Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Here's my calendar!!! and yes...that is an easel ..and yes, I am a dork!


  1. Guilty too... When I started 14 days ago (wow nearly half way!!) I made one up on the computer & printed it off. It's stuck to my fridge. I've also been doing the half cross thing! Thought it was too crazy to share but I'm "out" now. You're my kinda dork, Laura ;0)

  2. Yay! We're all dorks together! I have mine in my little day planner, and I take it out to look at every day during meetings - I look so official, but I'm really just keeping myself motivated and dreaming about how my pretend husband (Jeremy Renner - I have different brain movies) and I meet after I finish TAM and get a teeny tiny body, and he's blown away first by that, but then really drawn in by my brilliance and sparkling wit. And then I come back to real life. Where I'm a blog stalker! Oy! But, so glad about the blog, and the chance to share this with someone else vicariously - you're doing great!