Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Well, let me just start off by saying this...


Man... guess what.. it's hard all over again!

I'm sore and tired today... but HEY- I'm not at the hospital being asked questions like....

"any history of heart disease" ... "No"
"any chance you are pregnant"..." None"...(that baby bump looking thing in my belly is just a cheeseburger left over from the weekend)
"do you do cocaine"... "huh?, seriously..? No- I do not" ( first off- I would not have any friends because no one can even tolerate me after a latte - CAN YOU IMAGINE ME ON COCAINE?????? - OMG - I would be nightmare.
Well maybe I would have a few friends because everyone would know that if I came over to their house all hopped up on blow I would eventually re-roof their house before the evening was over.)

"where exactly did you feel the chest pains?"..."ummm- In my chest." ( Was that a trick question? Does anyone ever come in with chest pains and then go on to explain that they felt them in their leg???)

Anyway - after being assured that their was no reason in the world to be concerned with whatever searing pain I had last night in my chest... I came home and crashed!!

I was so happy to get out of the hospital - cause you know what ?- they have loads of sick people there!!!! It's as if all the sick people FLOCK to that place - ick... what's up with that?
I was happy to leave...

 I anticipate the next time I have a chest pain followed by numbness in my arm will probably when I get the bill from the hospital.

so...moving on!

 DAY TWO - OH!!!! DAY's all coming back to me now!!!!!

It's still hard ladies - but it's not AS HARD as it was the first go round- not at all really...

I attribute it mostly to having maintained most of my results from the first go round - and even though I really fell off the wagon in the last month to 6 weeks -in both my eating and my workouts - I can tell my body isnt quite as in shock as it was the first time I did Boot.

Everything is hard - but since I know the exercises and am starting out at 20 reps (just like the first go round) - it is going CONSIDERABLY faster than round one.

Both yesterday and today - I rocked out both my Cardio and Mat in about an hour and 15 - 30 minutes.
The first time around it took me almost 2.5 hours!!!

I am doing 40 minutes cardio - and today I step touched more than yesterday - but will be easing into the cardio over the next five or so days - again- to avoid shin splints...

but I was sweating like a pig!

and my little room was hot as an Easy Bake Oven !!!!

I picked up my food today from my friend that is cooking for me - and was so thankful for it...

so I am officially in the groove now- not in the hospital and am SOOOOOO excited about starting and getting going.. I cannot wait until about a week from now - when all of the sudden you start feeling so lean and so much smaller and all your jeans start fitting again!!!!

That's the best feeling in the world!

I started a brand new dry erase calendar for this go round- and I'm comparing it to last time - so I can keep myself honest about when I increased my reps and when it was hard- when it got easier - when the big changes took place in my body - all that good stuff!

I am going to weigh tomorrow - I am guessing I am around 133 - because I feel sore and swollen... but not really sure - could be better or worse - but I will be interested in comparing this round to last since I am starting at a considerably better starting point!

Don't forget - I've got Bora Bora coming up in late June- and I refuse to have swollen travel cankles and a droopy Thass - NO WAY- I'm going to feel lean and good about myself!!!!


Ok- time to check in with my other lady boot campers!!!

Eloise, Shay, Paola, "N", Ilissa and Jenn H!!!!! - How's it going????
(and we will have Gabrielle joining us on Monday of next week!!)

anyone else out there trying it with us? I know a lot of you said you where in - so if so - check in with us and let us know to be cheering you on!!!!!

@N - you wanted to know where I take my measurements...
in several places:
mid calf / mid thigh (actually about seven inches above the knee)/ lower ab ("waist") / hips / chest / upper arms

I have not measured yet this time - but plan on grabbing some measurements in the next couple of days!!!
IT was tremdously helpful last go round- so if this is your first time -take before and after photos and MEASURE  YOURSELF!!!

It really helps!

I am drinking lots of lemon water and am currently sitting here wanting to eat something ... and by something I mean ANYTHING... and by ANYTHING I mean a snack, some fruit, the neighbors dog.. the neighbor...or anything out of the neighbors fridge. ah geez.'s all coming back to me now... nightime is the most difficult, when the snack attacks set in.

funny how a little self discipline seems SO hard all of the sudden -
I just keep reminding myself that it gets better soon- the first few days are the most difficult ...


I'm so excited about feeling more lean again - I don't even care - I will tough it out...

although the neighbors should put their dogs inside - you know, just as a precaution.

Hoping to hear from all my other BC buddies!!!!

check in with me so I can help keep you honest!!!!

Day three- here we come!

xoxox La

I'll post some pictures this weekend - or maybe even tomorrow - as I'm starting to get caught up and in the groove more and more!


  1. Hi! so glad you're "back on the wagon". You'll be back in shape in a week, you'll see.

    I'm doing my own version of bootcamp:
    I go to Tracy's studio here in NY and have been doing the complete 2 hour workouts: full mat 40 reps + 60 minutes of cardio in a room that feels like a sauna ( I had been doing 35 reps and 45min cardio last couple of months).

    Yesterday I worked out with Tracy and she KILLED us! She has this new mini hula ring contraption we used during mat work, that is like a torture device from hell! But it rocks!

    I'm also starting diet with he puree cleanse, which is tough! but so far I dropped 5lbs and already feel and look leaner, yipee! after the cleanse I will be following with real "diet" ( I NEVER diet, i HATE it, but I must if I want to shed these last few pounds, ugh).

    I will be posting pictures at the end on my blog:

    I'll keep you posted.


  2. Glad to hear you are alive and well. Sounds like you had quite an experience!

    I know what you mean about feeling sore and swollen. I left my house this morning around 4am and spent most of the day on planes traveling to Hawaii. I know I shouldn't complain, but my butt was still sore from last night's TAM and the prolonged sitting did not help one bit! When we landed, the salt air immediately made my hands and feet swell. Nice!

    Anyway, I just changed into my workout gear, ready to rock it out to TAM day 2 (even if it is 11:30pm east coast time). I'm going to aim for 30 reps and 40 min cardio, if I can manage to stay awake... :)

  3. Since I have spent a large part of the past 2 days reading all of your posts, I thought I should identify myself. Mostly so I feel less creepy:) My name is Lauren and I'm on day 3 of the BC, after afew false starts with meta. I found all the puree's the first week really challenging and ended the week with a full on sugar binge. I'm talking cake, gummy worms( because they looked bigger than the bears) and 3 enormous "vegan" cookie. My brain thought the vegan part made it less embarrassing.
    Anywho, I'm back on track and I'm actually enjoying making the meals on the menu. That rhymed... Or is it onamonapea? Who know. I just wanted to write onamonapea.
    Hope you don't mind but I'm going to use your blog to keep me honest. First day, felt great. Day 2, I thought my abs were breaking. Seriously. I had minor surgery through my belly button over 5 months ago and I kept thinking, this rep, this one is the one that will break my belly button. No such luck. Still intact and actively trying to persuade me to procrastinate. Sorry, belly button, I'm on to you.

    Off I go- Day 3. By the book.
    Thanks for writing this blog... It's making me feel as if I'm part of a team and you are somehow the captian. Oh captain, my captain. Ok, that was creepy. I'm going to go work out now.

    P.S. Please don't mind my spelling/grammar. My iPad has a mind if it's own.

  4. Hey Laura! Just checking in... Not sure what happened to all of our comments from Wednesday. They all disappeared!

    Anyway, I've been rocking it in Hawaii. Tuesday was a little bit of a bust. I made it through 30 reps of MS, but was too exhausted to complete the cardio. I started to do it and completely ran of steam. I kept thinking of one of your previous posts "not today, folks..". Lol.

    Yesterday, I was back on it. I read the part of the book that talked about how if you only do MS and not cardio, your newly defined muscles will be hidden by fat. And that definitely isn't cute in a bikini!! I rocked out 30 reps of MS followed 40 minutes of cardio.

    Day 4 workout will be a bit later tonight. How are you doing?? Still hanging in there? Any noticeable progress?

    I'm down 3 pounds so far. Woohoo!

  5. hi! I'm starting bootcamp on wednesday the 19th so I'll be a few days behind you all but I'm looking forward to getting this going !! I need some MAJOR spring cleaning!

  6. Hey ladies!

    So I'm sorry to report that I got behind and didn't start on Tuesday as planned...I had to put one of my cats down so have been grieving that all week. :(

    But, I started today. Thank goodness I had some experience with TAM because if I hadn't I would've been a bigger mess than I was. HOLY MOLY! I'm so glad I remember you saying "don't be a hero" because at first 20 reps didn't seem so bad...wrong! Wow! And the cardio...sheesh! I guarantee that would've been a good laugh for someone because I looked ridiculous! No coordination here!

    Hopefully everyone is doing well!

    Thanks for being our mentor Laura...I thought about all your posts while doing my workout, which is a Tracy no-no since I wasn't completely focused but I couldn't help from laughing at my first day!

    Happy Weekend everyone! :)


  7. Hi Laura,

    I guess my comment from last week got deleted... I made a post about it though, you can check it out here is day 1:

    and here is day 3:

    Tomorrow I am working out with Tracy, will give updates if I survive, haha!


  8. Are you still alive, Laura?? I hope you're doing well.

    I took your advice and took some before photos today. Yikes! I really let myself go since January. I had been doing so well with TAM in December until I started following the diet by the book. All the acid from the tomatoes, grapefruit, and OJ made me break out in hives! It totally freaked me out. I thought I had bed bugs!! The good news is: it subsided in a few minutes. The bad news is: it kind of de-railed my bootcamp.

    This time I won't doing the diet by the book. I have been eating relatively healthy, but I've promised myself not to be too restrictive while on vacation. When I get back, I'll return to the book recipes with a few adjustments to reduce the amount of acid.

    @Paola: I'm so excited for you. Please let us know how your workout with Tracy goes! :)

    Hope to hear from you soon!

  9. So I just found ur blog and am on day one. Super excited and nervous at the same time. A friend kids talked me into doing it. We r trying it out together. I have about 40 lbs in all that I was to lose left. I have lost about 30 already. My biggest obstacles are going to be meal prep and old injuries but I'm going to do the best I can.