Thursday, December 2, 2010


Does anyone remember the movie in the early 90's called 'Single White Female' with Bridget Fonda and Jennifer Jason Leigh?

It's the one where Jennifer Jason Leigh becomes obsessed with Bridget Fonda's character and cuts her hair the same, starts wearing the same clothes and eventually becomes SUPER scary...

Well....I want to go on record BEFORE I am accused of being a single white female and tell you I discovered something hysterical today....

I stumbled onto a picture of Tracy - looking amazing as always - in a dress that I also own!!!!!

Of course, I will never again wear it now that I have seen what you should look like in it.

But... if things keep going the way I hope they will with the "method" now being in my life... I just might rock that little hot number out one day!! And if that happens, I don't want to be accused of being some crazy stalker who wears the same clothes as Tracy.
I mean, don't get me wrong... I clearly AM a crazy stalker...but I would draw the line and stealing fashion ideas. I mean, I do have boundries.
So, here's the dress...
oh, that's right... silver metal mesh and I own the same damn dress!!!
I actually owned it for about 8 years before I wore it - the one and ONLY time I wore it  -because trust me - it's not a dress that you wear if your aren't in pretty good shape.

I decided to be brave on year in Vegas at the ACM awards show.

I probably shouldn't have, because I wasn't in that great a shape...but none the less , I did.

I was already a little nervous about it because I never want to be the girl that people say ...
"Oh, bless her heart, she shouldn't be wearing that. She must not have any good friends or they would have said something."
THEN... I went to meet the folks I was walking over to the awards show with and I couldn't understand why my male friends were so quick to say "No, after you" and have me walk in front of them.
Turns out...when the sunlight hits it - it's COMPLETELY see through. shitballs.

I had no idea!!! See through in a silhoutte kind of way, not a "I can see your unmentionables" kind of way.
I haven't worn it since.

NOW...If I had Tracy's body - then or now - well, I would not have cared if it was see through.
Heck, we all know- if I had her body, I wouldn't wear a dress at all. Just heels and a thong and my crop t-shirt!!!

You can't hide classy.

Maybe I'll get really bold the day I think the THASS has really gone bye-bye and put on the dress and take some pictures in it for you all to see...through.
I could pose just like her and then immediately go on the lamb, running from the law. Stalking rules are tough these days.

NOW.. let's get down to the really crazy news for today!!!

I have been a little wishy washy this week with my eating and workouts.
Sort of a one day on, one day off with working out and although for the most part my meals are really clean...I would be lying if I said there haven't been a lot of extra little snacks going down the hatch.

Peanut M&M's, no pizza..but the pizza bones from James Domino's, a cocktail - (ok! two cocktails - don't judge me) and a little chocolate everyday- stuff like that...

Nothing major - but lots of little extra bites of this and that....

SWARE - crazy!!!!!!

I got on the scale today and weighed 125!!!!!
I couldn't believe it.

The size 26 jeans I bought during boot camp - they are now loose in the buttocks region and waist...WT..?

I never thought the day would come that the following words would come out of my mouth, but here they go...

I think I need to eat more to maintain my current weight.

ARGHHHHHHHHH! Yes, that just happened. I said it.

Grab your ice skates, ladies - cause Hell just froze over!!!!!
I guess with all the new muscle I must be burning more calories and my metabolism is performing at a more improved level.

I am not looking to loss more weight - only to keep toning up.

The old man skin on my stomach is still getting better and that is a big deal to me.

The Thass is still not quite "bounce a quarter off it" ready - but there is a muscle in there and  it's a lot less like pancake batter than it was 8 weeks ago!!!!

All in all - I am shocked that I am continuing to get results and I am finding that maintaining my results is not all that difficult.

Some weeks are better than others, and I know I cannot "snack" all the time, as I would then start to slip the wrong way. But it is very encouraging to know that a hand full of M&M's isn't going to blow you up overnight!

I am planning on continuing to eat as clean as possible and continue my workouts with regularity so I can see just how toned I can get the old boo-tay and legs ...and MAYBE get that skin on my tummy to be tight for the first time in my ENTIRE life...but it looks like I may have to increase my healthy food intake to not keep losing pounds.

Who would have ever thunk it?????

Do they give Nobel Peace Prizes to workout books???
They sure as shit should.

Just sayin'....

I hope everyone out there is hanging tough with your goals and being kind to yourselves!!!
I am rocking it out, one month after boot camp - smaller than when I finished!

It's a Christmas Miracle.




  1. Laura this are amazing news!!!!! With X-Mas coming, I can't think of a better gift than to be able to enjoy your dinner without worrying!
    I can't wait to get to that point and you've worked really hard for it so you deserve to rock that dress and your crop shirt and thing! hehe :P
    Have a nice weekend!
    xox Lola

  2. Ciao Laura,
    I am glad for your results!
    Tracy is a hard goal to achieve but you are the line between possible perfection + dreams and real amazing results prooved on a human's skin..
    Next obstacle Christmas!!!!

  3. Great news! and it should be great to feel like that! enjoy your body, your food and mostly your workouts! i loved your idea about the Nobel Prize to be given to TAM :) although i'm halfway to achieve my ideal workout frequency and healthy eating, i am still amazed with the results compared to other workout regimes i've tried earlier. you've rocked from the first day on and still rockin'. i wish you a very joyfull weekend!

  4. you keep me super motivated!!! thanks :)

  5. hey laura! if you can get your weight down lower, to like 120 pounds, why not? that's my goal weight... would love to have your problem of having to keep weight on!

  6. hi laura.. please email me.. would like to ask you a few questions. thanks!

  7. Laura, I would love it if you would post your meal plan. Just a typical day of what your eating before you up it any! Thanks so much!! Your such an inspiration to us all!

  8. Hey Laura! I have a confession to make...I've spent the last 4 days reading your blog from start to finish and it has CRACKED ME UP! Not only that, I just ordered a copy of TA's book. Gotta admit, I'm a little nervous, especially thinking about kale juice UGH, the thought makes me shudder at this very moment, but looking forward to the delivery of the book. WISH ME LUCK...I think

  9. Laura - your blog absolutely ROCKS my world! You have a gift for writing from the heart and I love it!

    I would love to see what you are eating - are you still following the BC menus? And, how many hours/day/week are you working out? I've got a THASS too and am anxiously looking to get rid of it!

    Keep up the GREAT BLOG! Your photos are incredible! You really look just how I want to!

    Thanks for posting all that you do!

  10. THANKS!!! Thanks to everyone for the well wishes and lovely comments!
    @C - and @amy -ellis - I will post a typical meal plan on today's post! Hope it helps...
    and @ Sasha - you are right - if my body- in a healthy way - wants to get smaller- well,then BY ALL MEANS!!! I guess I will let it!

  11. SO awesome Laura, so proud of you :) Thank you for being so motivating still!
    Glad you're still rocking it. Would love to see meal plans, too.

  12. YES! You are so motivating. I finished Boot Camp and am struggling with what to eat. I feel like I either stick to BC meals or I totally over do it. HELP! I would love some guidance on what is working for you-- from daily eats to workouts!

  13. yasmin and Julie -
    I will absolutely blog about exact food plan tomorrow - I decorated the tree tonight and now I'm whipped!!!
    More tomorrow - in great detail!xxoxoLa