Friday, December 17, 2010

a "five day challenge" shout out !!!

Ok kiddos...

How's it going????
It's day two of our little mini Christmas smack down!!

I've completed two days of 60 minutes of cardio coupled with 1 hour of mat work..PDS III - to be exact.
Yesterday I ate REALLY well...very clean - and woke up to a little early gift of returning to my latest all time low weight of 124.
Glad to see that little number back!

I have to fess up though... I didn't eat as well today! shitballs.
Could have been due to the following...

I spent part of the day baking Banana Nut and Zucchini bread to give out to friends ...all from scratch..and I don't mind telling you I have MAD skills when it comes to baking.

I love to bake. I love to cook, in general... sadly... I also love to eat the things I bake and cook.
I made it through all the zucchini bread without a problem...didn't even lick the spoon.

But there was a break between baking sessions (had to get some work done) and that put me in the heart of the afternoon when I started on the  four loaves of Banana Nut bread.

I made the amateurish mistake of not eating much lunch...thus creating a hunger that called out to me.
Right about the time the bell rang with the new batch of hot, yummy, from scratch bread...

and who among us can resist the lure of the siren call of freshly baked breads...?

Well, sorry to report...I ate a small piece of the banana nut bread, too!
Well, sorry to report...I ate a small piece of the zucchini bread.

I rationalized it by telling myself that it was the right thing to check that I didn't use salt instead of sugar, or that they were poisonous - you know important things to know before you give out treats...they were damn good- that's what they were. damn good.

all in all - the rest of the day was perfect...
salmon, veggies, water, workout...
just a small slip up on the "bread for lunch" matter.

BUT I AM BACK ON IT!!! - I will clean it up even more for the next three days for a strong finish in the challenge!!!

Whew.. I feel better. Like I just got out of confession.
and No, I'm not Catholic.
I'm actually Episcopalian ... if religions were soft drinks it would be kind of like Catholic Light.

I'll say 3 "Hail Tracies" and be back on track! back down to 124...I'll let you know if it stays there tomorrow...and with only a small slip just might, who knows? Might not- it's a new weight and it seems to be shy about sticking around. It kind of pops up and then goes a way.
Like Whack-a-mole.

 Also... I went to the Apple Store and had an appointment with the Genius Bar...I'm gonna try the video thingy again!!!!

I would have tried it today, but I was having a bad hair day.
and since it feels like I'm meeting my Internet lover for the first time... well, I want to look my best!!!!!!

Here are my  noble Pre-Christmas challenge buddies!!!

Thanks for jumping in with me - I'll be PERFECT hang with me!

SUSAN B(she's on it! - called me the "Mighty Thass Eliminator"! )
JENNIFER( she did day to perfection!)
LYNDA (she checked in - and rocked it today!)
MAKIA (she knocked out day 1!)
JUDE ( did a Zumba marathon for charity! double great!)
SUMMER (already did 5 days - she's going 7 more - awesome!!)
PAOLA (who worked out today with Tracy for 2 hours..I'm jealous!)
GRUBBY1986 (love that user name!)

How did you guys do on day 1 and today????????

I'm giving myself a 10 for yesterday...and a 7.5 for today....
I'm planning on three 10's in a row!!!

Inspire me ladies..and gentlemen! Keep me honest... I'm guessing the shame spiral I'm in will eliminate me slipping any more - because I was very used to NOT having anything to fess up to during boot camp...
So bring on AT LEAST three solid days - I'm on it.


   "All I want for Christmas is my size 2 jeans. My Size 2 jeans. My size 2 jeans.
... Gee , If I could only have my size 2 jeans... then I would wish you Merry Christmas."

I gotta say...I'm not even sure I could ever wear size 2 jeans...that was only to make the song work.
And, let's be honest about it..if I could wear size 2 jeans..I wouldn't wish you a Merry Christmas..
I'd wish you a Merry Thass-less!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I worship all of you for jumping in ...and for the rest of you cheering on the group!
Good luck tonight, rock out your workout tomorrow... and KEEP IT CLEAN!!!



PS- I got some jeans that I ordered off the Internet - and they are too small...but I decided to keep know...just in case I de-Thass any further. :)


  1. Hi Laura, Thank you so much for adding my name to the 'christmas' list ;)
    My challenge for myself is to ONLY eat when im hungry and to stop eating when NOT hungry, and im so pround to report that I give myself a big, smashing 10 for both days: I followed by challenge to a T and as an added bonus only ate really clean - we're talking no sugar or processed foods whatsoever!! Im so proud and I thank you dearly for helping me and everyone else with the accountability. You're my little, soon-to-be-thass-less Christimas Angel ;)
    Keep up the great work!

  2. Hi Laura ! Thank you! I did great! Well I will say an 8 for yesterday because I ate an avocado which brought my cals over the 1200 mark for the day and a 10 for today....1100 hour of mat and 40 of cardio yesterday and 50 of mattoday with 40 of cardio. Clean eating. Feel good!

  3. hmmm... I am giving myself a 3 for yesterday. Not a good day for me. Today is a new day, and I am going for it. All or nothing.

    I know what you mean about baking, too. I love to bake and everyone expects cookies this time of year. You HAVE to try one to make sure they are ok, right??

  4. Laura thanks for my shout out! And your love of my user name (my real name is Emma but as my surname is Grubb I've always had grubby as a nickname -even my friends parents call me grubby!)
    Unfortunately I have to bail on the cardio section as my physio has banned me until my knee gets better (all stemming from my rubbish glutes!) so am just having to stick with MS
    Am especially feeling the baking pain too, I love to cook and am making loads of my Christmas presents this yr and it becomes just so tempting to eat the whole bowl full of mixture before it gets anywhere near the oven!!!!
    Yesterday was consequently rubbish as was annoyed I couldn't do my cardio so abandoned everything but back on it today xx

  5. HO HO HO!!! Ok, I am going to see the Rockettes today and I am determined to look at them and me and think... I could sub. My bod is dance skills suck though! Still a joke to see me after 3 months doing the dancing of TA. Hysterical or painful, not sure which.;(
    SO, Maybe I could be a prop or something!
    I have eaten ok lately, but this challenge is what I needed to get it back on track.!!! One of my favorites is the La Croix orange water. Nothing in it bad for you and you feel like you are getting a TREAT! My kind of treat! Have a great one.

  6. Shannon, very funny! A prop!

    Well, I did great two days ago, not so great yesterday with the baking sampling (fudge -- fudge!), as I mentioned in a late yesterday comment. But, after doing a cardio and strength workout yesterday (neither TA, sorry!), I did a zumba class, and I was still down a pound this morning, so it's not all bad! Everyone's doing great! Let's stick with it! Laura, thank you so much for leading this inspiration!

  7. Doing okay - hour of cardio/hour of mat for yesterday and today. Yesterday, I felt like I was phoning it in, though! I don't weigh until Monday, so I'll see how that goes - everyone here is so motivating - it's helping me step away from the cookies that are literally everywhere in our office. (Also, as you must know, Laura, because you're in Tennessee), in the South, they EAT, and I mean EAT. I'm in Mississippi, and I tell you what, we've had three potlucks in as many weeks, and they throw me off, plus two Christmas parties this week. So, I'm just sucking it up, and not eating the sweets, and doing the best I can otherwise. Still, since September, I've been steadily losing a pound to a pound and a half a week. So far down 16 pounds, which is a miracle for me. Someone actually called me skinny yesterday, and I still have 25 more pounds to go!!!!
    Thanks again for the blog and motivation,

  8. I was really really good on Thursday - PDS1 and 50 minutes of cardio, and really really bad yesterday. Sigh. The day started off well, I did PDS1 and went snow shoeing for a couple of hours... and then we went to a friends house for dinner. I drank three glasses of wine (I'm only 4'11" so this is a lot for me) and including the wine I consumed 1200 calories just during dinner... we didn't even have dessert!

    Today I vow to do better. I've done my mat work and I'm debating on whether I should hike today or do some dance cardio but I will do something.

    Have a great day everyone!

  9. Alright TAm fam, ready for the ugly truth? Brace yourself...I finished my final (Got a B in the class!!!), got home and PASSED out! I did not pass go, nor collect $200 dollars...Friday, I was on the road for work ALL day, Saturday I worked out, PD1 and 40 minutes of BDC. Sunday, I felt like hell all day, so alas, no workout. I'm 1 for 4. My weight is suprisingly down (lower than the end of BC!), and I ate pretty well. Gonna extend my challenge till my TAM-iversary on the 22nd, sweet lord no more obstacles, a girl needs her workout!