Tuesday, May 10, 2011

OMG..first day back on boot camp and I ended up in the hospital!!!!

Well, isn't this just a fine kettle of fish...
Let's get a few things out of the way first...

No, I'm not kidding - I just got back from the hospital.
Yes, it happened on my first day back on boot camp.
No, the two are not related in any way. I promise - it has NOTHING to do with TAM!!!
Yes, I am totally fine and feel great - not a single thing to worry about.

back to the story at hand...

I was just released from the hospital after a couple hours of tests, xray's and blood tests...

why the need to rush to the hospital...?

are you all sitting down (and to avoid unnecessary drama - I must repeat...I am COMPLETELY FINE - NOTHING IS WRONG WITH ME WHAT SO EVER - did you get that, mom?) ... but earlier in the evening I had some severe chest pains and then my left arm went numb...


so I was left wondering - Am I having a heart attack????? WTF..????

well, if I go to the hospital when I'm 42 and healthy and active and not overweight - they are going to commit me to the psych ward - or call my mother and accuse her of having Munchhausen Syndrome ...

but if I DON'T go to the hospital and then have to explain later that - "I had weird painful chest pains I've never experienced before -followed by immediate numbness in my left arm, but I assumed it was not a problem because things like that don't happen to me"...

well, you get the point... the pains were abnormal and acute, but I'm young and very healthy...  so I was stuck in the awkward spot of it being ridiculous if I went, and ridiculous if I didn't.

So I went...

Thinking to myself how utterly stupid it was - but at the same time feeling very unsettled about the "chest pain episode"... (which I was laughing to myself because I kept thinking how pissed I was going to be if they told me not to exercise for a few days (btw- no such luck) since I completed day one today and let me tell you what...

it was hard... ALL OVER AGAIN... obviously - I mean - my God- it ALMOST KILLED ME!!!

haha- I'm kidding - like I said - doctor thought the chest pains were something muscular and not to worry - all was great!

I am about to fall asleep at my computer right now - so I'll tell you more about it tomorrow - but wanted to drop you a note to say that DAY ONE didn't kill me - but it damn sure tried!!!

I also wanted to go on record and say that I had a great DAY ONE...you know - in case the doctor that checked me out at the hospital was a whack job and really wasn't a doctor at all -and I croaked tonight in my sleep- (I'm kidding , mom - please do not call me tonight to check on me) - I'm tired- but I'm all good!!!

and I was ON IT today - rocked out perfect food, hit 20 reps of Mat workout (30 day / days 1-10) and did 40 minutes of 30 day method cardio - mostly step touching ...as I am giving my shins a chance to catch up and not push them too hard - not sure if I mentioned it before - But I am prone to shin splints - so I have to ease into it!

I am following the same plan I followed the first go round - and that is what I did last time- it was LOTS EASIER today - until the whole- "I think I'm having a heart attack thing..."

food perfect- exercise perfect

even with a hospital visit...!!!!!

more tomorrow about day one and my plans for navigating some upcoming hurdles!!!
Here we go girls!!

Day One, Round 2 -  Done- BY THE BOOK!!!

xoxo La


  1. Glad all is well. Day 1 was great for me too. I did walk for a while but because of school I have been sedentary for a while and need it! Here's to 29 more!
    Jenn H.

  2. SO proud of you all!!!!! Wish I could join you, but I have a due date coming up in late November!!!!!! ;)
    I love to watch the blog and hope to see your group of ladies rock it out!

    Best of luck and we'll all be cheering you on!

  3. That's crazy! At least you know you are in tip top shape to continue boot camp! Yikes!

  4. Thankfully your okay!! I need my inspiration to help me through bc which I'm starting a week behind you. You're letting me know what i'm in for!