Monday, November 1, 2010


Holy Smoke!!!

I'm about to go to bed on DAY TWENTY NINE!!! That means...drum roll please....tomorrow is my last day!!!!
DAY 30!!!!

Are you shitting me???? Did I actually make it??? Am I actually going to get to report to you all that at the end of tomorrow night I went 30 days, in a row, without cheating ONE TIME!
How about that for a kick in the knickers??!!

Oh, that's right, it just happened...I am officially going to be impressed with myself!!!!

I cannot tell you how excited I am!! But - like Tracy said...don't be too quick to pat yourself on the back. Oh- whatever!!! I'm totally patting myself on the back- I'mso excited I may pat myself on the front!! ahhah!

thirty days and NOT ONE BITE of ANYTHING!!! NOT ONE SIP of ANYTHING - not on the plan! NOT ONE REP MISSED, NOT ONE DAY SKIPPED!!! I am starting the back patting process a tiny bit early because it could take a while before I am done.
Chickey-Chickey-Bow-Bow... Thassmas Eve has finally arrived!

ok , calming down now. Sorry for all the yelling. I'm better now... back to matters at hand.

I will be interested to see how I feel after my workout in the morning.
Besides the obvious - exhausted and releived - that I feel everyday- I would not be surprised if I get a little emotional! One things for sure - you know I'll tell you all about it.
I would imagine tomorrow's most difficult challenge will be finishing the ENTIRE day.

I get measured, weighed and pinched again tomorrow at 3:00!!!!!
So...that will FEEL like the finish line...although the finish line won't really take place until I wake up on Wednesday morning!

I kind of wish I were measuring on Wednesday morning - but, oh well - this will be great. I will finish strong tomorrow night and can at least post my actual FINAL weight on Wednesday!!

Speaking of weight... guess what the Thass fairy gave me this morning???
No, not a poop. She gave me another pound off the scale!!! 127!!!

LOVE THAT! That is a total of 14 pounds so far!!

Of course, I like numbers to be rounded up - 14 is a random number to me and it bothers me - so now I want to ose ONE more pound just because I like 15, better than 14.
I know - ridiculous.
It's like driving through a parking lot and it says "speed limit 14 miles per hour" ...really??? just can't risk the reckless shananegins of that extra mile per hour.
What committee sat down and determined 14 was the limit....
That kind of things makes me crazy!!!!

I like things to match and be very orderly.
It's an issue.
I'll deal with it...maybe.

Soooooooooooo....tomorrow is going to be kind of a crazy day for me! I have to get up and do my "little"'s took 3 hours and 20 minutes!!!!!???????!!!!! WT..????
I think that is absurd...but at this point - one more ain't gonna kill me. (hopefully not famous last words)
After my workout I have to get to the office and rock out some work- then get ready for the final pinch!!! Measured at 3:00 and then our Son, David is coming in town to visit!!!!

That thrills me - I have the greatest step-children in the whole wide world. I wish they all lived in Nashville. I wish they all lived in our house!!! (If it were really big...I mean, let's not get carried away)

Anyway- David is coming to visit, so I will get to endure one more large meal prep tomorrow night, while I choke down some blended drink and watch the boys chow down! But I WILL finish strong!!!!

Tomorrow night I will find some time, even if it's late, to post some numbers for you all and some end of day 30 thoughts!!!

 But since I will be so excited to spend time with David, too - I may post a lot more on Wednesday! Especially since Wednesday mornings weight will -for me - be my OFFICIAL last weigh in for a final weight loss number.

I am also going to post all the notes off my thirty day calendar. Because although I started it more for the visual motivation of checking off "X's" - it turned out to be a VERY important little tool for me throughout the journey. Specifically to refer back to patterns of when I felt strong and when I hit I will post all those notes for everyone - just in case you want to use it to compare to how you might be feeling.

So - back to this morning...a funny thing happened. I woke up and felt
VERY sore...
VERY tired...
Even James looked over at me this morning and said - "My God!" you shrunk again overnight!!!"

That's when I weighed and found what the Thass fairy left me!!!

Anyhoo- I went upstairs to get going and I sware - I stared at myself the whole time I while I was dancing because I couldn't believe how many little muscles I could see in places I've never had them before in my life!!!

To quote the great theologian Justin Timberlake ..." I'm bringing Sexy back. Yeah!"

I rocked my workout today! Although it was long... I mean long - like Gone With The Wind long... I mean like Catholic wedding long... I rocked it out~ I felt strong and capable and fit and great!
I didn't struggle like the previous two days and when I got through the muscle work, I was up for the cardio and had no problem with it - mentally or otherwise.

I can only hope that tomorrow's swan song is the same report! According to my detected patterns on my calendars - tomorrow shouldn't be too rough on me.
My back even felt better's been bothering me a little bit. It gets tight at my lower back - mainly due to lots of rotation and my legs getting tight.
Joel has come over a couple of times to help me with it- Thanks Joel!!!

I will include his phone number tomorrow with my numbers for those of you that have asked for it so you can call him to measure you! He's a sweetheart and very smart about all that kind of stuff!

Now - before you think it was all roses and purees...The Tracy Anderson Method didn't go down without a fight today after all. I should have known it was too good to be true that I felt so great DURING my workout. Because after it...
well, I still felt ok, but WOW- I got really hungry.

I haven't struggled with hunger on the cleanse anymore than I did on the regular food plan.
I have just not enjoyed most of the "drinks" - but I was hungry.

Maybe Duran Duran did Tracy Anderson's Boot camp when they wrote that one. so- I have sloshed as much water into my system as I could and now I am going ot hit the biscuit and go to sleep.
Because I can no longer take being hungry. It started this morning and hasn't let up all day long.
Shitballs. I'm over it. I want to eat something I can chew, please.

One more day. I got this.

You know what I did get to chew on?? ...all your awesome comments!

I got such a thrill out of reading my comments today on the blog! I can't tell you how thrilled I am that ANY of you have enjoyed this, been inspired in any way, or just  that you have had a good laugh!!!

I love that several of you reported that you have "never followed a bog until now" - especially since I have never blogged before now - so I'm glad we were tender with each other while we lost our blog-ginty. It wouldn't have been the same with anyone else.
Hold me.

Wait...there were SEVERAL of you that said that...oh dear...there goes that slut thing again...
Oh, you know what - who cares??? - it's a love in!!! What does it matter now?
I'm about to go Brett Farve on all your asses and send you half naked pictures of myself tomorrow anyway- whether you want to see them or not!!!!

and... if I ever completely get the old man skin off my tummy and the two unfortunate little chunks of fat on either side of my hips (you know the little ones that your jeans squish to the side when you walk! They are much smaller -but still there) if I ever get those off...(and I will!)...I will probably take to wearing that cut off t-shirt and thong I told you about before..

People will talk. I won't care.

They will just be jealous and drinking big ole glasses of Hater-aide.
Hate the game, Don't hate the playa...

haha - ok, I'm out of Ricky Lake audience member sayings.

Back to the comments you have left me - I love that you have been inspired but more than anything -
I  love that you all have laughed.

and you have made me laugh too... and smile... and cry. So- it goes both ways. I thank you very much.

Laughter is so important to the soul.  We all need to laugh more - it can be tough to do when things get stressful, when recessions hit, when life fights back, when asses slide down the back of legs...

but I say - laugh in the face of it all.
Laugh hard and from deep down in your belly. It heals all things. 

I have never been afraid to poke a little fun at myself, and I'm so happy you all have laughed along with me.
I try not to take myself too seriously, for it doesn't suit me.
Never has, and I hope it never does.

I am excited to see what happens after this...cause let me tell you I'm feeling some real "Well, if I can do that- I can do anything" coming on!!!!

I just might stir some sh*# up! Wanna go with me? Come on , now - let's get this party started!!!!

We may have thought it was just going to be thirty days, heck I only thought I would have one follower (thanks Molly!)...but this might just be the beginning!!!!

I'm going to go grab some sleep before I'm up at 5:30 to tackle my LAST DAY's workout!!!!!

I hope you all have amazing days - all over the world!
I'll be back tomorrow with numbers. photos and more of both on Wednesday!!!!

Let's hope they are THASS-TASTIC!!!!!

1 DAY TO GO...   (one!!! ha! ONE!!!! ONE DAY TO GO - as days go- that's not many...just sayin')

all BY THE BOOK... (including tomorrow night!)



  1. YOU GO GIRL!!!! You should be SO proud of yourself - that is amazing!!! I gotta say that when I wasn't really wanting to run yesterday morning, I thought of you and was inspired to finish. OK, but I did take a two minute break in the middle but then I kept going!! You will make it through today no matter how hard it're way less than 24 hours away from total victory!!!!!

  2. Wow, Laura! Day 29 and you get an A+ grade for doing it by the book. You have provided us with a true and absolute overview of Tracy's Method. You have given us the Best Christmas gift where you are Santa Clause delivering this present. And, I guess Tracy was the elf who made it. Thanks again and I look forward to hear your final results. You rock!

    Melissa from Canada

  3. I have loved Tracy's workouts for a couple of months now. When I got the 30 day bootcamp I immediately figured out how to wiggle my way out of it. (I will do 30 min of muscle and 30 cardio..Skip the diet..or at least substitute lunch, or maybe just commit to breakfast..etc) I pride myself in being flexible! But after reading your blog I am committing completely to Tracy. I love the exercise of putting faith in another and surrendering and trusting- not easy for me. This sound crazy but the thought of committing 100% feels both amazing and like I could die. But you didn't die. You rocked it! I am excited for tomorrow for you! Thanks so much for your honesty and humor. You did this in the spirit it was intended. Marisa

  4. I bow down to you 29 days and 1 to go? Wanna switch (I'm on day 10, lol). Joking aside, reading your blog is seriously a no shit deal! You tell it like it is, and I LOVE it! Congrats on all your hard work, you deserve it chica!

  5. Happy Thassmas Eve, you're almost there! Can't wait for tomorrow to read your Thassmas Day post :)