Monday, October 11, 2010


Hello friends!

Well, today was a GREAT day! I can honestly say it's the first day that I felt well all day long...well, all day starting after my workout.
DAY ATE is a winner! oh, sorry.. DAY EIGHT...I am clearly still hungry.

and a special blog shout out to Donna -who started Tracy Anderson Method today!!!!! you got this !!! We will do it together! Congrats to you for doing this for yourself. I will gladly serve as the "ghost of Christmas future" for you...I'm only one week ahead of you - let us bloggers know how you are doing!
AND... Alexa, KC and her two buddies who have been rocking it with me since last Monday!!! awesome!

So today started off like all of the others...alarm goes off, and it's time to do the EXACT the same thing as you did the previous seven days. Kick your own ass for two hours... all before 9:00am.
I'm starting to expect Sonny and Cher's "I got you babe" to play on my alarm clock because this feels like Groundhog Day.

Everyday, at the same time, the sheets fly off, I go weigh (oh, I like to pee first in case that makes my weigh in better -sad but true) and then I crawl upstairs to crank the heat up to 80 and get dressed and ready for my workout.

Today when I woke up I felt AWFUL! I had NO energy and thought to myself- this might be the first day I'm not gonna make it through the workout! I was literally limping around. And I knew I was in trouble because I thought I would have MORE energy this morning since I woke up at 5:00 am (two hours earlier) and ATE MY BREAKFAST!!!! sware..I was so stinking hungry that I ate my breakfast at 5:00 in the morning and went back to bed!!!!! hahaha!

I was really trying to negotiate with myself to find an OUT (especially since today was the day I was to up my reps to 35 each) and that's when it occured to me... the fat girl in me - the one that I ate a few days ago, remember her?...well, turns out - that bitch had a twin !!!!
You can only imagine my surprise! But apparently my inner skinny girl had just about enough of her swamp ass bitchy, bossy ways and while I was brushing my teeth my skinny girl made a toothbrush prison shank and well, let's just say - skinny girl has mad skills with taking people out. (Note to self: watch less Angelina Jolie films, skinny girl is stating to scare me)

So...upstairs to workout!!! I decided I would try something a little different today and I did my cardio first, then my muscle work. End result - both just as hard! Cardio heart rate took a little longer to get up to highest level, but once it got there it stayed and muscular heart rate started higher and stayed higher. end result - EXACT SAME CALORIES BURNED. Which - is averaging 1,000 to 1,200 a day - per my heart rate monitor.

But then a funny thing happened...for the first time since I started this little adventure - I felt GREAT after my workout. Didn't feel like I was going to be sick, didn't wonder if I would fall down the stairs, I was even able to get in the shower without laying down for thirty minutes! From that point on - I felt great all day! Not sure why the change, hopefully I'm just getting stronger.

I have to tell you, I had no idea how poorly I had been feeling until I didn't feel that way anymore!
Don't get me wrong, I know the good ole "someone please shoot me" feelings of last week are probably coming back soon, and when they do I will work through it... but it was nice to feel better today.

Maybe I felt so good because it was Monday and that meant I would be back on "the cooler"!!!
what does that mean, you ask? Well, I have a dear friend named Lana and she has a little program where she prepares amazing low cal, low fat, healthy meals (lunch, snack and dinner) and drops it off at your house the night before so all you have to do is make your own breakfast. It's an amazing service and I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone in Nashville - She's the best!!!

anyhoo, when I had this brain fart to do the thirty day plan I knew I would be in trouble without Lana's help! I begged her to PLEASE, pretty PLEASE make MY "cooler" to the exact specifications of TAM.
With my two jobs, I knew that would be hard for me to prepare so many meals... she finally agreed (thank you LANA!!!) and it has made all the difference in the world! and after cooking all weekend, I was really excited to get today's cooler! If anyone wants more info on Lana, just shoot me a message and I'll give you her contact info.

I also need to mention that when I complain about the ridiculously UNSATISFYING dinners... don't blame Lana!! Her recipes are amazing! All blame goes to Tracy.
Sorry Tracy...some of these meals are about like spending three days in bed with a gorgeous man...who has Erectile Dysfunction and no tongue ...not very satisfying.

Just sayin'....

So, in summary...
day eight...

WEIGHT LOSS: Down 8 pounds! (stayed the same as yesterday, which is really great since I had low sodium soy sauce the night before on my tuna!)

ENERGY: amazing!! well, after workout anyway.

MY BODY IS CHANGING!!! THIS IS WORKING!!! It's working in a way that is shocking  me!
I cannot believe that in one week I can wear jeans that haven't fit for two years and  I can see results that in the past would have taken me MONTHS to achieve - if I achieved them at all.

My precious husband has taken to calling me "skinny girl"! and my best guy friend said I looked "skinny" (thanks KB) !!! woo hoo! I love that! it beats the generic "you've lost weight". Which can imply - keep it up, you've got more to lose!!!

Thursday I'll post exact measurements and body fat results showing all loss thus far!!! Can't wait !!!

and 42 followers!!! 42 people care about the size of my ass!!!!!!! I could cry. Thanks for the support, everyone! You all are  THASS-TASTIC!!!

22 more days to go... all BY THE BOOK.



  1. You are soooooooooooo funny I havent laughed so hard in ages!!! You have sold the 30 day workout plan to me but my only concern is I struggle with the dance moves....I just jump around doing starjumps and cartwheels for 40 mins cus I really struggle with it. Its the reason I gave up on the videos. Keep up the good work You can do it!!! x

  2. love love love this blog. I am laughing my ass off-you write what I think!! Keep up the great work.

  3. I like your blog!i have the book too but I don't have all these special foods that you guys have in USA!! I am making a shopping plan on my PC which divides 4 weeks , so the lazy girls could use it for a grocery shopping.
    I don't have a personal sheff and my mom is living in another country and I work more than 8 hours. So if your friends and your followers are interested I'll send it as soon as it is ready!

    I hope I will have results as you do!!
    greetings from Italy

  4. thanks guys!!! Hey Abblestow - I found the cardio to be confusing and frustrating at first too, but what I did was just A.) keep moving no matter what B) jump in with her where I could follow/ keep up and then it dawned on me...If I made my own playlist (which I did) and sort of watched out of the corner of my eye at the monitor- I could just let her go a little ahead of me and I would copy cat. That helped tremendously.
    and lastly C) - the more I could start to "remember" the little mini sequences the more I could see her starting a new section and think - oh, I know what's next and kind of go right into it - whether I was exactly with her or not. I just try to really "perform it" like she says and it's getting easier by the day - but after nine straight days - I still do not know all the moves - but am step touching less and less.
    I've never done her other videos before - but I seem to understand what she is going for - different parts of the body moving at different times - so worse comes to worse, you could watch it without doing it and take mental notes on what she wants you to move. Also - it's really hard at first if you step touch (which I did)because then you can REALLY feel "off" - but YOU CAN DO IT!!!!! give it another go!!! and thank you again for the kind words!!

  5. Hey Kirsica!
    wow! greetings from Italy??? That's wonderful!!! so happy to hear from you!

    I think that is such a smart idea! doing a menu list for the grocery store!

    I did a mini version for breakfast foods - but the full week version would be amazing! I will certainly post it for you if you want me to!
    That's very thoughtful of you to share!
    Good luck!!!


  6. Thanks Tara! yes... I tend to write whatever comes to my mind!!! haahah! glad there are people out there as crazy as I am that get it!!!