Monday, October 18, 2010


Ok... I have to tell you all how lovely your comments are that  you all take the time to leave me!!!

Seriously, they bring tears to my eyes! So, thank you very much!!!! I am so thrilled that you care to read my silly little blog!
I laughed out loud today when one lovely reader called me a "toned little buddha"!!!! hysterical!

So, today is day fifteen - HALF WAY THERE!!!

Today's workout was like yesterdays... I felt strong, fit and capable!!! I kept my reps at 35 for the third day and will go to 40 tomorrow and once again chased it with 50 minutes of cardio!

I stayed at 130 - and am thrilled with that weight... for now!

A day doesn't go by that I do not hear from someone who has started the thirty day program - including several of my closest friends!! So I wanted to issue a major shout out to those that are just getting started and say that the first week was WAY rough...but it will get better! Hang in there - PLAN THE WORK...and WORK THE PLAN!

Now... one of my friends that started the plan seven days ago is sitting right next to me and I had a GREAT idea... I'm inviting her to write a few words as a GUEST BLOGGER!!!! (I'll introduce her in a minute!)
We are together at a friends house watching Monday Night Football (Go Titans!!!!) and other than
 wanting to run and tackle someone and take their pizza and then run from them while shoving it in my mouth - it's lots of fun!
And no... I did not eat any pizza! and ya know what.. it wasn't that big of a deal. I try to watch the way I talk to myself (you know...keep the dial on KCAN!) and make sure I do not say things like "I can't have any pizza." Because I certainly could - it is a choice. I have a choice. I made a choice.
MY choice was not to have any pizza.
MY choice was to stay true to the plan. I find that everytime I remind myself it is a gets a lot easier!

Telling yourself you "can't have something" takes all the control away from you and undermines what you are doing for yourself!!! YOU ARE IN CONTROL, you are making CHOICES...and they are great ones!!! The are Thass-Tastic!!!

I had four lovely , talented young girls from Sweden at my home a few years ago and they said something that has stayed with me for years... When they were done eating, and asked if they would like another serving they would politely reply "No thank you. I'm satisfied."'

"I'm satisfied." what a wonderful way to express that you are done eating. Instead of "I'm stuffed.""I couldn't eat another bite" or the dreaded.."I shouldn't, I'm on a diet"... give "I'm satisfied " a try...
You might just find that you are, in fact...satisfied.

OK... Ladies... welcome my guest blogger... who is currently rocking out DAY SEVEN and kicking boo-tay! Take it away....
Guest Blogger writes....

Ok, well, I probably picked the worst time ever in my life to start a 30-day program.  I could not be in a more emotionally brutal state of mind/heart ... my two kids just left home for college so I'm empty-nesting it and MISSING THEM LIKE CRAZY!  Not to mention, I just got blindsided by a bad boy -- meaning I walked in on my boyfriend/partner/business partner of two years with his new petite, BUXOM and I mean BUXOM Texas blonde girlfriend.  This was two days after I moved in with him.  OK, enough about that.  I started the TAM because I felt I needed to focus on something positive, something that was all about ME!  So here I am.  Inspired by my dear friend Laura.  I bought the book.  Read every single word.  Popped in the DVD and voila! 

Because I know I am not exactly myself these days I decided that I would make the commitment BUT I would also allow myself a little leeway.  Meaning, I'm having a glass of red wine tonight.  Still ate my yellow carrots and grilled salmon but DID have the wine.  This weekend I did the annual Susan Komen Cancer Walk with my family in Little Rock and while I skipped the post-walk donuts and late night ice cream, I did have the green beans at the Thai restuarant, which means I got a little sauce with sodium in there -- I could immediately tell a difference the next morning. My fingers were a bit swollen and I was very thirsty.  I am exercising every day ... but yesterday I did only the floor work and not the cardio.  I also am in a unique living arrangement now (meaning I'm not in my own house with my own kitchen) so instead of cooking all of the meals exactly by the recipes, I get the ingredients and eat the components in some cases.  For example, I'll eat the broccoli raw instead of doing the steamed broccoli recipe, etc.  Three days before I started the program I weighed 130.  On day 5 I weighed 120.  This morning I weighed 123.  So I'm saying I lost 7 pounds in week 1.  Not bad.  I didn't really do this to lose weight though as much as to TONE.  I want to be strong and have a harder body.  I also needed to get clean with my food again -- and Tracy's plan is spot on for that!

Now ... if you haven't started yet, the exercises ARE HARD TO LEARN AT FIRST but do NOT BE INTIMIDATED.  And the cardio is ridiculous! I much prefer doing ten minutes NOT 40 but we can do it right?!  -- work up to it if you have to, that's what I've been doing!  For me, right now, it's more than exercise, it's a meditation ... a focus on me, a time to reflect as I let go of this ridiculous heartbreak! 

Once I have my tight new body maybe I'll go get me some new boobs (mine ARE droopy and while I never thought I would ever go under the knife except for a live or death situation, I'm rethinking my position at this point) and then when ol' whatshisname resurfaces (because they always do don't they?!), I WON'T be taking the call!!!  HeHe! 

Thanks Laura for inspiring me every single day and for being one of the funniest women ever!  I love you!  And I have a growing appreciation -- not to the love stage yet -- for KALE!!!   GB  (guest blogger)  :) 


Thanks guest blogger!!!

Sorry for your rough time as of late... but you  are an amazing woman and he is a tool.
Although I love men...I find myself wishing that this particular one wakes up tomorrow with a thousand camel fleas nesting in his pubic hairs. Just sayin'.

Looks like we've got all kinds of reasons to get fit!
Speaking of.. if you are doing something wonderful for yourself - even is if was inspired by a no good douche bag of a guy...GOOD FOR YOU! Keep it up!
Revenge is a dish best served cold... or in this case HOT! You are HOT!!!

Titans WON and I'm half way done!!!!

15 day down....
15 to go...

all BY THE BOOK!!!!


  1. cant believe u only have 15 days left....that means that after 15 days i wont wake up really early in the morning to read ur blog....and then go do MY OWN mat workout :(

    @GB: girl, i am sure that Tracy will make u forget about the poor bastard that calls himself a man....and about empty nesting...well...that means u have more space in the house to dance thru?!

    goodluck to both of u!!!

  2. GuestBlogger,
    Welcome to the new you! It's a pleasure to 'meet'you! Much love to both of you ladies!

  3. So sorry GB...went through that ten years ago and came out much better in the end. But, it is so hard! And I agree with the revenge comment from Laura...serve it with a smile and a HOT A$#! So proud of you ladies and I hope to be one soon! :)

  4. Half-way through! Woot-woot! Congratulations.

    And in 3 weeks from now, Guest Blogger will be super hot and Mr Douchebag will be sorry!

    Way to go ladies :)

  5. Oh lord I must be addicted. I'm lying in bed reading your blog :-D I should be sleeping but naah... I'd rather read your blog.

    It's cool about the swedish girls. I'm swede but I don't think i've ever used that sentence "i'm satisfied" before. I would've probably go with the i'm stuffed part hahaha. Maybe i'm not swede after all... Hmm better check with mum. It would make sense why my siblings say I must be adopted haha. (I might add i'm the youngest and therefor the most annoying one)

    I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. What an egghead. Well... His loss. Not yours!

    Nighty Night ;-)