Friday, May 6, 2011

Boot Camp...ROUND 2!!!! Anyone want a piece of this action???

Holy smoke- I cannot believe I'm about to say this- but I think it's time for another round of bootcamp...

I need to re-set my taste buds, re-set my muscle structure and re-set my discipline... which all seem to be wandering randomly about , doing just as they please, like little kids with no one baby sitter!!!

I am leaving today for the Kentucky Derby!!! SOOOOO fun! I've never been... and I cannot wait.

One reason I knew it was time to think about another round of bot camp... the kick ass dress that I bought to wear to the currently isn't so kick ass.

It would still seem kick ass if Pepperidge Farm were the designer and I was going to be in the "Mrs. Summer Sausage 2011" pageant.

Needless to say - it's a little on the tight side... so- that's it!

Time to pick up the pace and stop the backslide of my backside.

So... I have one friend that's in !! WHO ELSE IS WITH ME?????



I hear crickets chirping right now.
dip those bitches in chocolate and I would eat the crickets right now.

I'm telling ya- it's time!!!!

I have to go right now, because I need to go find another dress to wear to the event tonight and tomorrow to the race...thank God the weather is more chilly than expected...I will blame the different dress on that...and not the complete lack of self discipline.


Oh well! moving on... I will get back on Saturday night and get my room ready, NEW CALENDAR, new measurements and turn the house upside down looking for my new attitude....!!!!!

It's around here somewhere...?

I'm sure my resolve will be further enhanced after my little trip to Kentucky... I'm going to blow it out- eat and drink and return otherwise miserable but READY TO ROCK IT OUT>>>>

please tell me some of you are willing to go to Tracy-Land with me!!! Misery does indeed love company!

I cannot wait, actually!!!!

We start on Monday... (actually I may start the food on Sunday mid-day - because I want to be officially done on day thirty after I finish my workout, and not when I wake up the following morning... that was anti-climactic last time around)

I will not be back to blog until Sunday morning - but I will heck in my comments, Facebook or Twitter to see if anyone wants some of this action!!!!!!

I'm terrified of trying it again...

but look forward to it at the same time...I think I will consider it spring cleaning!

It will be interesting to see how my body responds this go round... faster? the same? is it more difficult? easier? do I get more fit? smaller? who knows.. but I am really looking forward to the health aspect of the results as much or more than any jean size...

I do not feel very healthy right now... even though I am still thin.. I want to feel healthy like I did after bootcamp and for months to follow...

so - here we go!!!!!!!

deep sigh... ok- LET'S DO THIS THANG!!!!

30 days... by the book...AGAIN!!!!!!!

xoox La


  1. I'm in!

    I had a false start 2 weeks ago...but I'm sure I have a much better chance of sticking to it if I have a sponsor! ;)

  2. I'm in.. Just purchased TA 30-day method book yesterday!

  3. GULP...I can't believe I'm saying this but I'm with you ladies too! I bought the book when it was released and never did it...pathetic! This is so scary but will keep me accountable!

    @Ilissa - loved the "false start" comment! :)


  4. I'm waiting to receive the book, so probably not able to start on Monday, but I won't be far behind you guys! The diet scares me somewhat though - I won't be able to afford lots of additional food (on maternity leave!) and with a new baby, I'm going to have to be a bit more flexible with it all. The flu-like days would probably floor me right now! GOOD LUCK!

  5. I'm in! I've been trying but am having a hard time committing to the food-snacking keeps sneaking up on me-so this is perfect. Thank you for doing it again!

  6. Can't start until next Monday now :( Unexpected visitors!! But I'm still in and will be following everyones progress but I'll be a bit behind :(

  7. Hi Laura! I'm going on vacation on Wednesday, so I won't be able to do it by the book. BUT... I'll be taking the bootcamp dvd and book with me so I can sneak in some workouts along with you.

    So excited you're going for another round! Good luck!!