Wednesday, November 24, 2010

PICTURES!!! 3 weeks after Boot Camp... before and after!

Well, you asked for it .. you got it!!!!

They aren't great - one of these days I'll get James or someone to help me take some pictures that aren't me with no make up and an I phone camera in the mirror...

Sadly- I also forgot to take pictures this these are from tonight and I have a belly full of dinner!!!  :)

and I am not trying to avoid posting a photo of my's just really hard to take a picture of your own behind! I guess I'm happy to report that until this adventure ... I never knew that.
Before Tracy Anderson danced her way into my life... I would have not DARED take a picture of my hiney.
It would have destroyed the image I carried around in my mind.

I woke up this morning...weight was 126! Actually - almost 125.5...crazy.

So.... IT'S THREE WEEKS AFTER BOOT CAMP -and I am at same weight or a tiny bit less and a tiny bit smaller!!!!!
go figure....
I am enjoying my workouts, enjoying my food and have lots of room to have little treats...

I guess what I'm trying to say is... the results are something you can maintain!!!

A few pics are in workout clothes.
Some are in the "size 26" jeans I bought during boot camp...which are now starting to get a little baggy in the butt!!
and lastly - a before and after shot of me in the exact same pair of cut off  shorts... that one is really terrifying !!!!! If that one doesn't motivate you... not sure what will!
It sure as heck motivates me!!!

Again - sorry for the lame photography...but I guess it's better than nothing!!!!
 Not sure why my eyes look like I have been abducted by aliens and made into a snake lady???? How hysterical is this picture?? I am taking my own picture with an iphone in the mirror!!! What a loser!! hahahah! I am my own paparazzi!!!!! In my brain movie- I could have just walked outside my house and all the photographers hiding in the bushes could have jumped out and snapped my pics for me!
But I do have cute boots on though, huh?
 These are the size 26 jeans... and they aren't even stretch jeans! and believe it or not... they are starting to get a tiny bit loose in the waste and butt. The first time I wore them they cut off the circulation to my feet.
and again... the crazy part is - the WAY they fit is changing as I continue working out...
They are getting more loose in "problem areas"...which is a good thing!
 Although my tummy is full of dinner - you can still see I have a "V' ab starter kit!!! When I'm really lean and in the mornings - on an empty stomach, it's much more visible!!! "V" stands for "Victory"....
and "Vagina" and "Viagra" and "Versace" and all kinds of things that can make you feel GREAT!
                                                                    No muffin top!!!

 There she is ladies and gentlemen...the THASS!!!!! sorry- hard to take a picture of your own backside! But there is clearly beginning to be a division between "church and state" (read: Thighs and Ass are STARTING to go back to their rightful regions) A complete separation will take a long time...but I'm ON IT!
Hips have become so much smaller !!!! Only problem now is when I walk there is a little chunk of fat on the side of my hips that squishes out to the side with each step...super annoying!!! You can't see it when I'm standing straight... but when I walk it's like a damn hand puppet talking!!!! I'm comin' after you, little fat wads!!!!! If TAM doesn't work... then I'm getting out a pair of scissors. Just sayin'...
 My arm's are staying toned - even though the muscle work is WAY easier now that boot camp is over!
    Don't worry.. I have a license to carry GUNS!!  haahh! I'm cracking myself up tonight! How can you all even tolerate reading my none sense??? :)
excuse me.... is that a ...? no, it can't be....a MUSCLE in my THIGH??????? oh, yes - it - is!!!!
HA! who would have ever thought it possible! Score one for the over 40 year olds!!!
I've never had a visible thigh muscle- EVER.
PS- yes, I know I look like a dork...but I promised pictures - I clearly need a tri-pod!

 and here is THE REAL SHOCKER..... BEFORE TAM shot in my cut offs....
                                                 SAME pair of shorts...AFTER TAM !!!!!!!!
                                               I guess that's what 22" off a body looks like....

 Well, although I am not walking around thinking I am little miss rockin' bod... because trust me - there are lots of "issues" that I am purposefully not featuring on the Internet... I do feel MUCH better about myself.
I feel toned in a way I never have before.
I feel strong and muscular...but not bulky.
I feel lean and more compact.

My skin is starting to (starting being the key word) return to my least a little!!
and my cellulite is better...still there, but SO much better!
and lastly, my Thass is beginning to once again become a thigh and an ass. Not a mutant hybrid.

The last three mentioned will be a work in progress for quite some time - but I'm up for the challenge!
It will be interesting to chart their improvement (hopeful improvement) over the year as I continue to maintain a consistent weight and consistent exercise program.

Most importantly I am learning that it CAN be maintained.
It will ebb and flow a little, because - well, that's life...and I actually have one!!!

Now let's sail right through tomorrow like it was and any other Thursday...


1. Try to get a workout in in the morning...(if you can) it will make you feel better.

That will help you "PAY IN CASH" - rather than charging it to your body's credit card and having to pay it off later.

 You are probably cooking and killing yourself to make it a perfect holiday for EVERYONE try and take a little time for yourself! Ask for might just be surprised that you'll get some...if you don't , send your ungrateful family to McDonalds for a "McThanksgiving Day McFeast" and see how they like THAT!!

2. Try and focus on what Thanksgiving Day is really all about.
Family and friends - and being thankful for what we have in our lives.
If we shift our focus to "filling up" on family and friends...we won't focus as much on food.

3. Portions, portions, portions!!!... ask yourself if you are satisfied...and then be satisfied!
You are making choices everyday. Tomorrow is just another day with a much larger lunch/dinner!

It is YOUR CHOICE - so make your choice and then ENJOY your choice, no matter what it might be. If YOU CHOOSE to not stuff yourself until you are sick, you are not being deprived, you are being impowered.

You will be the one who feels good after wards and doesn't feel sick. You will be the one who saved room for a little sliver of pie and YOU will be the one who made that choice.
Don't let yourself tell yourself that you "can't have that" - because you CAN have it.
When you say " I can't have that" you are removing all your own power - and placing yourself in a victim mindset.
Try saying to yourself.." I can have anything I want...and what I want is to feel great and look great - so I'm going to choose to only indulge a little".
It can really make a difference in how you look at things... and how you look IN swim suits and jeans!!!! :)

so , in a nut shell...


Have an amazing Thanksgiving, everyone!!!
I am thankful for all of you and the support you've given me.
I truly mean that.



  1. You look awesome in your new pics! And I love that Stevie is helping out! :) Happy Thanksgiving Laura! I'm thankful for my family and friends and having your blog to read every day!


  2. you look amazing!!! Happy Thanksgiving,Laura!!

  3. Laura you are so motivating! Post more pictures! I love how you are so honest and you really make me think. I often times put myself in the victim exscuse. This makes me angry and I end up overeating. What your saying is absolutely right. I choose not to eat things. Please keep the posts coming! Maybe even do a video blog! Where you talk! Love thisss! Your the best girl! You look so so so so amazing. I cannot even say it enough!

  4. You give me hope; thank you for sharing your progress I have Nov.29-Dec 20th to get toned.
    You look amazing; great job.

  5. Thanks !! Thank you so much for the kind words!

    @Lisa - you got it ! I will work on a video blog next - thanks for the request! I've been meaning to get around to that... so I will do it after Thanksgiving!
    @Shay - YES! that is little Stevie!! wondering what in the hell I was doing???!!!
    I love that you noticed his little face in there!

  6. Laura, OMG, you have the best body I've ever seen, 40 year old or not!!!! hahaha You are my biggest motivation ever!! Forget Anna Kournikove and Jessica Alba (my thinspirations ) I'm prinitng your photo and hanging it in my fridge and over the DVD, and on top of my sneackers hahaha

  7. Wow Laura! These results are so amazing! It gives me hope. And the tips for thanksgiving are great. Thank you so much. I am so inspired. I jumped into your blog kind of late so I'm not sure what you did for nutrition. Did you follow the book for diet or do your own thing? And what are you doing for diet now? I think I have to tweak my diet again because I am WORKING it hard and just not getting the results that I want.

  8. I forgot to add that I am another 40 year old. Hope I can look even better than when I was a 20 year old, haha.

  9. You look terrific! Thanks for the motivation and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  10. @ Lola - THANKS! Thats about the most flattering thing anyone has ever said to me!! I'm very touched! I won't destroy it for you and tell you about the still remaining problem areas!!!
    you're the best! Thanks again!

  11. @CLaudia...
    I followed the 30 day method / boot camp mnu for ...well, 30 days!! Now I am modifying it according to what I think I need to do - day to day - to maintain my weight.
    I am doing a lot of the menu items from boot camp still...mostly because I really like them and they are very clean.
    I'm still very sensitive to sodium!
    Tomorrow will surely blow me up like a Macy's parade balloon!!! hahah!
    Happy Thanksgiving! and thank you so much for the nice comments!

  12. Thank you Shay, Donna, Tatiana, and Lisa!!!
    It means a lot!

  13. hi! your pics are so killing me right now! you look so good! i need to be more disciplined i keep telling myself, and learn the recipes from book!

  14. Congratulations Laura... you look fantastic! Tomorrow's my last day of BC! Yippee!! I wasn't anywhere near as dedicated as you, I did my workouts everyday but only 40 minutes of cardio and 20 reps of each exercise (another 40 minutes of strength). I was so impressed that you worked out for 3 1/2 hours on the last day. You've earned every pound and inch that you've lost. :)

  15. Hi Laura, you look amazing! Sadly I have to report I fell off the Ta wagon this week and last night the fat girl within went on a major binge 1330 calorie binge. That's as well as my normal daily 1200 calories. Ice cream, chocolate, peanut butter on toast an entire bottle of red wine. Weight this morning 58.2 kg. So I'm using my one and only fat girl pass and will do two hours of TA to make up for my fat girl binge! It was a rough week at work that sent me' over the edge to bingeville and back. Doh ! Not a good start three weeks into the stay under 58 kg for a year pack! Well done you for sticking with it. I'm glad I have your blog to kick my ass! Zoe

  16. Hello!Your result is great.But maybe i missed but how much time you spend on the TA every day?
    and one more questions - How long have you training?
    p.s. Sory my englisn not good=)