Sunday, December 5, 2010

EXACT FOOD PLAN...well, almost exact... sort of exact...

Happy Sunday everyone!
I trust you all are having a wonderful weekend!

I have had a weekend full of ..well, just full really. Full of food! If calories were money I would be RICH right now...oopsie!

Guess I am getting a little ahead of myself with my indulgent snacking! But - I must say... once you can all hate my's not causing me to gain any real weight! Now - I did go up a couple of pounds on the scale over the weekend, but I'm guessing it's due to sodium and should come right back off tomorrow when MONDAY MELTDOWN rolls around, because let's face it - aren't we all a little better about eating clean on Monday's???

So, HIGH FIVE FRIDAY sent me into snacking mode which lead me straight into SADDLEBAG SATURDAY and I finished the trifecta with SINFUL SUNDAY.
I can tell I've over done it a little - BUT... (not BUTT).... but...I did my cardio on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and that really seems to help! (also mat DVD on Friday)

Lots of you are wanting to hear about my exact eating plan. Apparently, my exact eating plan this weekend was...if it can't out run ya- EAT IT!

I'm kidding, well, kind of...
I think the main difference in the way I "over do it " now is I enjoy bites of things that are yummy and certainly not great for you - but after a few bites, I'm satisfied. My meals continue to be relatively clean, but I have been really adding the "bites" of what ever I wanted for this entire last week.

What are some exact examples of "bites"...well, how much time ya got?

Everything listed below has gone into my big ole pie hole within the last week (in very small doses- unless otherwise specified) and I'm probably going to forget a few! Keep in mind that I usually eat fairly clean meals - so this heinous list is in addition to main meals. Ugh.
...and then I will outline what I NORMALLY EAT during the week, and what I will be eating ALL this coming week to clean up my act... since this past week wasn't very normal.

Man, this is kind of awkward posting what a COW I've been on the Internet.
Oh well.

Here goes nothing....

Peanut M& M's

raw almonds

raw almonds with organic chocolate chips

raw almonds with hazelnut chocolate peanut butter (yes, you read that correctly)

regular organic peanut butter

a peanut butter cookie (ok, it was 2 peanut butter cookies- and YES they were large. Gawd, you people are tough to get one past)


Flat bread everything crackers with Parmesan Reggiano cheese and hot peach chutney (I bought that for a friend of mine, forgot to leave it with them and then I ate it!!!! damn. It was tasty though)

2 glasses of wine -  2005 Pahylmeyer - and it was DAMN WORTH IT!

3 cranberry and vodkas - always a fave of mine - and no, they weren't all in the same night...oddly, one was today at the football game, one was Friday night, one was Saturday night. The Friday night vodka/cran did pair itself nicely with both glasses of  wine listed above. which , consequently paired themselves nicely with most of the things on this list...once again- drinks = snacking for me!!!
No one likes a fat drunk.

a couple of Wheat Thins

a small bowl of chili...with four Fritos, a little cheese and onions. it was really good. it was snowing gotta make chili when it first snows, right???

a few bites of peach cobbler

hey - this is getting embarrassing.

2 chicken fingers - with some honey mustard.

I'm like the energizer bunny..STILL EATING....
Actually it was more like  still grazing - and this is spread out over a week. I defending myself when no one is even talking to me?

Isn't denial the first sign of a problem???
ok, carrying on...

sugar free wafer cookies

1 Nutri grain bar - strawberry to be exact

2 chocolate wafers thingies with some yummy wine dip thingy -(oh my heavens- I can no longer even properly name the crap I've eaten this week)

and I've saved the best for Thass, I mean last...

3 organic, homemade chocolate peanut butter cup things - homemade in someone elses home - I didn't  make them.
If I knew who made them I would dress in all black and sneak into their house in the dark of night and steal all the had, run to the nearest shrub I could hide in and eat the shit out of them.
Can you see it now? The cops shining a light in my face and demanding I "freeze!"
I would have that stupid look on my face like a squirrel that stops mid nut eating frenzy and then goes right back to frantically eating!
I'm just sayin...they're that good.

ok - I am exhausted and slightly shocked at looking at my list of extras this past week.
and - like I said before- I can only imagine how much I forgot...

It's an interesting thing to do thought, isn't it? to start listing all the extras - it's both shocking that I snacked so much and even more shocking that my body can process that much extra and not have it really effect my weight.
NOW...I know that a little here and a little there is fine- but as of today - I can feel it a little so I know that tomorrow it's time to clean it up.

It is exactly THAT concept that I am enjoying with my new "keep it under 130 for a year" plan.
With boundaries in place, I know that I won't let anything get out of control - a few days in a row are fine- a few weeks in a row - not so much.

I also notice that my extras are contained to a few bites, not a complete whacked out binge. I have no desire to eat too much. I ate a little too much on Friday night  and it wasn't until then that I realized how long it had been since I had felt that "too full" feeling.
I hated it.
It was a horrible feeling.
It also made the next mornings cardio more difficult -it feel like I had a food baby.

So...mixed in with all the crap listed above... I also ate lovely , healthy, veggies, fruit, kefir and even kale - cooked not juiced!

(sidenote : I think I will try Kale juice this week and see if I can heal the Kale juice relationship I marred when mistaking it for Turnip Greens.)

Actual effect on my weight this week...well, at first I kept dropping a little, then I finally put an end to that!!!! so low for the week - 125. Today - 127.

My guess is after a good workout in the morning and a clean day of eating I will go back to 126...then 125 after a few days if I follow my normal plan...

Here is an example of what normal CLEAN EATING (post boot camp) day looks like for me :

-early morning wake up
-drink one cup coffee with soy milk or almond milk (usually one more cup at office)
-workout (PDS plus 60 mins of cardio - cardio is mix of 40 mins of TAM cardio DVD and BC cardio)
-breakfast: fruit, OR Kefir, OR a little of both - occasionally some egg whites or an egg- but I'm   usually in too much of a hurry to cook)
- shower for work
- make large lemon water
- prepare and pack lunch and snack
- Lunch - tuna over arugula, OR turkey patty over baby spring mix, OR any fish with veggies or BC soup recipe
- Snack - apple with organic almond butter, fruit, edemame, or basically any BC type snack
- drink lots of lemon water throughout the day
- Dinner - usually something just like I listed for lunch...mostly fish and veggies type stuff.
- I would be lying if I didn't say I usually have some tiny bite of something sweet after dinner - like a little nibble of almond butter or a swig of Kefir - flavored , of course. but after that - I stop eating! That is the key- NO NIGHT TIME EATING AFTER DINNER. It's the key for me anyway- and it's the hardest part about all of this... but the biggest deal maker or breaker. The stinking nighttime feedings.

Basically - I am following mostly Boot Camp menus - but not following them exactly - just using a lot of them for guidelines because I grew fond of the clean eating.

I clearly added a lot over the last seven days because I would get caught somewhere without my lunch or snack and that's when the nutri grain bar would take the place of my fruit (no big deal), or I would skip a meal and then be starving and eat something like a handful of peanut M and M's (much bigger deal)
As for the rest of the list...well, sometimes the snacks are just taking the place of discipline!!!
I was in such a funk this past week and I was all about little food hugs.
Hold me, organic peanut butter cup. Hold me.

But (maybe this time I should use..BUTT) but - as long as I continue working out, and never go totally crazy then I enjoy the fact that I can enjoy extras. Because I know that I will not go TOO crazy and will back off to a more clean program within a few days - or as necessary.

If you all remember - the first week of my new challenge I only snacked a small amount for two days - and it was a SMALL amount - and went up a couple pounds.
So, I am happy to report that although I did over do it this weekend and really a little all week long - I am obviously owning this new weight a little more all the time because it is not so quick to fluctuate!!

It's very exciting to know I can have a life and still maintain my weight!!!

I am actually EXCITED about getting back to a more lean program tomorrow...crazy huh?
Honestly- I really do feel better when I'm eating in a clean way.

Loads of you have requested an exact food plan - so I thought I would do this...
I will blog everyday this week and list EXACTLY what I eat- every last little bite and also list my EXACT workouts, calories burned during workouts and what my weight does...or doesn't do ... for the week.
I'll add it in a summary at the end of each day so everyone won't want to poke their eyes out if reading about what I eat is not interesting to them.

I'm still so shocked and thrilled that you all want to keep reading my silly little blog entries!!
and for all of you that send such lovely comments and supportive words - thank you.
Thank you so much!
And for those of you that find any support or inspiration in my little journey - well, that mean more to me than a tight, Thassless hiney!!

I am fired up about this week- I have some things I'm excited to talk about with you all and I'm going to try my first video blog!!! So you all can see what a dork I am in real time.
It may shock you. I am a complete dork. But I'm passionate about my dorkiness.
I rock the dork.
See, only a dork would say something as absurd as "I rock the dork".

with love, enthusiasm and a broken edit button ...



  1. I always look foward to reading. I honestly get SO excited when you post. THank you for being honest! I think its wonderful how you incoorporate treats and are able to get back down almost immediately! That must mean your body is comfortable where it is! You look phenomonal!

  2. awesome laura!!! I also feel so much better when I eat clean...I hate that full feeling! So I see you are still doing 2 hour workouts after BC?? Wow! How many days a week?

  3. i love that you are snacking and eating "normal" snacks and foods along with your clean eating and still maintaining - very motivating!!

    also, i looked at day 16 for the playlists you've been listening to and i couldn't find them. did i miss it somewhere (which is very possible) or is it on a different day?

    thank you, laura!!

  4. reading what you write just feels like eating a good chocolate and enjoying it in your month lingering. just want to keep on reading and reading :) lav ya!

  5. I love that you keep it real. I am on day 12. Thanks for keeping me inspired.;)

  6. You are inspiring! I start my BC soon and your blog is getting me in the right frame of mind to do it 100% by the book. Thanks!!!

  7. Thank you so much for letting us know you really do eat! LOL! I love that you posted your meal plan and look forward to reading about it this week!!

  8. I ordered the BC. It most likely won't arrive until after Christmas (not sure why it's taking so long)but have a plan to read your blog all the way through first anyway. Loved the tips before you start. I can do this for 30 days-right? Even with kids home for a few weeks and maybe a trip to Thailand??? I'm worried about finding the food. Thanks for posting the menu today-that helps me a little. Not sure what the BC food is like but i can find most of the stuff you did today. Thanks for coming clean too-that helps as much as the other stuff. You look awesome. Buddy said the pictures don't even do you justice! I thanked him for challenging you because it has inspired me. Keep it up Laura

  9. You are so dang funny! This is very helpful, thanks so much and keep up the great work!


  10. Laura,
    I am loving your blog! I have nearly all of Tracy's dvds and her book and have been wanting to do BC for awhile now. Your blog as given me motivation! I think I am going to start Monday! Did you just do the book dvd during boot camp? I have her other dvds -should I just stick with book dvd? It would be great if you could give some insight!

    I may start a blog too - maybe it will help my motivation! Thanks,

  11. (I just posted this comment on the wrong entrie haha Sorry =)

    Your blog entries are NOT silly! They are VERY informative and fun!! I love them and I look forward on reading more! :)

    You are such and inspiration! I hope you know that!!

    Sending a HUG all the way from Malmoe, Sweden :)