Sunday, December 19, 2010

So, I guess now that I'm SUPER famous....

Well, now that I'm an international siren of the silver screen...

and by silver screen I mean the silver screen of your laptops!!

Now that I have actually posted ONE video blog... I am feeling rather famous.
and by famous... we all know I mean in my brain movie. autographs - please people...I just want to live a normal life - go to Starbucks, and then go shopping with The Kardashians and maybe end up on the cover of US know...normal things like that.
I'm just a simple girl with simple Barney's and Botox and eventually a recommendation for a good plastic surgeon.
I think it's important to stay focused on what REALLY matters in life.

HA! see.. this is EXACTLY why you all shouldn't say so many nice things to me ... It will go straight to my head and I  will certainly become intolerable around the house!!!

I am so glad everyone seemed to have enjoyed the video blog! It was kind of silly- but fun, none the less.
I'll try it again in the near future - now that I know I can at least upload the dang thing.
Maybe some roving reporting even....hmmmm.

But- all kidding aside - thanks for all the precious things you all said about the video blog...
It made my feel very special! thank you. :)

There were comments ranging from "Loving the Thass-cam!" to "keep vlogging" and LOADS of nice things to say about my TAM arms...maybe we should all re-direct those comments to Tracy Anderson!! Thanks Tracy!
Anyway - now I'm really starting to let my brain movie run away with me after all the compliments - If I'm not careful, I will lose half the day dreaming of accepting my award at THE BLOGGIES.
THE BLOGGIES!!!!- hahahaha!!! sorry , I just made myself laugh a little.

I'm kidding...about the bloggies...but not about the thanks you's! Thank you. Seriously, means a lot to me.

Ok...I am trying hard to step up my game here ladies...but this food thing is GETTING MORE DIFFICULT!!!!

Damn... today - made ANOTHER big pot of chili so I could have some on the stove when my family arrived. Then my mom gets here with an actual shopping bag FILLED with sweets, snacks and lots of WTD's.

She keeps going on and on about these little chocolate bumpy mounds of deliciousness -something called a "Lammies" or "Lambies" - She's asked me ten times if I want to try a "Lammie"...
MOM! stop it already!
I am trying to get the back of my thighs to not have the texture of a "Lammie"  - You've only been here two hours and the "food pushing" is in full force!!

I know at this exact moment my friend Barbara is saying "Now, wait one minute! You are every bit as bad as your mother!" (I tried to push some chili off on her today and she refused it - saying I needed to stop bringing food to their house!!!)
Barbara .. you're right...I'm just as bad! :) at least I come by it honestly!

So- I did successfully avoid the lammies...and I had grapefruit for breakfast while James had zucchini bread with butter... but I am fairly confident there was little snacking going on in the afternoon. and maybe in the evening too...
No biggie- but I can tell I'm going to have to watch it - tomorrow night is a dinner with friends and a Garth Brooks concert (and probably a little festive cock-tailing)  and the next night is a night out to dinner at Morton's...

this train could run off it's tracks in a hot minute!!!

Here's my survival game plan...

1. Keep working out. When time is crunched - I will probably opt for cardio over mat.

2. I will watch what I order at meal time and then my little bites of things shouldn't be a problem. But add little bites to big meals and my Christmas goose is cooked.

3. WATER, WATER, WATER. and more water.

4. and here's a little party survival tip... DON'T EAT ANYTHING THAT IS PASSED AROUND BEFORE THE MAIN MEAL!!!! if you are at a party and there will be a sit down dinner - or main meal served - SKIP ALL THE HORS D'OEUVRES!!!
Basically if it has  a tooth pick sticking out of it - SKIP IT!

Those little Thass balls on a platter...served with a smile and a napkin...they are killers! You can easily eat the same amount of calories popping a few of those bad boys in your mouth as your entire meal.
Besides... I would rather have a glass of wine... cause when was the last time a swedish meatball turned you into the life of the party???  Just sayin... one gives you a big ole buzz... the other gives you a big ole butt. You choose.

5. Lastly.. don't drink too much wine!!! because that will have you looking through your hostesses fridge after the party looking for the dang meatballs you passed on earlier...don't ask me how I know this.


so today...
I am not so happy to report that I got up this morning at ...wait for it...3:30 am. It felt much more like a nap than a good nights rest. Just couldn't sleep - so I got up and was working out by 5:30 or 6:00 am this morning.

All I could think was..."wasn't I JUST here?" ....
Funny, I never seem to pause and ask myself that same question when standing in front of the Banana Nut bread...

anyhoo...worked out hard, made it through PDS III (this was 7 of 10) and about 40 minutes of cardio.
The three hours of sleep caught up with me about the time I hit 10 minutes...the next 30 were agony.

It was like a hostage negotiation ...I was both the hostage...and the negotiator.

"Just let the girl go"
"she's not going anywhere!!!"
"She clearly needs medical attention" (like oxygen)
"She's staying here and finishing ALL her workout"
"DAMN IT, man! She's not gonna make it!! Can't you see that? Have you NO Heart, let the poor girl go!!!!"

Right when I thought I would die...Bruce Willis swung through my window with some other swat members and they rescued me.

Not really...but since I'm a CLEARLY a  big movie start now- it seemed more fitting to have a big flashy ending rather than tell you what really happened.

Which is - I told myself to piss off.
 I turned Tracy off mid song ...about 40 minutes into it...
apparently the skinny girl in me acts a little like the fat girl in me when she's tired.

Bitches, both of them...if you ask me.

I just couldn't do it anymore. 40 minutes is a respectable effort - I had just planned on going 60. No biggie...

BUT ONE DAY...soon, I hope...I'm going to get through 60 minutes of dance cardio - I mean all from the dance DVD...because that is one TOUGH disco party !!!
I am still mixing and matching the dance cardio with boot camp cardio.

I'm really sore today. Honestly - I have noticed that anytime I REALLY focus during my Mat DVD - I am more sore the next day!

Once again...just like our little mighty mouse (Tracy) said would happen...that chick is ALWAYS right.

I am exhausted, my friends! Going to go hit the hay!
All my friends doing the five day challenge have been checking in with me - and are all rocking it - I think better than I am...
but we are trying together and that's what makes it fun!

Tomorrow's goal for me: drink about 10 glasses of water!!!!! With lemon!!!!
I need to flush all this salt in my system out...not even sure where it has come from..
but the bloat got ta go!

I adore all of you!
Thanks for stopping by and checking in - we will hold hands through the holidays as we gingerly navigate the weapons of thass destruction ...and then decide on a full out plan of attack for the new year!!!

thanks again for all the sweet things you all said!!!

tomorrow I think I will share with you - some of my MOST favorite comments - there are some really funny ones!



  1. My mom is a food-pusher, too. Is that a southern thing?? Maybe just a mom thing...

    I am going to take your advice with the toothpick party platters - my office holiday party is tomorrow and it's going to be one saucy, dippy, calorie-laden extravaganza. Just put the pig back in the blanket, and back away.

    I am on day 2 of the 5-day challenge, and so far so good. (I, umm, had to re-start on Sunday due to unforeseen glasses of wine on Saturday night).

    Keep it going! You are my inspiration!! Happy Holidays!!

  2. Hi Laura! LOLOL! Thass Balls!!!!!! You are doing great pushing through the treats! The rain here in CA has helped with the 5 day challenge because no one is out and about bringing goodies :) I realized I forogt to do my arms today....not until three hours after the workout. I dont know how it happened....prolly if I had eaten more calories I would have remembered...wink.

  3. Laura,

    I am on day five of BC. While I have been making BC menus, I eat slightly more clean food because the amount there is very little. I lost 20 lbs on weight watchers and hope to lose 10-15 more doing BC.

    Went to buy new shox last night and decided to try on some jeans while I was there. I have been feeling not so great about my bod but weirdly enough easily slipped on size 6 jeans and they were slightly too big! Could this be??? Only four days in? I don't know what is up with Tracy's workout (other than it being insanely tough) but it works.

    Here is a find for you and followers: Attune chocolat. all natural, gluten free little treat for only 80 calories. Dark chocolate and very satisfying. I found it at my health food store and they sell them in singles so no eating multiple servings! YAY!
    okay gotta go do mat work before school!

  4. Laura, is it me, or is the PD3 warm up nearly impossible to follow? I find it so much more confusing than all her other DVDs. It's ironic because the soundtrack is going on and on about how each small detail is strategic, yet at times she isn't even repeating the same moves on both sides. It's silly but it puts me in a bad mood for the rest of my workout. I liked PD2 so much better!

  5. Food pushing is a mom thing, and a friend thing, and well, it just happens!

    Laura, you're doing great! Seriously, it is Tracy, but it's you, too! She should be using you as advertising because I think it would be the best bit of advertising she had going for her! There are so many more people jumping on the TA train after seeing your results -- in January there will be a bigger jump.

    I'm doing pretty well on the five day challenge. Weight staying the same so far, however, but that' ok -- really, I just had to get the out of control sweet eating under control, and I think that's happened.

    I did TAPP yesterday -- that may be the first time I've ever gotten through the entire thing -- I tried it when I first got it a long time ago, and not only was it hard, it didn't really seem my thing. I liked it yesterday, though I can't see doing it day after day. My abs are sore this morning......

  6. Good job Laura on getting your workout in at 3:30. That takes true dedication!!

    I did 50 minutes dance cardio yesterday and PDS1. I've only learned the first three sequences of the 1st dance cardio dvd and I'm just starting to learn the fourth. So far I've found the first one the toughest... there's something about spinning around and 'leaping over the puddle of water' that seems to be beyond me. :) I imagine that some of the later ones are going to be tougher...

  7. You're doing great! And the food pushing is SERIOUSLY a Southern thing - that and telling you you're too skinny and therefore, should eat what said food pusher is pushing. It's insanely flattering, and a huge lie. Anyway, 1 hour of the TA Mat workout (I'm still waiting to be able to afford PDSII and III), and one hour Boot Camp Cardio mixed with Beginner Cardio. Are you doing the Dance Cardio II DVD, by any chance? I find learning those dances incredibly hard - does it get better?
    Thanks for the vlog and the blog. And how can I say this without sounding too creepy - I watched your video and the booty dance cracked me up - and I kind of would vote for you MORE now for president (I mean, I would've before if you were running in some mythical election, but you know, it just sort of made me think - oooh, if she can do bootcamp with these results, just think of how she might run the country).
    Good luck with the food pushers everyone!

  8. Talk about food pushing: Today is our last day of school (I am a teacher) and today is a diet danger zone. Kids are bringing in treats left and right. I am trying to be strong. Thinking about getting home and doing my dance cardio. i already did mat so I have that going for me. I had a few cocktails at a holiday get together and that always weakens me resolve the next day. ugh - does anybody else get like this? I really need some motivation!!!

  9. Yes Kendra, I definitely get like that... then I end up arguing with myself all day because I know that if I get the exercise in I will feel better - physically and mentally.

    Good for you for getting your mat work done before work! I just did my cardio and I'm going to do my mat work this afternoon. Looks like we'll both be exercising this evening. :)

  10. Oh Kendra - teachers have it the toughest! I mean - there is food everywhere, so I feel for you - good luck!