Monday, May 9, 2011

Boot Camp - Round 2!! I'm starting tomorrow-Tuesday!!

Sorry for the false start but my "food supplier" can't start until Wednesday and with all day meetings today I could not get my food going for myself until tomorrow!!!!

I don't mind sharing with you all the I'm TERRIFIED to give this another go- but FULLY committed and can't wait!!!!

and I'm beyond thrilled that so many of you are going to jump in with me!!!

Sounds like lots of you are starting asap - and some might have gotten up this morning and kicked it into gear - WOO HOO!!!!

Tomorrow (Tuesday)'s game on and I will be going at it hard- blogging everyday - or almost everyday - and keeping everyone motivated to the best of my ability...

I may have to resort to reading my own old posts to keep myself reminded of just how hard it was in the first place.... oh good grief!

You know what I'm dreading? hard it's going to be...
You know what I'm excited about? damn good I felt afterwards!!!

I want to figure out how to contact everyone that is jumping in with me - and keep tabs...??

Any thoughts?

Maybe everyone can just post their progress in the comment section...
if any of you are techies-( as I am certainly not!) please throw out ideas - for I am all ears.

By the way - as it turns out - you actually have to continue to do Tracy's exercise to maintain ALL the results. I'm not exactly sure why I thought I could stop working out and eat like sumo wrestler and not backslide... but now that I've tested THAT theory, and found it doesn't quite work that way - I think I'll try doing what I'm supposed to do and get back on it!

I will say that I have not lost all my progress - not even close - so I have high hopes for a speedy recovery and then ON TO NEW FRONTIERS of Thass reversal!!!!

You can only imagine that auto correct just had a field day with that word "Thass"
It's saying "word not found in dictionary"...yah.. no kidding... if it were found in the dictionary - and not on the back of my ass - I wouldn't be so concerned about it!

ok ladies!!!

- and gentlemen - if you're interested...

it's on!!!


I'm scared... someone please hold me.


tomorrow will be DAY ONE, PART 2...and BY THE BOOK!!!!!

xoxo La

Let's do this thing!

OH- btw - I am starting Boot food this evening - so that when I finish my workout on the last day - I will officially be done!! and can celebrate that evening!!! So- I guess I'm kind of starting today!


  1. I'm soooo glad you're starting Tuesday because the wheels kind of fell off my day which turned into afternoon cookies. My check card was comprimised and one of my kitties had a leg amputation...rough day! But, I will do this thing tomorrow!

    I am so looking forward to wearing all of my "skinny" clothes again, not to say I'm fat now, but just feeling really soft! Yuk! But I am sooo terrified...just worried that I can't do it everyday!

    As far as the keeping up thing...I was trying to figure that out as well...I am technilogically challenged so hopefully someone else will have a great idea.

    Going to get some good sleep tonight and start up tomorrow! Yea!


  2. Tomorrow is perfect, since i tried to start this morning and have already eaten ice cream! (just a few bites of my hubby's, but still!) Now I can have a real fresh start tomorrow! So exciting!

  3. Game on! Hope your workout goes well tonight. I'm off to do some bootcamp!

    PS Can you post what measurements you'll be taking, so we're all on the same page. :)

  4. What is bootcamp? I read that youre starting it and youre doing well. But what are the food restrictions and workouts?

  5. I have a suggestion for all you ladies. I am a mom of a 16 month old and I used "shape magazines" virtual trainer program. it's online and free. It's a calorie counter and tracks your workouts. I'm not saying that calorie counting is good, but I found that since it records everything I'm eating and doing then I got used to doing it....and you can visually SEE your results. So you keep doing it.

    I've lost over 25 lbs and I just got back from hawaii in a victoria secret bikini so anyone can do advice is take it slow. If you try to take on too much or work out everyday or eat no junk food you are going to cave it and crash.

    Start with something easy like a nice evening walk and cutting out something easy like liquids. I drink one coffee/tea in the morning and then ONLY water all day. obviously you can treat yourself but you can lose POUNDS by just doing that and you won't even have to go to boot camp ;)

    Anyway, I'm starting a boot camp tonight and I'm really scared I won't be strong enough to do it either. So maybe I'll post back and let you know how it went.