Monday, October 25, 2010


Man o Man... am I ever tired! For some reason today was REALLY challenging.

It started this morning at 6:15 and I went after the muscle work with gusto and then ran COMPLETELY out of gas...
I don't mean that I got tired, or it was hard, or I had to dig deep... I mean - I ran out of gas and had to pull the junk in my trunk off to the side of the road and put the hazards car came to a complete stop.
That is the first time that has happened in the  past 22 days. For the first time I could not do the cardio right after the muscle work.
My muscles were happy to cooperate, but I literally could not move another step. I was shaky and kept getting dizzy (which, sadly, at times felt like a mild buzz and I kinda liked it a that wrong???) anyway - since I am doing this to improve my fitness and not to be a freak who makes herself sick... I finally had to listen to my body - and my failing blood sugar levels and make the decision to complete my cardio after my work day.

I gotta tell ya - I never really totally recovered all day. I felt whipped and "flu like" all was like the good ole days of the first week. It sucked hind teet.

At least during the first week I knew I was done for the I knew it was "thank you sir, may I have another?" with my cardio waiting for me at home.

I came home and had the perfect answer...a short nap.
I HAD to lay down for thirty minutes, and I think it helped ...a little.

Sooooooo - as if I were carrying an chest of drawers on my back I went upstairs and got dressed and HEATED THE frickin' room to 80 degrees...and went back down stairs to fix James some dinner. I heated the oven down stairs for chicken quesadillas and heated the oven upstairs...for me. ARGH.

Again - who's idea was this??? I would like to kick that persons ass. Oh wait - it was my idea...and I already kicked my own ass today...twice.

I guess I asked for it.

After much procrastinating I did indeed finish 60 minutes of cardio - dancing, sweating, burned 600 calories and got to give myself the half of an X on my calendar!!! That one hurt. That one I EARNED...
I was really proud to get through today - it was a tough one.

It really has been a pattern... I am betting that as sore as I am right now - as exhausted as I am - I bet tomorrow is easier and I feel better. Or at least I can hope that is the case.
For tomorrow to be more difficult than today I would have to be hit by a truck. A big truck. A big ass king cab, diesel pickup truck driven by a big fat man who is hauling another truck. Another big truck....ok- you get the picture!

After my workout I had to eat dinner and -wait for it...go to the grocery store!!!! Really? Could there be a worse chore in the world if you are exhausted AND hungry? Well, I guess there could be - mopping the floor of a donut store maybe. That would be worse.

I found myself staring at most of the shelves, not really remembering why the heebies I was on that aisle in the first place. I would usually remember once I had ultimately given up and moved on to another aisle...then lather , rinse, repeat. It took my an hour to gather a small amount of groceries.
They probably thought I was shop lifting.
I'm sure the Kroger "eye in the sky" was watching to see if I would stuff a ham in my sweatshirt.

I'm also sure that before I started this program they thought I had stuck two hams in the back of my sweatpants!!!


The hiney is getting mo' tiny!!!! Still a long way to go - but definite improvement!!!

James said I should skip my blog tonight and get to bed...but I couldn't leave my girls hanging that like to catch up on my antics after their early morning I'm a little weary and may keep it short- but this one is for you!

I also asked James to come upstairs and shoot me tonight while I did my cardio... he brought me a flip video camera - I kind of meant with a gun.

So I did take a little footage of my jumping around for all those that do no know what this program is about and what 60 minutes of cardio entails...
I will work that out tomorrow - I'm sure THAT will be good for a laugh!!

You can all see the Thass in action...and who wouldn't want to get an eyeful of that???

OH! after a week at 129... I eeeeekkkked out another pound on the scale....128!!!!!!!
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Mother Scratcher!!! I am soooo excited. I would express my excitement if I could move anything other than my fingers. It's exhausting my hands just to type- I must be activating the cross force vectors in my little hands. Everything on me is sore today!

Who knows what will happen in the next day or two after today's trauma. One things for sure -when it happens - I'll sing like a bird about it to all of you!

I was at my office today and Jason Aldean (a great new country artist, if you don't know him- check him out - he's great!) was down the hall recording an interview with Kix Brooks for Kix's American Country Countdown Radio Show - I saw them as I was limping back to the microwave to re-heat my soup. There is no point to this portion of the story except I wanted to mention how handsome those two guys were just loitering around in the hall.

It made me glad that my ass wasn't as fat as it was a few weeks ago. I'm fairly confident neither of them were checking out my backside...for they are both happily married and respectful guys...and they both know James and that James has lots of guns!!!
But ya know- although I was never a boyscout (duh, I'm not a boy) I do like to pratice the boy scout motto..." be prepared"!!! hahahaah!!! You never know when you'll be re-heating soup and see a couple of handsome men in the hallway - so leave your big fat Thass at home!!!! Right???

It was a little embarrassing when Kix said "Hey Jason, Laura is on this boot camp thing and is blogging about it!  Laura - tell him about your blog and - what's your blog called?"
I just sort of stood there and said..."Well, it's kind of about my ass sliding down the back of my legs.. I call it a Thass. ummmmmm, this is akward."

Ok...well, I'll be walking off now- mildly embarrassed, clutching my soup.

Poor Jason just stood there- not really sure what had just happened. 
Some things don't not translate in every situation. Live and Learn.

Well folks - I'm literally falling asleep at my computer and have to get up early  and do it all again!!!!!


Today we will file under "character builder" - because it was one of the hardest yet.
But it's over and I'm crashing!!!
Proud to have hung tough...


every last one of these little bitches will be BY THE BOOK....



  1. Hi Laura, still reading your blog from Belgium. And still inspired by your amazing results. You beat down the thass and you are going to look and feel fabulous! One week to go, yeah :)

  2. silly but true, when i read your blog, i even crave for those "no energy/hit by a gigantic truck with a 40ft container behind" moments/hours of yours! however i still don't have the guts to give it a go by the book to a T. such a conflict! hahahaha, am i crazy?

  3. I have to tell you how very much I enjoy reading your blog! You are wickedly funny and I really hope you'll keep up your blog even after you've completed the BC - I for one, would truly miss it. I've been really kind of bummed the last few weeks and you've really inspired me to haul my fat THASS out of bed and get moving! I haven't had the courage to do TABC yet but I'm working my way up to it...very slowly! But hey, that's better than before! You make me laugh out loud, spit out my wine and feel like maybe I could be part of this insanity too.

    Thank you,

  4. laura, question: how do you know you burned 600 calories? Do you have body bug or similar contraption? Cuz that would be too cool!! :)
    just curious,