Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I have an official THASSIVERSARY!!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen...start your engines!

It is now official - as of yesterday I am back under 130...128 to be exact... and it's on like Donkey Kong!! It's on like all night Paint Ball!'s SOOOOO on!!!!!

So, if yesterday was the first day I went back under 130...why didn't I blog about it last night?
Well, it's because I STARTED my cardio at 9:30 pm!!!! Finished muscle work and cardio at 11:30pm...ugh.

That's what you get when you put it off in the morning thinking..."I'll just rock that out when I get home tonight".

It would have been a good "rest" day.. but being as I had JUST gone to 128, thus activating the official Thassiversary... I didn't want to cash in one of my cherished "passes" on the first day!!!

This may be worse than the 30 day Boot Camp!!!

Self inflicted rules and regulations.This a brand new concept to me.

It's oddly quiet around the house with the fat ass twins having been recently slaughtered in October...RIP.

Things are more calm, meals aren't skipped and portions are normal.
Food is more about fueling my body and not about medicating my boredom, loneliness or stress.

I find that I am satisfied most of the time and that most "knee jerks" to grab an extra bite of this or just a few bites of that have nothing to do with hunger, and everything to do with habit.

It's merely me wanting what I what, when I want it - and not caring about anything but the immediate gratification of the RIGHT NOW. Which I think is probably a theme in several arenas of my embarrassing as that is to admit.

Delayed gratification. What a concept.

I am learning to define delayed gratification in smaller, more palatable time increments.

If I think that I can't snack at night or eat a little extra until I have a Thass-less, rocking abs, cellulite free body (which will take a loooong time)...well , that thought makes me so depressed... that I want to eat!
Kind of counter productive, don't you think?

I am also working on changing my habits, learning to love sacrificing IMMEDIATE gratification for EXTENDED gratification.

So,  if we delay the IMMEDIATE gratification of the snacking tonight- for a short amount of time only, over night- our EXTENDED gratification will be waiting for us in the morning...

In the form of denim.
In the form of mirrors.
In the form of muscles.
In the form of numbers on a scales, compliments, good skin tone, great health and self confidence.

In the form of self respect.

That's quite a compelling list if gratifying wants when compared to the freezer burned Leggo's waffle you are about to toast.

What..? Don't EVEN act like you haven't dug through the freezer and thawed out some nasty old something lurking in the darkest corners of the icy wasteland and brought it back from the brink of the inedible. Only to  cover it with butter, sugar or syrup to mask the freezer burn and make it seem sweet and satisfying while you watched a Project Runway marathon. haven't. I'm the only one. Hmmmm, this is awkward.

Ok, moving on then...

So - you can eat the Halloween candy tonight - (which isn't even any good at this point because all the good stuff is gone) OR... you can decide you're satisfied and you can wait until morning and enjoy  breakfast and a full day of feeling great about yourself and feeling comfortable in your jeans because they aren't cutting into your muffin top.
It's your call.

Choose delayed gratification enough and you can probably have some night time snacks from time to time and it won't effect you at all.

Last week, I learned the hard way, that I am not quite to there yet.

I wasn't eating a lot, or drinking a lot, but I also wasn't working out a lot... and I sure wasn't choosing delayed gratification a lot.

 I was gaining a little bit of weight every single day after boot camp. It was freaking me out!!!!

I kept thinking - oh no! How do I maintain my results? Is it even possible????

Well, I am happy to report that the MINUTE I got back to working out (muscle work and cardio) and stopped snacking at night - the weight dropped right back off! I feel lean and strong and can see all the definition of the muscles and all the results I earned in boot camp!

I returned to some old, bad habits...and the old,bad weight wanted to return.
I returned to my new, more gratifying habits...and my new and more gratifying body returned.

Don't you love how surprised I was by both???

No fairy dust exists after boot camp... it's the same fairy dust as during boot camp...
Hard work, consistancy, showing up and sweating.

bummer...I was hoping for a pill.

Bad have to keep up the effort to keep up the results.
Good news... you can keep up the effort and keep up the results.

At least I know that it can be done..and I'm gonna DO IT!!!!

I did boot camp BY THE BOOK for thirty days...which dramatically increased my chances of getting great results.
I'm going to maintain my results FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR...which should dramtically increase my chances of keeping my results for a lifetime.

And keeping my results for a lifetime dramatically DECREASES my chances of finding myself in a Rascal Scooter navigating the aisle of Cheesecake Factory.
(sidenote: although I do enjoy their Miso Salmon - I believe that the serving sizes at Cheesecake Factory are directly related to why parts of the world hates America... an appetizer there could feed a family of four. Maybe they should call it The Thasscake Factory)

Moving on... again...

I feel CONFIDENT that I can do what I have never done before...keep my new low and let it become my new normal.
I will discover how to maintain AND have a far so good.

My dear friend Barbara printed out a quote recently and wanted to share it with all of you..


Thanks, Barbara... love the quote, love you!

Everyday  I hear from someone who has started boot camp, or finished boot camp, or are pushing and fighting their way through boot camp...or they are rocking out their own day to day plan...
and I am SOOOOO proud of all of you! Keep sharing and I'll pass it on!

My favorite message from today... short and to the point...from my friend Wynn...
"Day 21 ab work - thought my intestines were gonna squeeze out of my mouth"

hahaha! hang in there Wynn!!...the follow up muscle work after boot camp is WAY more easy than BC muscle work.

Thanks for hanging in there with me everyone...
it's gonna be a long, but rewarding year!!!

Official Thassiversary ... NOVEMBER 16th!!!!!

two days down...
a boat load to go!!!!!



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  2. I love your insights Laura. They are profound in an unassuming way. I will stay tuned for more of your wisdom!

  3. You are such an inspiration Laura. I have been down lately and been feeling very unmotivated because I have such a way to go. Please keep posting! You bring me up and give me hope!

  4. Thanks Lisa and Nikki - I really appreciate your comments.
    And Lisa- I was SOOOO down last week... I'll probably talk about that more tomorrow..hang in there!

  5. Love reading you your blog for an hour last night!!! So inspirational!

  6. How about steering that Rascal through the aisles of Costco buying large quantities of junk food! Or when they have Rascal demonstrations at Costco! Aaagghhh. Great blog, my personal goal is to get to 145 before a surgery i have scheduled in Jan, and then stay there!

    My kids are going to be so surprised next Halloween when the learn what a Reese's peanut butter cup 4 years of trick or treating they have never eaten a single one... ;)

  7. When you say....the follow up muscle work after boot camp is WAY more easy than BC muscle work...where did you get the follow up?

  8. I hope that you will be sharing some of your ups and downs of the bootcamp from your calendar soon!!

  9. Cat - I am doing the Perfect Design Series and am about to finish with the first DVD (for first ten days) and although I wouldn't call it "easy" - compared to Boot Camp Muscle work - that was taking me 2.2 hours to complete - it seems SOOOOO easy...

    I ma following that with cardio - which I'm using a hybrid of TAM cardio 1 and BC cardio.

  10. Laura,
    I'd be interested to see what you thought of TAM Cardio I - was it the Beginner Cardio DVD? I just started that, and found it SOOOO hard at first, but funny, when I broke it up and learned one section at a time, it started to be doable - so of course, Tracy was right again. (It wasn't physically hard so much as coordinationally hard for me, which isn't a word at all, but you see my meaning). Anyway - would love to know what you think of that and Perct Design I, if you get the chance.