an inspiration!

  2. Thanks for another amazing blog! You help me make it through every day of this journey!

  3. I second Leslie (whose blog I also enjoyed reading). Thanks to you both, actually, because you have such great senses of humor, and it's a treat to read after my workout. (And, frankly, sometimes the only thing that gets me through is knowing that somewhere out there, someone else is doing the same workout and screaming in pain like me - well, maybe, because I am possibly the biggest wuss in the world). Anyway, thanks!

  4. Thanks Ladies!!!

    and Leslie - thanks for your blog too!! and you were brave enough to post photos!!! and you already look amazing!
    Hang in there! you can do it!
    And COME ON Jane!! you can do it! as hard as it is - it's worth it! I feel really strong!
    and DAWSONSED - you're not a wuss! This stuff is CRAZY hard!! hang in there - the biggest wusses in the world are the one's that just give excuses and don't even try!

  5. Now, if I had bothered to get my own sagging thass online to check out your blogs (and Leslie's and others' I've subscribed to) instead of tuning into KFUK then perhaps I wouldn't have derailed again. Anyway, re-railed (thanks again for helping me back on) and after today I'm on the homeward stretch 5 days of hell left (in my opinion, food-wise, this will be the worst 5 days).