Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A close encounter of the Tracy Anderson kind....

Well, last week Tracy Anderson was in da house!!!
The Nashville house that is...

She was kind enough to come with her bestie Gwyneth Paltrow and support her at her movie Premier "Country Strong".

And has fate would have it... I was at the movie premier of "Country Strong"!!!!

The premier was lovely, the red carpet crawling with stars and the theater was packed with Nashville's finest talent from the music business- oh, and then there were people like me. The people who live their lives as the talented people's "plus one", yah...we were there too!

Honestly, it never crossed my mind that Tracy would be with GP.

Although I'm not completely surprised because Tracy is so damn cute and tiny she can probably fit into Gwyneth's tote bag like a Maltipoo.

So after we settled into our seats and are awaiting the start of the movie and I get a text from my precious friend Eric Brooks.
It says simply " I just saw Tracy"
My response was simply  " Tracy who?"

(...DON'T GASP people... remember before you think I've dropped my basket asking "Tracy who?" after my entire life has revolved around her for over a month- I never imagined she would be in town. If had realized she was coming I would have stood on the red carpet or in the lobby doing the arm exercises in her honor! Couple that with knowing that Eric is a Vanderbilt college student who read my blog...but I didn't really think he even knew who she was - sooooo, "Tracy who?", I say...)

His response: "Anderson"
My response: "I'm assuming your kidding"  (actually thanks to auto correct on Iphone I believe my response was "I'm assing your kidding" - thank Steve Jobs )
His response: "I'm not"
My response: it was going to be something along the lines of "WHAAAAAAAAAAT?!!! ARE YOU PULLING MY RECENTLY TONED LEG?????"

but I couldn't respond because all of the sudden my phone started BLOWING UP with texts saying "Tracy is in da house!" Tracy Anderson is here? Are you at the Movie Premier?" " Hey - that girl that did the workout video you've been following is at the premier" etc....

OMG!!!! I got so excited that I was hitting James in the arm and looking everywhere for her!!!
It was like I was twelve years old and someone told me There was a Jonas Brother in the building.
James just laughed...I was about to hyperventilate!

Now, let's not forget that I work with celebrities, and have for over 20 years and although I always remain a fan of the ones who make music I love and am proud of them and get excited when I remember they are famous (because if they are REALLY your friends you totally forget they are famous...until the walk out into a screaming auditorium - and then you're like OH! you're SO famous! ha!! forgot!!! anyway, I say all that to say this...I RARELY - IF EVER get starstruck. It's just not something that happens to me much -but I was giddy and nervous and starstruck over Tracy being in the house!!!!!!!!

Well, then I realized there were two theaters showing the movie and wouldn't you just know it...we were NOT in the "Tracy" theater.
Which is probably a good thing...because I would have more than likely crawled across peoples laps during the movie, in the dark, looking for her.
All the while whispering -" Sorry" "excuse me, sorry" "Tracy, that you?" "oh, sorry" "Tracy??" "OH! there you are! (still whispering) Oh, Hey Gwyneth - this will just take a minute, you look great, btw...Tracy...my name is Laura and I have the Thass blog and look at my arms!! and you shoul..."

Now, the reason I would have stopped whispering during the movie premier would not have been because it occurred to me how incredibly rude I was being...but because security pulled me off of Tracy and "helped" me to get outside. That was nice of them to hold my arm like that and make sure I didn't fall in my heels. Some people are so thoughtful.

So I settled into the movie - which is great! You all need to go see it! If for no other reason than to see GP's legs and abs - well done, Tracy and Gwyneth! Well done, indeed!

I knew I could catch up with her at the after party. I was fully prepared to stalk her and Gherm her!!!

What is a Gherm, you ask??
It is a wonderful word that originated in Nashville and let me say this...it is not a compliment.
A Gherm is someone who goes up to a celebrity and bugs them, asks for an autograph or picture and then won't leave them alone.

You can "gherm" someone.
You can be a "gherm".
You can be "ghermed" - well, if your famous.

we are all gherms from time to time...and some people are lifers. You know the ones...always ready to GHERM someone - they are buggers.
If you are one... I urge you to not tell anyone and immediately seek help to stop this insidious behavior!!

As you can tell, I feel strongly about it.
But let me tell you - I was going to find her and gherm the ever living life out of her!
I didn't care...I was going to become one of those people, the gherms, that think that we have a "special relationship" and are close...and that she would care about my being "the blog girl"...yep... I was a mini nightmare starter kit - with Tracy's name on it!!!

So....how did it go when I met her???????????????????????????

Well, heck if I know.
I didn't.
I didn't get to meet her!!!!


Turns out, James had a hurt foot, so I took him home and was going to drop him off and go to the after party - which can be a good thing - it's easier to be a stealth stalker when traveling as a lone wolf..but then I got home and couldn't bring myself to drive all the way over to the party and valet and deal with it. The lone wolf was tired.

I know...how lame.

But, I also knew she would be part of the posse the next couple of nights at the awards shows - which I was also attending - so I knew I would have other chances to be annoying and probably scare her with my enthusiasm.

turns out..I knew nothing. I was wrong.

We sat right in front of GP at the awards, but no Tracy.
and I didn't look for her at the BMI awards because we have mutual friends and I already knew they decided not to attend so GP wouldn't lose her voice from talking too much.
Hysterical how many updates I got about GP - not because I care about following Gwyneth's movements (she is lovely - I mean that in a nice way!) but because everyone I know was on a Tracy lookout alert!!!

I would got text messages for three days from random people telling me then had just seen her!!!
It was actually a little odd after a while... I felt like the hillbilly version of TMZ.

So - after all that.. I never met her.

It just wasn't meant to be, I guess.

But, all in all, it was a great awards week...
GP did a great job!! That is tough to get up there and sing in front of all those amazing talents - but she did a fantastic job!

Everyone sounded amazing... and how great did Reba McEntire look?
Holy Smoke...she looks better every year.
It's like the curious case of Reba Buttons. Just sayin'...

But here was the best part of the night for me....
I was walking down the aisle to our seats and some random guy - who I DID NOT KNOW - goes
" Laura, Laura ...hey! how much are you down to??? Great job!!! I read your blog on Facebook!!"

I couldn't believe it... ladies and gentlemen...it happened...
I WAS GHERMED!!! ahahah!!!
 and I LOVED it!!!!

Never forget - in my brain movie - I am wildly famous - so this came as no big surprise to me.

Thank you random man at awards show who is concerned with the size of my hiney. Thank you for caring. It means a lot.

Please let me know if I should be scared of you.

Have a great day everyone!!!
More as I know it...

I'm going to go workout and I have exciting TAM news for you guys...
more soon.

I'm still laughing at my new motto...

Life is lot more fun with a lot less ass.



  1. So glad you're back Laura...I've been indulging in too many "food hugs" during your absence! Your pics from the awards shows are awesome...you look absolutely amazing! :) Thanks for your posting your new goal...you give me hope!


  2. So glad you're back! Bummer about not meeting TA but I have a feeling she DEFINITELY knows who you are! Remember, you are "wildly famous" and she was probably crawling over people in the other auditorium looking for YOU!


  3. I love your hair swept up in the second set of pictures. You looked fab! It must be amazing to work among so many wonderful artists! My little claim to fame is that I went to high school with a friend whose brother works in country music. You may even know him, Daniel Miller? His sister and I were in the same class and I know he has really come a long way and everyone is so proud to say they know him in some small (tiny, even) way. Anyway, if we were put in a similar situation, I think you'd play the part of Tracy and I would play the part of Laura. I tried the bootcamp before but wasn't serious enough. I am totally serious now after checking you out, in all ways possible! I will not be doing it by the book, however I will be extremely disciplined. I am one of the ones with little ones at home. No excuses, though. I started an online diary for myself to stay accountable. I didn't want to blog for fear of being called a copycat, but if being a copycat of you is wrong, I don't want to be right! Love ya! Raini Raney

  4. You are just gorgeous in the awards show pictures! Thanks for the good laughs as always!

  5. Hey Tiny.... you are a blast in person and on the blog! Can you believe I read this whole thing!? Or that I can read at all?

    Your bud John

  6. Hey, it was definitely her loss!

  7. Ahh I'm so sorry you didn't get to meat her! Bummer! But maybe someday?? :P

    I would've TOTALLY feel like a celebrity while AT the CMA's and someone there I DIDN'T know actually reckognized me! Wohooo! I would be SO hoity-toity!! :D (Can you even say that?? haha)

    Have a great work-out day! (and a day all in all) You know we're cheering for you!! :)