Sunday, November 21, 2010

CLOSE CALL! and Kale...the saga continues...

I am assuming most of you have seen the movie The Matrix.
Or, at least the previews...?
So you know the classic Matrix scene where the guy bends over backwards in slow motion and the bullet whizzes past him...

well, today at 6:30 am ...that guy was me!
I dodged a bullet this morning... and I mean BARELY dodged a bullet.
Weighing in at...wait for it...129.5!!!!
Waaaaaaaayyyyyy too close for comfort.

As you can imagine - I was laughing hysterically at HOW CLOSE I came to having to cough up a "pass" -one week into this gig. I would have been very displeased.

Looks like I've learned two things for now -

1. At my current metabolism / weight - I can add a little extra to my diet ...but ONLY for two days in a row. Otherwise I've got a problem.
2.  I can live in the same house as homemade brownies...but ONLY for two days in a row. Otherwise I've got a problem.

I do have a message for the brownies...
Suck it, brownies
...and meet your new friend, Mr. Garbage Disposal.
Now, is Mr. Garbage Disposal the appliance under the sink... or a my husband James?... I'll never tell.
Either way - the brownies aren't going down my hatch!

I immediately began drinking water this morning, I had fruit for breakfast, even though I prepared a large Sunday breakfast for everyone else...Belgium Waffles, scrambled eggs and bacon.

Bacon...there's trouble in strip form, for ya.

Something THAT delicious and THAT salty could only come from ONE animal... a pig.
Needless to say - I passed on the bacon this morning.

I have eaten REALLY well today - drank a lot of lemon water and am about to go do my workout...ugh.
But... it's kind of fun, if you think about it...
The plan is working!!! Making my goal to not break 130 has been effective in stopping me from going off the deep far, anyway!

I had one brownie, not two. or in the past...four.
I had two pieces of thin crust pizza with veggies on them and made a salad from the BC meal plan to go with it, rather than having three or four pieces.
I made great meal choices while eating out - kept it clean on my plate...and then ate a few fries and a few bites of pasta of my God daughters plates!!! (Thanks girls, for sharing!) But... I only nibbled a little - all the while aware of keeping it reasonable.

One main difference in the treats I enjoyed...well, I enjoyed them.
There wasn't a bunch of guilt attached, simply an awareness.

I am excited about my new lifestyle approach to maintain my results.

It is merely a more disciplined version of what I have been doing for years, and I'm enjoying it!

Several people have emailed me and asked for an exact list of what I am doing as a "plan" - I am more than happy to give them a detailed report of what I'm doing - and I will post it following this in a separate entry. I hope it helps!

KALE...the sage continues....

OK... is everyone sitting down?? are you ready to laugh at me?? I mean really - for the first time - understand the depths to my geekiness???

So, I 'm at Whole Foods tonight getting my supplies for my food plan for this week and I'm looking for endive when I overhear someone say..."Oh, here it is. I found the kale"
Since we all know how I feel about Kale, simply hearing the word immediately got my attention - I turn around and watch - in what seemed like slow motion - this woman grab a leafy veggie that CLEARLY was NOT Kale.
I paused and looked up at the signs posting the prices of Kale and it's associate green buddies and in my mind I heard her again..."Oh, here it is. I found the Kale." She just sounded so confident.

I turned and found a very nice man that worked in the produce department and asked him a very simple question..." Excuse me, what is this vegetable called? "
(Now, keep in mind I was pointing to the Kale I had purchased several times during boot camp to make my juice that was so vile)
and this fine gentlemen replies...
"Those are turnip greens, ma'am".

I almost dropped my basket!!!!!!

I thought the turnip greens were Kale and I was chocking down TURNIP GREEN JUICE!!!!!!

What a loser I am!!!!

Oh, I couldn't WAIT to share that little nugget with all of you.

turnip green juice!!!

Well, by goodness - I'm going to try Kale juice again..for the first time, actually- what ever.
That might explain why so many people like it and I thought it tasted like ass.

I want to formerly apologize to Kale and Tracy and whomever suggested it in the first place.
Turns out the problem wasn't Kale was ME!!
Can't blame the juice when the juice maker is as dumb as a box of turnip greens!!!!

I'll let you know what I think when I finally get THE CORRECT VEGETABLE!!!!!

I'll let you know tomorrow where the weight rebounded to after a good, clean eating day today mixed with a little exercise!

and lastly... I feel compelled to respond to my dear friend Barbara's accusation that I am as bad a "food pusher" as any grandma, mother or family member that any of you will run into over the holidays.
Well,'re exactly right!!!!
I am THE WORST in the world about trying to feed people!!!!
But I come by it honestly.
I come form a long line of feeders.
My mother is a feeder. Her mother was a feeder...well, you get the idea.

"Hello, my name is Laura and I am a feeder."
 "Hello, Laura"

Fight the good fight this week everyone!!!!

I hate to say this prematurely... BUT ... I SWARE I am seeing even more results since boot camp! ... skin is tightening and cellulite is getting better...and BUTT IS LIFTING!!!!
More on that over the next couple of days... maybe with some pictures to help motivate you through the holiday!!!! The results are maintainable!... and they are improving!
go figure.

staying under 130 pounds...
for over 365 days...


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  1. The kale thing is too funny! I remember reading your blog describing it as gym sock juice and almost skipped it entirely on the menu...It honestly does not taste bad and if you add lemon juice it tastes like a "grassy lemonade" as previously described!!!