Wednesday, December 22, 2010


WHEW! That was a close one!

My bloated holiday self just stepped on the scale and - quite frankly...I was terrified to do it...because I was really afraid I might have "tipped it" for the first time and gone over 130.
But... as luck would have it...still hanging at 127!

Praise the Thass God's! It's A Christmas miracle!!!

NOW -  THE DINNERS OUT - two nights in a row, THE COCKTAILS - two nights in a row, THE LAME EFFORT to workout - two days in a row... it can't go on...not for one more second...and sure as heck can't go on another - TWO DAYS IN A ROW!!!!

This is a little like security at the airport going from orange to red...except when I go from orange to red - you actually will see something different happening. That and I won't take your tweezers or lip gloss.

Today - I will NOT eat a bite of everything I see...I WILL go upstairs and do my cardio (ALL of my cardio)...and I WILL NOT, I repeat, I WILL NOT, go out to dinner!!!

Last night was Morton's Steakhouse... my GOD!!!...Morton's... I had a salt lick for an appetizer.
or at least I feel like I did today!

Actually I knew I was needing to really watch it - so I ordered salmon and broccoli rather than the medium rare fillet with creamed spinach - my usually fave...I also requested no butter, no oil...

which I thought was a bold move.
I skipped the bread, had a few bites of a bacon wrapped scallop, one bite of lobster and a bite of shrimp cocktail -
so moving from apps to dinner...I was rocking - so far so good, right???
oh, and one cocktail - but also drinking water with lemon!

Well, all was going really well until - you guessed it - dessert.
And you know why going out to dinner is difficult???

Not because of what YOU order...but what the people NEXT TO YOU order!!!!!

I had my husband on one side...and my mother on the other...they both "pre-ordered" the Godiva chocolate lava cake with vanilla ice cream.
How rude.
What's even more rude....ordering it ...and then NOT finishing it and leaving it right in front of me.

chocolate lave's just not fair. It's Kryptonite to my Superman...

Not only did I finish my mother's...I then went after the remaining portion of my husband's!!!
I finished it too!!!

That is EXACTLY what I ALWAYS do!!! I am disciplined with my ordering...but not with the extra spoon they drop off for you "just in case"....

"Just in case" what????? - Just in case you want to embarrass yourself by reaching half way across a big table to get another bite off someone elses plate?
Just in case the four courses of Fred Flintstone size portions weren't enough to fill you up?
Just in case you weren't QUITE miserable's an extra spoon...

I'm surprised I didn't turn around and ask the neighboring table while they enjoying THEIR dessert..."Hey! You gonna eat that?" All the while pointing and twirling my "extra spoon" in their direction.

Next time someone offers me an extra spoon, I am going to have to resort to extreme discreetly rubbing it on the bottom of my shoe, placing it in the nearest potted plant, or distracting everyone at the table while I simply throw it over my shoulder.

Consider yourself warned: flying flatware -do not sit behind me at a restaurant

No excuses...I'm going upstairs to workout - 60 minutes of cardio!!!!!
I did mat PDS III yesterday - but no cardio.
The day before I did PDS III- but lame cardio effort...maybe 30 mins!

I think I might take an "extra spoon" upstairs with me so every time I want to stop working out...I can look at that little curved Thass making utensil and remind myself why... I need to KEEP GOING!

Maintaining... but I can't eat everything ALL the time!

I'm still VERY encouraged with how much "life " I can have and still keep things under control...but I can feel the last couple of weeks being a little loose with the food...

Even though I tried to clean it up for the five day challenge (which I didn't really do as well as many of you!!!) I need to give another effort - if I want to stay under 130!!!

Plus- I'm going to the beach!!! YIKES!

I'm feeling good... glad I have you all to confess all my sins to!

How's everyone doing during the holidays???

Remember : this time of year doesn't have to be a time to lose...just maintain..or even put a limit to how much you can gain...
the only thing that should be unacceptable  is a sweat pant clad runaway train!!!!

That will only make you feel icky.

Don't ask me how I know....




  1. Have a great holiday! You are truly an inspiration! I run marathons but that takes a huge toll on your body, it doesn't make me lean it makes me bulky so a change is in progress :) merry Xmas!!

  2. The eating at restaurants with friends totally got me last weekend!! I can completely relate. It was like reading my own blog. HA!

  3. Its okay Laura. It was just the salt. The cake had to be eaten to balance out the salt. Knowing will be down to 124 again lickety split. I am glad that you ate the cake. Its Christmas and you are more than maintaining your fabulous self. Plus there are the happy components of mom and husband who seem to eat whatever whenever and never gain Dont be too hard on yourself and keep up the great work!!

  4. Don't worry too much about things Laura.
    I can put on 4lb to water weight over a "living life" weekend, but it's all gone in a couple of days after getting back to clean food and sweating.

    Also, If you up your water intake to 3 liters a day it will do magic, promise!

    I have a new blog post I would love for you to check it out:


  5. Laura,

    Good to hear that you are maintaining and having a life in the process! This is my ultimate goal - along with a lower weight. Workouts are going good and eating was good until yesterday. I was a little too "festive" Monday night and a few (okay four!) cocktails. The next day my blood sugar was completely thrown off and it sparked an eating frenzy. Alcohol is a diet wrecking ball!
    I am convinced that to be successful at a weight loss program, alcohol does not factor into the equation. It is not so much the alcohol itself but the aftermath: carb cravings, low energy and skipped workouts that eff everything up.
    The upside is I have really been doing TA workouts and notice a difference. I did mat this morning and 30 mins cardio. I am hitting another 30 minutes of cardio this evening. Cardio is getting better and my legs are no longer screaming in pain. Hope I didn't do too much damage yesterday! Happy Holidays!

  6. Chocolate lava cake is my absolute favourite dessert of all time... I can only imagine how yummy it would be at Morton's... sigh. I wouldn't have left a scrap of it behind either! :)

    I love the way you look at life. Rubbing the extra spoon on the bottom of your shoe... ha ha ha! Although, for chocolate lava cake I would just have stolen someone else's spoon...

    In case we don't hear from you too much over Christmas have a wonderful holiday!

  7. Yeeaaah - I am not doing so well turning down the food either! I think my goal is just to maintain, and not lose just now (although I wouldn't sneeze at dropping some more weight :)
    Anyway - hour of cardio/hour of mat - it felt more like five hours for some reason - it was like pulling teeth! I read Tracy's prescription that she sent out today to add BC Section One to your workouts, and laughed and laughed. It's a noble goal, though!
    Good luck, and have a wonderful holiday!

  8. Hi Laura, stalker #201 reporting for duty. I've also been thoroughly enjoying your blog, very encouraging. I hope you put it into a book & continue writing more. I wanted to sing you a holiday song to get you into the spirit. Here goes:

    Rockin' around the Thassmas tree,
    Have a TAM-my holiday.
    Everyone dancing cardioly,
    In the new old-Thassmas way!

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Thassless Year!


  9. Thanks for the inspiration. My TAM (my initials, BTW...that has to be a good sign) book arrived today :-)