Sunday, November 14, 2010

Well, after giving it some serious thought...

I have decided what my next "challenge" is going to be...
my hands are sweating... my mouth is dry...I'm scared to even say it, much less put it in writing...gulp.... but here goes...

drum roll please...

 My next challenge will be staying under 130 pounds for ONE YEAR!!!!

Oh my Holy Hell.

How did I come up with this ridiculous and lofty goal, you ask??

Well, as you all know I completed my thirty day challenge and it rewarded me with extreme results.
I have never felt so fit and lean in my entire life.
I have also never stayed hungry for so many days in a row.

Then it was over. On one glad. On the other hand...I felt kind of lost all week!

- as if I had NO idea what to do "post boot camp".
I didn't go crazy eating and I took a couple of days off from working out , then got back in the groove, but I feel like I am slowly puffing up a little everyday - and that's NOT going to cut it!!!

So - it begged the question - how do you maintain these results and not workout three hours a day?
How do you maintain these results and not put all your meals in a blender??

It kind of bummed me out a little - the thought of being the Nutty Professor and watching my body pop back out like a piece of popcorn.

Then it occurred to me - I felt lost because I didn't have a GOAL. I'm a goal oriented person. I set goals in my personal and professional life and without one I am simply floating.
I need a goal...even if it is to maintain - that is a goal. To NOT GAIN weight can be just as challenging of a goal as losing weight...if not more so.
Because it's not nearly as fun to shout out to all your friends.."HEY! Guess what!! Those jeans that I finally fit into??? Remember those??? yah..well...they still fit." Wha-Wha-Whaaaaaaaaaa.
At that point your friends would probably ask you the brand name of those jeans.."Weren't they BFD?"

I read a quote in my friend Wynn's bathroom at her hair salon, Chop Shop. (side note: she colors my hair and does the best blond do I know? We all know I'm not blond...until Wynn gets a hold of it)
It was this quote that really summed up the challenges of the upcoming year...

             "One can choose to go back toward safety or forward toward growth.
                                 Growth must be chosen again and again.
                                                     Fear must be overcome again and again." -Abraham Maslow

I love that.
It kind of sums it up.
So, I'm going to choose to move toward growth.
Suck it Thass. Nice try to come back.

Ok, moving on...back to last week and how I ended up...

So - first things first- I started working out a little harder and eating a little better. That  seems to have have "stopped the bleeding", so to speak.
It also didn't help anything that the day I completed boot camp I had family in town for a few days (which was wonderful!) but not exactly conducive to heating up the upstairs and turning the music up!

I would have flushed them out of their rooms with excessive heat and beat.
For those of you old enough to remember- the image I have in my mind is Dudley Moore running out onto his balcony when the mariachi band won't stop playing in the movie "TEN".

Anyway - after they left town I went straight into three nights in a row of movie premiers and award shows - which are fun- and great for getting your drink on and staying out late on a school night...but not so great for getting back into your routine. Then I topped it off with a big charity event on Friday night...

So...I know, you wish I would SHUT IT and get to the good stuff...


ahhh, not too bad.
I'm up about five pounds since the leanest, last day.

I finished at 126, I am at 131.
That means I'm still down ten pounds and am still enjoying being considerably "smaller".

I knew I would go up about three pounds fairly quickly because the last two pounds didn't come off until the last two days of the cleanse.
I stayed at 129 for a week and 128 for a week - and that was working out 3 hours a day and practically starving!!!

As for the two more pounds that have returned...well, TAKE A TIP folks...

eating your friends dessert while he is on stage auctioning items for a charity - that doesn't help keep the weight off.

It also leaves you with a big ass shame sandwich to eat when he comes back to the table and you have to explain why you ate his dessert. shitballs.

Anyway - I can definitely see the difference from the indulgent week- and I don't like it one darn bit. and I DID workout some and I watched most of my eating - but I can see the difference!
and I'm not having it- we go, mutha scratchers - game BACK ON...

I am committed to pulling the five back off and then going through the paces to learn how to keep it off.

Because, after all... isn't that the REAL challenge?

When I say I have given this considerable thought... I really have.

This scares the poo out of me.

Losing weight can be exciting. Watching the scales move every day, trying on new clothes that finally fit, reaching new goals, getting lots of compliments from your friends...

That is all very provocative. Very motivating. Very addictive.

But you know what is NOT provocative, motivating or addictive...? Doing it forever.

Being faced with the day in, day out, challenge of keeping it up.

We've all been "in the zone" before in our lives- with a new diet or fitness plan - you know the place - where you are ON IT and nothing can steer you off course. You are so in the zone that it doesn't even seem that hard when you look back.

and then there it is again...maintenance. lifestyle. forever.
It can be daunting.

So...I have decided that the REAL challenge will be to maintain my results for at least a year so I can hope to "own" this new metabolism.

As for now - it's kind of like a rental car.

I checked it out, paid a high price and was loving cruising around town in my bad ass luxury rental.
But when my rental agreement was up...oddly enough, they wanted their car back.???WTF..???
"But I want to keep the pretty, sleek car. I like the way it handles"
Well, their answer was simple.
"Then go out and earn enough to buy one instead of renting one. You have to keep paying if you want to keep it". shitballs...again.

Ok, then...I'm going to earn enough to keep it. Flat out.

I really don't have a choice.
I bought a boat load of tiny jeans ... and I can only wear them when I'm driving the rental car.
(and yes, they still all fit...even the 26's - but they are more tight than they were on the last week of boot camp)

and Tracy..if you are reading - and you should be reading, cause I am FUNNNNNNY... sometimes.
Please know that I completely understand why I put a few pounds back on.
It's not a mystery.

I ate too much at night.

Why did I eat too much at night? It's not a mystery either...

because I drank too much at night.

Come to find - even though I'm not a big drinker - it's the fat girl in me that likes to get into the sauce!!! So after a couple of cocktails, my inner skinny girl doesn't stand a chance against the drunk chubby girl that wants a SNACK!!! It's like the voice from The Exorcist comes out ...saying "FEED MEEEEEEEE"

This happened several nights in a row. oopsie.

THANK GOD I don't smoke pot. Can you even imagine it? I would get so hungry I would probably be arrested for knocking over an hamburger joint.
I can see it now- me in my full length gown after the CMA's...peeling off my pantyhose so I could pull them over my face and running into the Krystal's screaming "PUT THE BURGERS IN THE BAG- ALL OF THEM!!! - AND SLIDE THEM OVER TO ME!! Just do as I say and no one has to get hurt!!!!...oh, and may I please have some ketchup."

sad but true...

ok, so here's the plan...

First off, to stay under 130 for a year will require that I get back under 130!!! hahaha!

So- I have done my muscle work and cardio for the last three days (and I have LOTS to say about the new DVD's I've tried - but that will have to wait until tomorrow) and I can already tell a quick recovery is coming my way, I just have to stop snacking at night. (Which I did not do tonight, btw)

AND...(spoiler alert for the guys) it's about to be that time of the month. So - hopefully , that is a small part of the problem too.

You know the only thing worse than a hormonal, bitchy, blond? A bloated, CHUBBY, hormonal, bitchy blond.
Don't ask me how I know.

So I have high hopes that I can dip back down under the "deck" and fly under the radar for the year...cause I just buzzed the tower the last few days.

Once I get back down in the 120's (again- should be this week) then we are officially starting the clock.

Whatever date it turns out to be will be the THASSIVERSARY date that I will mark on my calendar.

First two challenges : getting enough weight off to have a safety zone (hopefully about five pounds) which will mean REALLY buckling down and that will have to happen during the Holidays.

Secondly... that will all have to happen during the Holidays. (It seemed worthy of mentioning twice)

I do not want to lose more than the five pounds or so -the same ones I just lost...I just want to "own" it and keep it off.

I also think it will be a wonderful exercise in problem solving, time management and budgeting.

I also plan on trying new things every month to see the effect it has on the struggle to maintain...which are two of the many whistle stops on the THASSLESS highway.

One month I will eliminate dairy, one month it will be sweets, etc.

I will in essence become my own control group.

How much cardio does it take?
How much muscle work?
When does the old man skin FINALLY go completely away?
When does the cellulite finally go completely away?
...or do they ever go away??
I will measure and do body fat periodically too- to see if the inches stay, go, change...etc.

My plan will include a limited amount of "get out of jail free" cards.

What I mean by that is I plan on having some emergency passes that I can cash in if I go above 130 for reasons that were a little out of my control/
They will each have a life of 48 hours. That will buy me 2 days to get back below the deck.

I am still thinking about how many seem fair and realistic. I'm thinking 2 for the first month - as it will be a volatile time having JUST gotten under 130 and I want to also continue gaining muscle.
And after the first month - I'm thinking maybe...4 for the rest of the year...?????

They will not be there to activate as crutches, rather to allow for the learning curve of what is enough working out, what is too much food, what is realistic intake to maintain my goal, but also have a life.

Plus, I do not want to be overly punished if external issues cause me to pop up over 130 for a day or so...flying, water retention, drinking like a shriner. You know - things out of my control!!!
I will also have one "injury/ illness" pass.
Because, life happens.

Hopefully I will not use any of them - but I will have to DOUBLE time it here over the next month to get under 130 and start staying there.

I will break the year down into segments and focus on health, fitness and tight firm skin!!!

and if I find that it is an unrealistic goal - then I will adjust it accordingly - if reality dictates that my body only wants to hang under 131 or 132 - then so be it... but I will only accept that after months of trying with all my might to maintain under 130. That would truly be a miracle!!! under 130 for a year????
I've only weighed 130 twice before...and only under 130 ONCE - EVER. So - let's do this thang!!!!! Who's with me???
I know my friend that lost his dessert will be glad to hear this news.
Relax, KB...your food should be safe through the majority of 2011.

But if you see me with a "pass" out you might want to -"Hide your sandwich, Hide your de-zzert, cause she eatin' everything".

With the holidays around the corner, I only have one thing to say...

"Santa...please bring my a higher metabolism.

or, maybe an XBOX 360 game, do they have "virtual willpower"???

or how about just GIVING me my own luxury car so I can own one and not rent one???
I've been a very good girl."

I know, I know - being a good girl for thirty days doesn't make up for being a little naughty the other eleven months.

Hey Santa... take a one likes a know it all.

I will try and post new blogs several times a week and we can chitty chat about all sorts of things!!!

-The on going Thass battle!!!

-The crazy things I get myself into...that is seemingly endless.

-New products I plan on trying out for one month at a time and reporting to you guys about whether   they work or not. -cause I'll try ANYTHING!!! That includes lasers, potions, teas... as long as they are  safe.
Who am I kidding, safe schmafe. Does it work or not? I'll try anything... and then I'll let you know!

- We may even venture into trends, fashions and general life tips.

and - OF COURSE - Tracy Anderson Method tips from both my experience and all of yours!! Because I plan on staying true to TAM for the entire year!!!

It's going to be good to be back.

 It feels like it was a lot longer than a week ago that I checked in with you all.
 I missed talking to you!!!
 Thanks for hanging with me and asking me to continue writing.

I still cannot imagine why anyone would want to listen to me  carry on about my thass, my life, my shenanigans ...but as long as you want to hear it - I'll be honored to share it.
Unedited, honest, raw and hopefully..even if only occasionally...I will stumble on some words of wisdom that will help you to get through your own struggles...and if nothing else...I'm usually good for a cheap laugh.

I'm bouncing back. I'm fighting hard.
We ran the let's train for the marathon!!!

I guess I need a new blog name...
any ideas? I'm open to suggestions!


Coming tomorrow...

I'll let you guys know about me being at Gywneth's movie premier and TRACY ANDERSON WAS THERE...sware!!
Did I get to meet her?
Was she nice?
Was she eating popcorn?
Did I stalk her?
Am I a complete loser? 

How Were the CMA's? (Country Music Awards)
Was Tracy there?
Did I stalk her?
Who's dress was amazing??

I'll dish on all of it and post some photos too!!!

sweet dreams!


  1. That is such a nice thing to say!
    thanks, Lisa!

  2. Missed your blog! Can't wait to hear about your new adventures!
    How about: "The True Challenge - A Year with TAM (aka a journey to keep the Thass at bay)". Just what first popped up, but perhaps not the most catchy name...

  3. YAY! Laura you inspire me to write. You are Too funny. Title: How about "Master Thass" A one year journey to Master the Thass?

  4. Missed your blog! You rock!!!!

  5. I jumped for joy when I saw that you're back!!! I am on Day 1 of my boot camp and am already wondering how to maintain the results after the 30 days, so your quest/challenge to maintain you weight for an entire year couldn't have come at a better time.
    Thank you so much :)

  6. Laura, so glad you are back. I was wondering how you were getting on after boot camp. You have inspired me to get the book. Not sure I can starve myself for 30 days even if it means getting killer abs like yours! I've been doing TA method for just over a year now and managed to stay around 58kgs not sure how many pounds that is but it's do able to stay at one weight for a year. I think your new goal is a good one. Good luck and welcome back! Zoe :-)

  7. Yeah! you came back!! I missed reading about your day with TAM and it sounds like you've set an awesome new goal. What incredible willpower... too bad you can't market that. :)

  8. I'm in love with your blog! Keep up the good work!

  9. so happy you are here! I will reading and hopefully right there with you. I start the BC tomorrow! I totally agree that setting the next goal is a must!

  10. glad to have you back with us! Just like you...we wonder how to maintain Our teeny tiny thasses after kick-ass bootcamp too!? Tracy should have a little quote on her website that says....For all who have done my 30 day maintain just follow Laura Stroud's Blog...for the Adventure of a lifetime!! Ya...thats it..Thasstastic adventures for life!... featuring Tracy and Laura together forever..:)

  11. So glad your back and look forward to reading your journey for the next year!!

  12. I just started day one of the Method today and am reading your old entries each day as I progress along. Love to feel like I have someone doing it along with me! Okay so I cheated, but your after pictures are SO inspirational. Glad that you're getting a head start on the maintaining it plan so I can copy it from you once I finish my 30 days up!

  13. Hi! I found you on the Tracy Anderson page on facebook and I love your blog! It is easier for women to relate to weight loss! Love it keep doing it!

  14. Yay! You're back! That's been my biggest problem as well - maintenance. I lost 40 pounds a few year ago (South Beach - and I have NEVER lost weight on a diet), and was thrilled, but of course - OF COURSE - gained it all back while finishing grad school. So, I'm glad you're sharing this journey, because I've made up my mind to lose it again, but for good, and see if the body of my dreams is also within reach - because of course, even at my skinniest, still wasn't satisfied. Anyway, glad to have a partner along for the ride!

  15. Yay so glad to see you back in blog land! You deserved a break! I'm looking forward to all of your adventures. You have inspired me to set some new goals of my own, thank you. As for the new blog name, Laura Stroud...The Journey Continues,
    or Living the Method : Year 1. I can't wait to hear about the premier and the cmas

  16. WE MISSED YOU!!!! Omgosh, girl. Thank God you're back. I fell off the wagon today and I feel so much better knowing even YOU couldn't help but to eat KB's desert, cuz I woulda done the same. For me, it was 2 coffees (which I've missed soooo much since my bc started) and sushi on what was supposed to be Day 7 for me.

    Anywho... since you mentioned you'd try ANYTHING... there is this SPA in COOL SPRINGS that treats Cellulite. I book appointments for them as a side gig but I can easily get you a free consult/Cellusleek treatment. Maybe it'll knockout what's left of Farmer Celly? He's totally pissed you killed most of his crops.

    Here's a link:

    Hit me up on fb and I'll get you scheduled.

    Back on the wagon... I feel like I've already undone all my progress =(

    P.S. Whatever happened to the contact info of your fat measuring man???

    -Danielle Dubetz (fb "friend" and self-proclaimed Stroud stalker)

  17. Hey Danielle!!

    I posted the measurers name for ya! Joel - it's labeled as such!

    My hair and make up friend is Debbie Dover - she owns a cute little salon in Berry Hill called forty 5...
    also - the second night Debbie did my hair and Neil did my makeup- they are both talented and amazing and wonderful and all things great!