Monday, November 22, 2010

MEASURED again today and....I'm GETTING SMALLER!!!!!!

Can you believe that????  I'm actually a little smaller than the day I finished Boot Camp!!!

I jumped up first thing this morning... let Stevie out to tinkle, let myself do the same and headed to the scale.
Yesterday I walked over to it like a dog walks when they know they are in trouble ...slow and with my head down, a little afraid of what might happen next.

Today I kind of hopped right on it - I was feeling "lean " again after my recovery day on Sunday.

And there it was folks... 127!
So - two days of "extra yum" came off in one day of cleaning it up!
I was thrilled to know that was the case.

Then something REALLY amazing happened this afternoon...
Joel, my trainer friend I've told you all about - he came over to help me with a tweak in my knee - and we decided to go ahead and pinch and measure again...

Can you believe that?????
I couldn't!!!
Both my arms were smaller and my thighs and hips!!!!
MY tummy was a tiny bit higher - but barely! like 1.5 mm.
All in all - he said it could take my body fat to somewhere in the 15% range...the upper end of it - but it was possible!

So, I am currently higher in weight than boot camp final by one pound...but total skin fold pinch test and measurements show me being smaller!!! Barely - but smaller, none the less.

I'll post all measurements as soon as Joel sends them to me.

and... I PROMISE to post more "after" pictures, since so many of you have requested them!

My plan is to get measured and pinched about once a month to monitor how things change over the year.

But this is really exciting news ladies!!! (and gentlemen!!!)

It means - it CAN be maintained.. and even improved upon!


I completed BC on November 3rd. Weighing 126 - but only reached 126 the on day 29!
I lost 20" off my body, 15 pounds and body fat went to all time low (by a LONG shot) of 16%.

The week following  BC I exercised VERY little and slowly but surely ate more and more - mostly in the way of snacking at night.

My weight increased a tiny bit each day - peaking after a week at about 131-132 (which was still an amazing loss from start of BC -141)

Within 3 days of cleaning things up - no snacking at night - and doing my workouts (DC and PDS I)
I was back to 127.
I feel strongly that some of that weight gain the week after was water retention - which would be hard to avoid coming off the cleanse.

This weekend I snacked a little more (a couple of brownies, a little pizza, few bites of this and that, etc) for two days in a row - but kept it pretty clean- and did about 45 minutes of cardio - and went to 129.5. WAY TOO CLOSE to 130.

That went back down to 127 after one day of clean eating.

I measured and pinched today and was DOWN from the end of BC!
so there you have it ladies...

This CAN be done!!
and while having a life...

Some of my Nashville friends are already concerned that I won't be able to have fun on some up coming trips and outings... don't you worry friends...
I have every intention of flying my freak flag at full mast from time to time...
I'll just earn the right to do it in advance.

From this point on ...I'm saving cash before I spend it...what a concept. Burning calories and eating clean is the way to build up a "savings".
No more swipe now, pay later.
Because "charging it" and thinking I would pay it off soon left my body with it's own form of credit card debt (aka: the Thass and old man skin) so - no more.

In this economy - cash is KING.

And a bootie that is lifting (SWARE it is!) and cellulite that is getting better (SWARE it is!) and little bitty jeans that still fit and are getting more loose (SWARE they are!) ...
well, that makes me want to say to Tracy... "Long live the QUEEN!"

Pictures tomorrow. along with actual numbers from Joel!

and welcome Jill!!!!! She's weighing in at 135 and is joining the challenge of staying under 135 for a year!!!!! LOVE THAT! So much more fun to have a buddy!
Keep us posted Jill, and I will keep everyone posted!

It makes you stop and think before you eat when you have to tell all your peeps you did it!
Trust me... I know.

Anyone else want a piece a this??? COME ON!!
We can have a weekly check in for anyone that wants to jump in with us and I can post your progress...???? Could be fun!

My love and support goes out to you all!!

I may go strain my neck trying to look at my own behind in the mirror.


PS - PDS II was soooooo much better today - I think I was just cranky yesterday when I was complaining about the editing.
It could be improved upon a little...but apparently so could my attitude. :)

I'm choosing to blame it on the fat girl in me.
She was upset to find out the DVD's just keep on coming...she was counting on not enough content and me getting bored with TAM... no such luck, tubby.


  1. Hi Laura, I'm in below 58 kgs starting two weeks ago. I'm currently on a husband enforced rest day as I'm coming down with some throat infection thing and feel like crap. I really want chocolate to cheer myself up but have scoffed my calories for the day so no food hug for me. I'm going to treat myself to an early bed time so I can rock it out with Tracy and you guys tomorrow. I don't have a pinch test buddy will have to go with the old tape measure way. I'm waiting on my BC book to arrive but don't really want to loose much more weight. I do however want to loose my old man skin and my bingo wings! So I may do BC because you have totally sold me on its results. You look amazing. Keep up the good work. I'm right with you. In spirit today at least! Zoe

  2. Thanks Zoe!
    I hope you feel better soon!
    Keep me posted on whether or not you do boot camp.
    I'm trying to figure out how to keep toning but not lose a lot more weight any suggestions if you have em!
    get some rest and feel better!