Saturday, December 18, 2010


After much frustration... I finally gave up and just uploaded my silly little video blog to youtube and posted the link below!!!
I went to the genius bar and thought I had it figured out..but apparently not.
Apparently... I am not a genius.

So hopefully this will work. I used my Iphone video...but had learned how to upload videos from my Flip camera - it seems to be my nature to make things as hard as humanly possible.

Just click on the link below and it should pop the video right up! If it doesn't.. maybe just act like it I don't want to poke my eye out with a stick.

Assuming it works...

I'VE SHARED MY EXCITING NEWS ON THE VIDEO BLOG! Well, it's exciting for me ...and it's all because of you! So, thank you very much! I mean that, I really do.

I'm going to go work out now...which I am not happy about because it's late and I would rather watch a movie and wrap presents...but - I also want to fit in my jeans, stay under 130 for a year, and honor my commitment to my fellow five day challenge buddies... sooooo - upstairs I go.

Remember..."The best way to get what you to DESERVE what you want!"  (Charlie Munger)

So - I'll go rock it out and feel good about it!!! ... and try to deserve the body I want. In the mean time- I will love the body I do have, and be thankful that it is getting more strong and more lean all the time!

Today's been great! I got to see some dear old friends and that was good for my heart.
...and a dinner we had for tonight cancelled...which allowed me to get other things done - including a workout! WHEW!

I know I am a complete dork in the video blog - but I've never done one before...maybe I'll get better at it! Maybe not. Maybe - I am just a dork!

Everyone that is kicking Christmas Thass in the five day challenge has been checking in with me and I'm proud to tell you - they are SO ON IT!

More updates on every one's progress tomorrow.
Enjoy the video... I hope it works!!!

All my warmest holiday wishes are going out to each of you and your loved ones.

 Be good to yourself! You are worth it!!!



  1. You are ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS and adorable! You look so so good! So toned!

  2. And please never never stop blogging! I enjoy every single minute of hearing about your journey! You are so inspirational and such a role model for all of us out there who are trying to acheive "the method" results and I can only wish that someday I am able to look half as good as youu!

  3. You are motivating me so much! I love tracy's workout and have completed day 2 of cardio (50 minutes) and mat (45). Starting the menu tomorrow! You look great!

  4. Loved being able to see and hear you! Thanks for doing the video blog and congratulations on the big success! My son was in the background listening as it played and he said "that means 55,000 poops." (hope that isn't too much of a spoiler -- feel free to remove if so). Go figure what goes on in a young boy's mind.

    I was good today! No sweets! Did have one glass of red wine with dinner, but I'm off to brush my teeth now -- done for the day with calories left over (according to Thanks!

  5. I am follower #190!!! Love your blog Laura! Helping me so much through my 30 days and to commit FULLY. Thanks for the inspiration, motivation, and entertainment!

  6. Thanks Laura! Jaw dropping arms!

  7. PS oh and the Thass looks amazing too! You dont even have a thass. You are officially thassless!!! 55000 hits OMG. You go girl!

  8. I just added myself as follower #193! I must say I'm not surpriced by 55.000 hits. You are so motivating and inspirational :)

    My Day 3 was a bit more challenging with lots of social events, where I almost forgot to check myself to see if I was still hungry or full. Probably got a bit more food than I needed, but am still going to give it an 8 for effort.
    Wonder if this could be done on a larger scale and become a habit... Hmm :)
    Merry Christmas to you all!

  9. OMG Laura you're even funnier on video than you are on paper... you have such fantastic positive energy! Shaking your booty and contemplating running for president tee hee. Hope you had a fantastic workout.

    I was pretty good today, went to a Christmas party and filled up on salads (veggies, quinoa, beans) and then sampled every homemade chocolate dessert I saw :) but the portions were small so I'm happy with my day.

    I haven't done my cardio yet though so I'm going to go do it right now. I know, it's 12:30 in the morning but I'm a shift worker so the time of day doesn't really mean as much for me.

    Hope everyone had a good day!

  10. Wow congrats to you. Great video.

    I've just completed day 2 of the 5 day challenge. Can't say I'm loving PD3, but can see how it would work wonders on the thass. Hopefully, TA's next challenge will focus a bit more on my enemy -- the lower abs.

    My scorecard:
    Matt work: PD3 X 2
    Cardio: 40 min DC X 2
    Diet: One day clean and one day BC cleanse (and food ready for the next 2 days)

    In interest of full disclosure, my BC cleanse replaces the kale juice with soy latte ... but I thought you'd understand. Life is too short for kale juice.

  11. OMG! Your arms!!!! jaw dropping!! :)
    you are so funny and sweet Laura keep blogging :)

  12. Hi Laura,

    I just popped on YouTube to watch your fabulous first video blog. Love it! Your arms are sooooo amzing!!! OMG!!! I want arms like that, so impressed with your results.

    Thanks again for sharing all this with us girls, your blog is inspiring and hilarious, I enjoy reading your posts so much ☺


  13. Congratulations! I'm so impressed, but not surprised in the least - this blog is the highlight of my workout, because I can't read it until I'm done. Thank you so much for blogging! Don't you feel like you've created such a great little community here? (And what impresses me the most is that everyone is so kind and supportive). Anyway, one more workout (BDC - 45 minutes, BCDC, 20 minutes and Mat Workout 55 minutes). The scale isn't down so much today, most likely due to the massive amount of salt I had yesterday :(, (not to mention chocolate, but that's another story) but I'm working on it still.

  14. Hi Laura, loved your video.. You are so beautiful and so funny! You are one talented and creative lady! Congrats on having so many followers.. you deserve it! You are awesome! Happy Holidays!

  15. Aaahhh laura you almost made me cry!
    So glad you know how great your blog is and how it helps keep us fellow TAer's motivated!
    Am saying semi strong on the 5 day cardio cos of my knee problem but have done 90 min MS (at 10pm i might add proudly!) each night.
    Keep going! xx

  16. Hi Laura, you look amazing! I know I promised I would join in the challenge, but I fell, or better yet, catapulted off the wagon this weekend.. anyways, back on track tomorrow.

    Please check out my blog (which you've inspired me to write):


  17. I love your video! You are so cute and beautiful!

  18. Loved the vlog! Seriously, set up a YouTube channel. You are definitely funnier and more interesting than 99% of the stuff on there and I need something else to look at besides old Hall & Oates videos from the 80s. ;)

  19. I am a tad behind on watching the video blog, but I am finally excited to see it. You are just as georgous as you are funny! I am a visual person, so it is nice to put it all together. I fell off the wagon on the 5 day christmas challenge, but back on now! I have been busy lately, so I haven't been up on your blog or on tracy fb, which is what keeps me motivated, but I am back to focusing on me and using you and ta fb as motivation. I hope you don't mind being used! Love ya!

  20. hahahaha! I just have to come back and check up on you every week or so and I loved, JUST LOVED your video blog. It's nice to hear how you say things and, to be honest, how I read it is just how you say it! :-) Go girl. You look amazing! Amazing! Look at your arms!!!