Sunday, October 17, 2010


Good evening everyone...

I'm about to hit the hay after another great TAM day but wanted to check in with you all and give you the skinny on my day!

It was basically an uneventful Sunday - in regards to my thirty day journey...
I got to sleep in until 7:00, have a nice, quiet morning and then...same ole, same ole - head upstairs to get the party started and sweat it out with Tracy. Todays workout was like yesterday's - I felt strong and it felt like something I could do - although it was tough! I could do it. Praise Jesus!

One thing I noticed today that kind of made me laugh- and then went on to strike me as  somewhat profound was that Tracy,  our little mighty mouse of a leader, our personal tiny dancer, DOES NOT SMILE ONE TIME in the entire DVD!

My initial reaction was to think.."My God, I'm killin myself here - would it kill ya to smile at me one time? Maybe a flash of a thumbs up? how about an encouraging word or two?..." but then my immediate next wave of thought was to complete the sentence with " they do in every other workout video." 
And then I got it.

Tracy Anderson isn't about to smile at any of us because you know what??? - IT ISN'T FUN!! and
It isn't MEANT to be fun!

It is meant to be hard work for serious people who want to see serious change in their bodies.

All of the sudden I LOVED that she wasn't smiling! I loved that she takes this program dead ass serious! I loved that she expects us to take it seriously!
 I AM taking it seriously,  and you know what - if she were bee-bopping around my screen with a wireless headset asking me "Are you having fun??! NO pain No Gain! Keep smiling!" I would probably want to roll her up in my yoga mat and drop her in the river.

I LOVE that she is so damn serious...

I can almost hear her saying (in a very dead pan voice) something to the effect of  "Did I say this DVD featured Chris Rock? Did I promise you a bunch of laughs? If you're looking for a good time -why don't you try Disney Land . If you're looking for a killer set of abs - then you've come to the right place. Now shut your pie hole, chatty Cathy - and get back to work."
...and I did.
...and I only smiled at the thought for a second or two...then I couldn't anymore due to searing pain.


But before I give you updates on weight loss, etc - I want to tell you all a little more about my body - in case like me - you are constantly comparing yourself to other people (which is ridiculously unhealthy - but what can ya do?) and want to know how I am compared to :)

I am 5'6" tall.

And... as I have mentioned before I am a curvy girl.

I am curvy on bottom thanks to my Mom and Dad.
I am curvy on the top thanks to Dr. Fritz Barton.

What can I say? - I'm honest to a fault- and as long as we are being honest about , ummm, "alterations"- you should also know that I'm not really blonde (I am naturally a DARK brunette) and I think Botox is the greatest thing in the entire universe. No, really - it kind of kicks sliced bread's ass.
My long standing motto is : "Nothing makes a girl look better than a face full of poison!"... just sayin'.

I also think it's worth mentioning that Botox is very good for my marriage. When my husband asks me a question that doesn't sit well with me, Botox physically prohibits me from making the face that says "That's the stupidest thing I have ever heard come out of a humans mouth and I want to kill you dead. little pieces. WT..????"
Since my face cannot recoil I have time to recover and lovingly answer "Well, what an interesting perspective dear. I love you."

So, back to the bod...
My arms are better that  my legs...always have been. And they seem to be shaping up rather nicely with this program!.. and then there's the Thass (deep sigh) - it's making changes, but they are slow.
I don't really ever remember a time that I thought I had a particularly nice backside. I am hoping that one day after I have followed Tracy's plan, I will look over my shoulder and catch a glimpse in the mirror and think.."hmmm, nice ass ya got there, sister". Dare to dream.

Which brings me back to my weight update...

Today I lost another pound and weighed in at 130!!!

This is significant for several reasons...

1. It means I officailly won a bet with a friend...PAY UP, SUCKER!

2. It is the elusive weight that floated around in my head for years representing the weight that would make "everything perfect"..."if only I weighed 130" can only imagine my surprise when I first reached that goal for the first time and everything was not perfect. Oh well, live and learn.

3. Weighing in at 130, with two weeks left to go, means there is a good possibility that I will register numbers in the 120's. Maybe at least in by a pound or two.
Why is this significant?

Because I have only weighed in the 120's two times in MY ENTIRE LIFE.
Once, when I was born.
I weighed 128 at birth - sorry mom, I probably owe you a new Uterus.

And the second time was about 7 years ago when I had the incredibly stupid concept of repeating the Cabbage Soup Diet over and over and over. I weighed 125 for about 10 minutes.

But don't kid yourself to think I had the slightest bit of muscle tone. I was basically starving myself like an idiot and ruining my metabolism. At one point I was so hungry that my belly was sticking out due to distention and there were flies buzzing around my eyes. They asked me to be on a Feed The Children commercial. Thought I'd be a ringer to bring in more money.

I am fairly confident that I went from 125 back to the 130's by merely driving past a Burger King. I didn't actually eat there - but I did smell it.

Well, there you have it.

It could get exciting around here folks!!! A fit and healthy venture into the 120's could cause me to post some very enthusiastic blogs!!!
Although I am not doing this for weight specific reasons -I'm not gonna lie to ya - it is still fun to see the scale slide on down a little at a time!!

And, I am happy to report that I am also not doing this as a "crash diet" - because truth is, I finally stopped battling my weight years ago when I finally stopped dieting! That doesn't mean that I don't make efforts to make healthy choices more times than not - because I do, and it certainly doesn't mean I am not concerned with my weight, because I am.
It just means that I'm equally concerned with being healthy, fit and strong, as I am with getting this ASS back where it belongs!!!!

I gave up on waiting for my late in life growth spurt somewhere around 32. Figured the two inches that was coming all in my legs...wasn't coming. So, I am not seeking perfection...just an answer to this:
"Just how much change could I make if I applied myself for thirty days - completely -  and then continued to work out and eat right?...Just how close to the brain movie body could we really get, people???? I guess we will have to wait and see!

If I ever looked ANYTHING like Tracy Anderson I would wear nothing but a thong and heels everywhere I went. Oh, wait - that would be indecent, I'm sorry - I would also wear a cut off cropped t-shirt that said "seriously, you think this is good? Wait til I turn around."

Soooooooo - I thought it important to explain my history so you could apply the appropriate amount of enthusiasm to any and all number I might post in the upcoming two weeks - for if I lose any more weight they will all be all time lows! and that will put me on an all time high!!!

On a final note - lots of people keep asking me "Why are you doing this? It's not like your even fat"
so my response to them is simple...
"Well, I clean my house cleaned every week too, but that doesn't mean I  don't need to spring clean once a year.!!! Sometimes you gotta move the couch and wipe off the top of the fridge...maybe clean out the garage. I'm just spring cleaning - getting everything back where it belongs" - that usually makes enough sense that they go away.

Or, if someone says "Why are you doing this - you don't NEED to do this" - you can always tell people what I tell my husband when he says I don't NEED to get Botox. I tell him "Sweetheart, the reason you don't think I need cause I got it!"

well played. everytime.

good night Thass-Tastic friends and followers!

Thanks again for all your support!!!!

14 days down...
16 to go....




  1. i am 5' 4". i weigh about 132 pounds now. would love to be 110 pounds again. but if i can get to 120 but with a kick ass toned body i'll be happy...

  2. you absolutely rock, and I too believe in a full face of poison!! lol

  3. Once we have reached our goals we should get a bunch of those cut off cropped t-shirt that said "seriously, you think this is good? Wait til I turn around."

    You and your blog will get me going till day 30 you are awesome!!!!

  4. i wish i could express myself better in this language which i've been trying to speak for so long but never can replace the impact of my mother tongue, i, for sure, would express my feelings/thoughts better about what you write. while reading your blog, i just can't keep my mouth closed unlike Tracy in the DVDs and I think you should write a book about your 30 day venture which i'm sure will sell as much as Tracy dvd's. you are almost half way, congrats on your results and your endeavor! please keep on blogging even after you are done with this bootcamp.

  5. i started today!!! :) woooo hoooo

    have a like a million questions to ask you, because i consider you to be an expert on this thing... with tracy being kinda busy and all ;)
    lemme know if you're down!

    ok, workout time :D

  6. Thanks so much for the keep me going! In fact, I'm dreading meeting up with my running group tonight but will push through because of you! :) Someday I will get my room together and start the 30 day bootcamp journey and hope to get half the results you have seen!

  7. Official blog stalker here (I hope that's still semi-funny and not veering into creepy territory - promise, I'm really not that bad in person). But your post really crystallized a bunch of things I've been thinking too!

    1. You are so hilarious, and I look forward to this every day after these hellishly tough workouts - such a treat! 2. I want the Tee Shirt! I mean really - wouldn't that just make all this pain worth it?
    3. When you talked about the no smiling thing, it reminded me of something I'd been thinking about too. I hadn't thought about this in conjunction with the no smiling business, but it makes sense. One of the reasons I like TAM so much is that it's not a lie - she doesn't smile, she's serious, and there are no false promises - there is no infomercial crap about how "in just 20 minutes a day, while eating whatever you want, you too can have Gwyneth's body." Because that's just a lie! I mean, it's nice to think, and omg, I wish it were true, but it's just not. If I want to have an ideal body, I have to watch what I eat, and work out REALLY hard. I haven't actually allowed myself to do that or acknowledge that in the past, you know? On the surface of course, it sucks that she's so brutally honest, but it's also nice, because it takes away the excuses. I can't say - "well, if I had a personal trainer and a chef, and all the time in the world, I could look like that too," because, she shows you how to do it on your own without the chef, all the time in the world, and the other stuff. And I think that's what TAM is so great about - acknowledging that it's HARD, but you just have to do it anyway. But you know, it's good - because there are no excuses, it's serious, and we have to take ourselves and everthing else seriously (and even the vanity, because of course, I'm also doing this out of vanity, and you know what - there's nothing wrong with that!).
    Anyway, sorry this is so long - the bit about her not smiling just brought me this train of thought back. I hope this all makes sense and doesn't sound rude or anything like that. I have a hard time getting my proper tone across in writing.

  8. Wow you seem like such a fun and humorous person to be around! That line about your husband telling you that you don't need botox made me laugh. I don't think I would've come up with that answer :)

    Love your blog!! :)