Sunday, November 21, 2010

EXACT plan I am following for my POST boot camp...


So last week (and I am going to continue this week)
I am following a very simple plan of cardio, muscle work and lots of boot camp recipes.

I am mixing and matching recipes - and then this weekend I had lots of bites of this, that and the other - kind of experimenting with what I could eat and what would be too much and ultimately effect my weight.

Today I resumed the clean eating after ALMOST going to 130...129.5.

Here are my thoughts on the post boot camp workouts...
muscle work is WAY easier - I mean WAY easier than BC's.
cardio is WAY more difficult - I mean WAY more difficult than BC's.
I may feel differently about it as I get to know the moves more.. but for now - being two weeks out from day 30 ...that's how I feel about them both...but am enjoying them both and can't wait to keep it up!


60 minutes** DANCE CARDIO I & BOOT CAMP CARDIO ( a mix)
5-6 days a week

I am currently TRYING to learn my way through Dance Cardio I.
I was very frustrated when I first put it on because I struggled learning it. You cannot imagine how ridiculous I looked. That part - I really don't care about - as long as it is effective.
In the interest of time and getting in a good solid cardio workout - I brought boot camp cardio back in the mix and decided to learn one segment at a time and add it to my fifty minutes of BC cardio.
I continue to learn segments and perform them - thus reducing the amount of time I dance to the BC routine.
** sometimes I do not do a complete hour- but always try for at least 45- 50. Usually 60 mins.**


5-6 days a week

I am following the "change the DVD every ten days" plan with PDS.
I just went to DVD 2 today - and although I find it very hard to follow because of poor editing and camera work, and not really enough talking ques - it is going to turn out to be a favorite, I think!! But I will have to get through the frustration of piecing it together until I understand exactly what I'm to do for each move.

I LOVE her method... I do NOT love Tracy's production company - or whomever is responsible for quality control of the videos. It could be GREATLY improved upon. But ultimately I don't care - I will work through it and be thankful for them!

I am obviously a devotee now and I completely believe in this method - I think it is utterly GENIUS.
I am not trying to slam anything about it - quite the opposite... I'm merely pointing this out because it seems like a lot of people complain about it and if you find yourself struggling after boot camp with these videos, it will get easier - hang in there!

It was a large part of my frustration the first week off boot camp.
But I made up my hybrid plan until I could learn new dance videos and muscle work!!

I LOVED the PDS I section - and felt it was easier to follow than part II.

I also struggled at first because it seemed SO EASY compared to Boot Camp Muscle work....
if for no other reason than it was something that could be completed in an hour!!!! It made me feel at first like I wasn't doing "enough".
Now-I'm realizing it is absolutely enough - and thank goodness, because who would ever be able to do 3.5 hours a day - NOT ME!! That was only during boot camp - and it was TOUGH to get that in...

I actually think I am seeing MORE results after last week... hard to believe - but I think I am!

I am going to rotate the PDS for a while and then probably try out different Muscle work DVD's from Tracy. (Unless she bans me for suggesting the editing could be improved!!!) :)

I am hoping that one day, 4 days a week would be sufficient to maintain - but we will have to cross that bridge when we get there.

Because I am trying to keep my new weight for over one year - and especially because it is a new low for me - I'm going to have to stay a little more hard core about my eating and working out until I can get a little further away from 130 pounds... I'm a little too close for comfort right now !!!

I'll keep you posted as I truck along - what is enough, what isn't, etc!!

More on this tomorrow - I'm going to hit the biscuit and go to sleep!!!


  1. I initially struggled with the cardio. I'm pretty happy now that I did my own editing using iMovie. I cut the beginner cardio in to 4 mini clips without the instruction (yes you need to learn the moves first). Then I add one of my favorite high energy songs between each clip and then dance really really hard to my songs. It helps me remember the moves while also dancing hard to music I enjoy. I finish with punch routine (my fav you can get it on youtube), so I do 5 dance routines with 5 songs each. This gives me a full hour which I like better than bootcamp. I really like doing the Tracy dances to my own music, so this alternating works well for me as I'm learning.

  2. GREAT tips! Thanks!!
    I'll go and look for punch routine, thanks again!
    The Imovie tip is also great - I'll try that, too.