Thursday, November 4, 2010

I took a day off!!!! ...ok...maybe two. :)

Hello everyone!!!

I'm back!!!
Well, yesterday was my first day off the TAM after a strong finish to my bootcamp!!!

I woke up ....late - I slept in! - and it was very odd to not workout! I went to get in the shower and it felt SO STRANGE to get in the shower when I wasn't dripping wet with sweat.

It also felt odd to "be done"...kind of a feeling of..well, what do I do now????

First things first... I ATE breakfast!!
What did I eat? believe it or not... a half of a grapefruit!!! AHAHA! sware.

Then some apple sauce for a snack and geared up for my dinner out!!

Where I "feasted" on dry fish and vegetables!! and they were delicious!!

Oh..and fruit, I had some fruit.
Specifically  cranberries.
...more specifically cranberry juice...with Vodka.

and during dinner I had EVEN MORE fruit...
Specifically grapes.
...more specifically fermented grapes...and damn good ones!

My dear friends SPOILED me rotten with Chateau Haute Brion,  Penfolds Grange and various other "fruits"!!!

I actually ate little to nothing ...until the dessert menu rolled around.

Then I did order some delicious sweet something or another to go along with the several others at the table for the dessert super sampler!

My friends were kind enough to help me monitor my "fruit" intake to not get too much of a good thing after the cleanse.

I felt very satisfied with my very lean meal and moderate fruit intake.

My husband, however, did not feel satisfied with his small meal.
So he and our son David (who is visiting from Chicago) stopped on the way home and got..of all things.. FAT MO's HAMBURGERS!!!!
Can you even believe that???
We never go there  - and I named it as one of the places I avoid as to not turn into a FAT MO...

and the boys walk in to the house with two FAT MO burgers and fries.

I MIGHT have had two bites of James burger and fries...and MAN, were they two REALLY good bites!!!
 Unfortunately ...they were probably the two bites that did not agree with my all.

Nothing that I didn't expect - and nothing really upset...just some rumbling and "intruder alert" type strange noises coming from my tummy.

I went to sleep so happy with my tasty delights and slept like a baby ...for about two hours. Then - and this was really funny - I woke myself up out of a sound sleep...laughing. I was laughing in my sleep so loud that I woke myself up!!! James rolled over and said...
"Sweetheart. What's so funny?"
I had no idea.
Went back to sleep ...woke up again guessed it...because my own audible laughter woke me up!!!!
I don't ever remember laughing so loud in my sleep that I woke myself up!
James informed me this morning I laugh in my sleep all the time.

For some reason, I really liked hearing that.
I'm not completely surprised by it. And I was not surprised AT ALL when I learned I TALK in my sleep- that one was kind of a given (side note: poor James - he can't even get a break from my talking when I'm asleep) but I didn't realize I laughed out loud in my sleep!!!

I wonder what I told myself that was so dang funny??
Maybe I was just laughing about running my cellulite farmer off my land.

Sadly, after the second outburst of laughter...I was awake.
and I stayed awake.
I have long realized that red wine - one of my favorite forms of fruit - interupts my sleep.

I usually stare that risk right in the eye and say "um, bottoms up!"... but last night I must have been extra sensitive to the red wine because I was up pretty much the rest of the night.

I almost got up and blogged...because I missed you all!!! But I help on to hope that I could go back to sleep, but no such luck.

Why am I telling you all this? Why does it matter?
Because I am laying the ground work to explain/rationalize why I did not work out again this morning!!!
So my one day off turned into two - and my eating today was even more choc-a-block full of poor choices.
Nothing crazy, but a cookie or two and a bigger dinner to fill my tummy.

So guess what ladies...I DO NOT like the way it feels to have my tummy quiet this full!
and - once again - just like Tracy said... I can't wait to work out in the morning!
I miss it and am ready to hit it again!!!

So I will definitely work out in the morning and my post- boot camp plan is to do the following...

I'm going to use boot camp cardio and muscle work plan DVD's just over the weekend due to time restraints to explore new videos while my family is in town visiting..and then next week bring on the design series!!!

It has been interesting being off the plan. If I burned calories answering the question... "now what do you do ?" I would have lost six more pounds!!!

I thought about it a lot. I enjoyed a couple of days off such a rigid schedule and am now looking forward to being back on a more structured , if only self imposed, plan.

I do not want to back slide ONE BIT from all the hard work and amazing results.

So I am gladly getting back in the groove tomorrow morning! I can't wait in fact.

I do not feel obssessed in any way. Just excited about continuing a healthy and steady program that moves me towards a Thassless life and a closet full of little bitty jeans!!

Which , I did manage to find time to go buy four new pairs of pants today..since none of mine fit!!!

When asked what size I wore...I didn't really know!!!
Turns out- I needed size 26 again!!!! hahaa- that cracks me up!!! HArd to believe.

I also got some 27's - but all in all - still shcoked and thrilled with results from the thirty day challenge.

I started to be bothered by having a big meal tonight and then caught myself and stopped the thought immediately.

There is nothing wrong with loosening the reins from time to time. It's healthy and fun and is to be enjoyed. So I enjoyed it and will not think of it again, for it is now in the past.

That got me to thinking about all the people who "mess up" on the boot camp program or their own program and feel horrible about it and grieve the slip up.

I would pontificate on it but instead I will let a REAL author say it in a much more succinct and profound way...

"Finish each day and be done with it. You have done what you could; some blunders and absurdities have crept in; forget them as soon as you can. Tomorrow is a new day; you shall begin it serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense." -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Ladies and gentlemen... those are words to live by.

Those are simple but powerful words that if taken seriously could gift you back years of your life that would otherwise be squandered on regretful thoughts and longing to change what has already been done.

So, tomorrow's a new day! For me, for you, for your plan, for your life.

and I don't know about you...but I'm going to "begin it so serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with my old nonesense."


That is Thass kicking, bad ass,  KCAN - all positive, all the time - feel good , hit you right in the face
and change your life advice!

and I for going to take it!

Over the weekend I will post all the numbers, figures and other factoids about my journey - as promised!

Then next week we will DISH all about the goings on of the Country Music Awards, BMI Awards and me stalking Gwyneth at her movie premier.

And then I can finally post some pictures of my new Tracy Anderson bod with some hair and makeup -  and show you guys I actually do take showers!!

We got some fun coming on!

Life is a lot more fun with a lot less ass. Just sayin'...



  1. Hooray!! Glad you had so much fun. I can totally relate to the post-bootcamp extravagances making you feel like reigning it in VOLUNTARILY (that's the weirdest bit for me anyway). I'm nearly a week out and "missed" a couple of workouts and found an almost PMT-like, sprinkled-with-fairy-dust-by-the-Moody-Bitch-fairy style mood come over me... got all snippy and everything. Nothing a good TAM sweatin' didn't get rid of.... Addiction started. Very clever marketing strategy Ms Anderson has there....

    Here's to your life of Thasslessness!

    Carrie xo


  2. Happy Thassmass! :D

    Being so open, precise and wise about all the issues that women care so much, even though not admit frequently, is such a stimulation... It makes me, and I am sure everyone, who has followed your blog, look at all those issues from another point of view, with more grace, fun and confidence. cause all in all we are all one and we can teach each other on our successes or failures, the last ones never meant to be regretted but to be learnt upon:)
    Happy you are doing this, happy for myself too :) as I get motivated... We all know the best answers for ourselves, just sometimes need a little hint... your journey is a big one... :) cheers cheers cheers :)


  3. I'm glad you had so much fun! You have such a great attitude and a positive, happy spirit - it's a wonderful way to start my day.

    "Life is a lot more fun with a lot less ass" - priceless!!

    Can't wait to hear more~

  4. Ha ha, I agree with Donna, that's a fantastic quote.

    Enjoy your indulgences! I too am looking forward to day 31 and some fermented grapes. :)

  5. Thanks everyone! so glad you're all still here!!!
    I'm going to workout ...funny, feels like it's been FOREVER and it's only been two days! strange huh??

    Have an amazing day!


  6. I'm sooooo glad you're back! I was having Laura withdrawals!

    Have a great weekend, and rock the TAM! I'm looking forward to doing the treadmill dancing this afternoon! :)


  7. OH!!!!!!

    Love your last statement! ass is going to get even smaller!

    I have been given some good guidance on what to do next and how to flow through the TAM videos if you are still pondering how to carry on. I am loving my post boot camp routine. It was a lovely balance with life...and completely managable....and yep the results keep on coming. Today is my 60 day TAM celebration after a lifetime of running, running, running...and never really getting anywhere.

    You have such a gift to share. Your blog is such a blast to tune into. I had never read a real official blog before....and I don't think I will read another. LOL! I am 'satisfied' reading your.

    Cheers to you, Laura! You have begun a fabulous new journey.

  8. i have started a journey and i have dedicated it to you as it was inspired by you. have a look at i can't do it by the book as you did cause i am travelling too much and sometimes can't even find a supermarket, but I am still setting a goal and trying my best!

  9. Susan, I would be interested in your post-bootcamp routine... I've got to prepare for life past Day 30! :) I haven't purchased any of the videos yet and would like some advice on which ones to start with. Thanks!

  10. Laura, WE MISS YOU!

    i feel like you are coming with something that will blow us off big time. i wonder if you had met with Tracy and Gwynie in Nashville over a snow pea for lunch and shared it.

  11. Laura, we miss you! Checking your blog every day! LOL

  12. Hi Laura!
    You are truly an inspiration. I came across your blog because it was mentioned on the TAM facebook page. I bought the book today and I plan to start on Sunday the 14th. I wasn't sure it was for me - but after reading your blog, I have no choice. You have totally inspired and motivated me to just do it. I started out by reading just your starting post and the next thing you know, I've ignored my surroundings and have been reading your posts for the last hour or so. I have read upto Day 10 and can't wait to read more so Im all caught up.
    I know I will be referring to your blog from day to day - and Im thankful for your honest, FUNNY and positive approach you took for the 30 days.

    I hope you return soon so I can follow (stalk) you like the others do!
    I already have some questions (and I havent even started yet) and would love to ask you if you are willing to answer them! Thanks so much for your blog.

    PS. your pictures made me cry. And you look HOT.

  13. Hi Laura,

    Thank you so much for blogging your journey! Because of YOU I started today on my 30 day challenge! I too am going to blog about it, and hope to finish as triumphantly as you did.

    You are so motivating, such an inspiration, and freaking hilarious! Your blog had me in laughter and tears the whole time. Your pictures looks amazing and I can't wait till you come back to tell us how you are doing!

    Please come back soon!!

  14. I'm so happy to see you guys are still out there!!
    and Cake Girl- WAY TO GO!!!

    and Susan - I would LOVE some pointers for post boot camp plan...yikes!