Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Treadmill workout breakdown....and I pulled a SINATRA...:(

I would tell you all about my workout this morning and how great it was..
BUT I PULLED A SINATRA on myself... "Not today bay-be".

crap. Why did I do that???

got up at 5:00, got dressed, went upstairs, STARTED DVD and then told myself  "self, piss off."
I didn't even put up a fight...I thought about it - but apparently my fat girl came back from the dead and was packing heat.
My skinny girl was clearly scared into submission - thankfully she did not pee in my LuLuLemon hot pants. They are new and I can't stand the smell of urine.

Hey - that reminds me of a joke...
Q: "What nationality are you if you are tinkling?"
 A: "European!!!"

I know...hysterical, right? that one is a real crowd pleaser on the grade school circuit.

After I completely blew myself off...and keep in mind - it is still dark outside and I was already working on the computer when I should be working on my Thass... I - or "we" rather...since fat, lazy girl was back in the house..."we" went downstairs and started what turned out to be a grueling day...and much like yesterday.. I was rather blue all day long.

I've been BLASTING my KFUK internal radio talk show. I hate it when I do that...
we all know the weather report on KFUK..."Outside... it's raining. Inside...the sky is falling with a good chance of tears in the afternoon."

So tonight - I will change the station...go to bed, get some rest, wake up bright and early and give it a better go! I am nothing if not resiliant!!!!

I am a happy girl- by nature - so I'm never really sure why - on some days - Pitiful Pearl shows up and brings her boyfriend.. Captain Downside. He likes to point out all the negative aspects of my life, while Pearl nods enthusiastically. These two can bring a raucous good time to a screeching halt.
Never, I repeat - NEVER -invite them to a dinner party. Just sayin'...

I have packed their bags and called a cab to take them to the airport. I am thankful to see them go.

Sooooo - I will not burst into tears tomorrow!!!  no way , now how!!!
I may punch someone in the face if they keep stressing me out...but I won't start crying.

I wish today and yesterday had been better days...but they are no longer an issue- as they are no longer in my future. They are now part of my past.

That's the great thing about the past, don't be afraid of it and don't waste any time on it...it ain't getting any closer!!!

On a brighter note...I am still under 130...127 to be exact!!!... and will ramp up the workout tomorrow. I had a great workout Monday, skipped today (oopsie) and will rock out tomorrow...
THEN... I will fix my hair, put on some make up...slip into some little bitty jeans..and go kick some serious ass!!!!!

My goal tomorrow.. to laugh really hard at least once... to have a productive day at work... to workout and feel great...to eat clean...and to count my blessings - for they are many!

Tomorrow I will have an attitude of gratitude   -
I will be happy, positive and cheerful...and if the wheels fall off Plan A... I will move on to Plan B.
Plan B is to get drunk. 
Mildly...anyway. :)

See, I'm already smiling!!

We can all thank SUSAN B. for the below treadmill breakdown.. I can take no credit! Thought you all might enjoy it! I did!

I am also including the link to the TAM treadmill workout - which is on a Russian website, btw. We can all thank Emily D. for always posting it for us!


Honestly... I have yet to be able to successfully download the video, despite all the helpful tips from fellow TAM followers - maybe I will find some time soon to work on trying it again. 

I am currently working on understanding a torrent... yikes.

But the rest of you may have no problem with it! You probably also have no problem buying KALE and not mistaking it for turnip greens!!!

 :) again- thanks Susan!! Thanks Emily!!

Susan types....


*The class nerd in me took notes from the webisode to follow along as a guide while treadmill dancing.  If any of you would like here it is….

“No Excuses” – TA

Butt and Thigh Warm Up
Treadmill not moving – 10 reps each increasing up to 40 as you get stronger

Right Side
  • Leg Lifts:  Swing leg up and back to hip height and back down to deck, point toe on the way down and flex on the way up, return and repeat
  • Attitude Leg Lifts:  Bend knee and lift back up to hip height and return foot to deck, return and repeat
  • Leg Up & Over:  Lift leg to hip height bend knee up and over side arm of treadmill to elbow, extend leg back straight behind hip, return and repeat
  • Pulse Up & Out:  Lift leg behind hip, pulse, swoop leg out to side (half circular movement swoop out to side), return and repeat, return and repeat

Treadmill Dance
Start the treadmill and increase to a speed of 3.0 mph.  Walk a moment to get comfortable with the movement of the treadmill.   It appears she does a count of 10 on most moves before switching to the next move.  Moves do repeat.  Take the flow and build up to 40 minutes.  TA recommends starting with 15 minutes and working up from there.  Remembering 60 minutes is where she wants us to max with dance cardio.

TIP:  TA recommends holding onto the treadmill using the front and side grips until you are really comfortable.  Safety 1st and foremost.  Be careful.

  • Skip just like in the school yard
  • Skip with attitude (a little more bounce in your step and buoyancy)
  • Double skip
  • Hop and lift foot repeating same leg – then switch legs
  • Back to skipping
  • Double skip  - as you get more confident jump up to ceiling more with bounce
  • Skip
  • Hold onto side arm and front of treadmill – sache side and front
  • Sache - turn legs out and up
  • Skipping
  • Switch to other side
  • Sache – turn legs out and up (2nd position plie and up)
  • Skip
  • Leap  - Hold on front and side push up and leap legs straddle (air splits)
  • Right knee up/ skip
  • Left knee up/ skip
  • Push step (hop and push) little steps – push hips up to bar.  As you advance delay back from bar and come back forward….back and forth.
  • Skip
  • Skip Skip Double Skip
  • Side Saches – Can put arms up as you advance
  • Hop Hop Double Hop
  • Switch sides
  • Plie and up, plie and up
  • Leaps left
  • Leaps right
  • Gallop to front left
  • Gallop to front right
  • Step hops with arms up
  • Repeat starting out for 15 minutes and on up from there to the advised 40 minutes.

 I hope you all rest easy, dream of peaceful loving times and wake up tomorrow ready to get after it with me! Sorry Captain downside was in the house... hope he didn't head your way when he and Pearl left here...
Brighter Days and Smaller Thasses are ahead!

all my joy to all my friends out there in the struggle!


    1. Hey, long time since I stopped by. You seem to be keeping things in good order, despite the occasional bad day. So happy for you!

      Thanks for the treadmill info and the link to the video, I have been looking for it as well. My treadmill is idle at the moment and needs some company, this will certainly do.

      Have a great day :)

    2. Laura, you've been a total inspiration for 40 some-odd days. Everyone deserves a day to relax. Make sure you reflect on everything you've accomplished in the last month and don't let one bad day get you down. You are amazing. Hope you're listening to KCAN today! :)

    3. I'm so stealing "pulled a SINATRA!!!" a. because he's awesome, and b. because ever since you told that story, I say to myself every morning when I think about sleeping in, "Not today, Baaay beee," and it helps me get up and get moving and smile a bit too. (Well, and I also whisper it in my head if someone at work gives me one too many jobs to add to my already overloaded desk, but that's another story :)

    4. Your blog entries are NOT silly! They are VERY informative and fun!! I love them and I look forward on reading more! :)

      You are such and inspiration! I hope you know that!!

      Sending a HUG all the way from Malmoe, Sweden :)