Monday, April 11, 2011

wow - I didn't really MEAN to be gone for...well, months I guess...


I'm not sure exactly what happened...actually ... I know EXACTLY what happened -

I had a complete meltdown over business matters, turned 42, had a horrible sinus infection, had another breakdown, went to a 7 day holistic juice fast spa (where you don't eat for 7 DAYS!),  felt like a new person, stopped melting down, went to South Africa and worked at an orphanage (that's a game changer, right there folks) and then went on a safari....
 got the same sinus infection again...and now I'm home... least that is SOME of what I've been doing!!!

I will break it down and give you the finer details of some of the life changing events that have taken place for me - as well as - the always comical crap I somehow seem to get myself into...and there has been  a LOT of that!!!

I have worked out - A LITTLE BIT - with my meta TAM DVD - but must be honest with you all - I haven't done much... and I CAN TELL...

it's like I slowly tapered off - do to illnesses and schedules - at little at a time - and no mater how LITTLE I worked out - I still maintained ALL my results from Boot... until one day - I had a weird Nutty Professor moment - where I sware I popped back out like a piece of popcorn!!! Not all the way - not even close - but all of the sudden things were a but more wobbily and my butt and legs seemed a little more swamp ass than before ... you know  - just a little backsliding!

Now- I have STAYED UNDER 130!!! which is HUGE for me - but I have obviously compromised my muscle tone and that's no good!

OH- I'm lying a little - (not on purpose- I've just been gone for so long that I do not know where to I beg for forgiveness first - or just get right down to catching everyone up and asking how they are doing????... decisions, decisions...)

I'll stick with stats first and then get to the graveling ...

SO - I did pop over 130 ONCE - DANG!!! and that was the day I got home from South Africa...
I am sorry to report that I ate a small portion of their lovely country and brought it home with me...on the back of my legs.

BUT- I got it back off immediately - and am back focused and ready to firm things back up and rock it out....

This year has been so full of surprises for me - and it's only April... yowza... more on those in the days to come..

for now - I wanted to write to you all and go ahead and see if anyone even cared if I came back or not!!! There were so many sweet messages from you all and I really appreciate it!

I have to be honest with you - the longer I went without writing - the more hesitant I was to write again ...for fear everyone would throw canned tomatoes and tell me  I suck for dropping off the face of the earth!!! Which - would be totally fair... and PLEASE don't think that I have such a high regard for myself that I think anyone's life was affected at all because they could not read my Blog - I PROMISE I wouldn't think that much of myself - but I do know that some of us felt like we were in this fight together - and then right about the time I told you I "got your back" I ditched you to get your ass kicked all by yourself!!!
I have all the faith in the world that everyone was able to carry on and rock out their TAM workouts and diets without me ... but I did miss telling you all about my struggles...and having a laugh with you all over them!

But... enough about that - if you missed me - THANKS and I'm SO SORRY I ran off...
if you didn't miss me - well, then - YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF - what if something had happened to me??? What if I had been hurt? or WORSE... what if I had GAINED WEIGHT???!!!!

My God - have you no heart???? What's wrong with you people????


ok... I think I'm going to be short and sweet today - and just break the ice and see if anyone's still out there... if you are - I'd love to start writing to you again - I have lots to say and have navigated some really tough waters lately and will gladly share all the nasty details with you!

I am also... (gulp) thinking about another round of BOOT!... I have some friends that are really wanting to do it and want my help and for me to do it with them... and I'm ACTUALLY thinking about it . I'll keep you posted...

In the mean time- I did Meta Glut this morning with the Meta cardio - both were more difficult than they should have been...but that's what happens when you let yourself backslide...

I'm going to get after it again tomorrow - and every day after that - until I recover from my travels and get rid of this vacation ass I'm toting around these days....
Fingers crossed it won't take long!

I really have missed you all and CANNOT believe how many people have been reading and checking in without me even posting any new blogs... WOW! thanks for that!

That could also be a very good indicator that I talk WAY too much...

but I'm going to choose to focus on the positive -
and that's me hoping if I start writing again - someone will still care!!!!!

It's good to be back - even if I'm talking to myself! Lord knows it wouldn't be the first time!!!

All my love and more details soon....

every day's a new starting point....

xoxo La


  1. SO happy you're back...backside and all. =) Life, and even meltdowns, happen to the best of us...(i say that, because I just had one, and I am one of the best so...)...but what matters is that when all is said and done we get back up and try again.

    You have junk in yo trunk and I got jelly in ma let's get moving girl!

  2. I have been checking your blog for updates and was hoping you are ok! Welcome back!

  3. Laura!! You're alive! So glad to hear you are well. :)

    For a moment I thought that maybe you had fallen out of love with the TAM.. that maybe it was just another passing fad. It's encouraging to hear that even after some ups and downs, you have renewed commitment.

    Please let us know if you're going to do the bootcamp again. I'll join you!

  4. Laura!

    I'm so happy you're back! Sounds like you've had an amazing couple of months...looking forward to hearing more about it. And glad to hear you're still under 130...I'm not so fortunate...been hovering 4 pounds over for the last several months after a year of staying under 127...very disappointing. Maybe your crazy antics and inspirational posts will be the key to get me going again! :)


  5. Welcome Back! Sounds like you had reason enough not to write us :) I loved reading your Boot Camp journey. Looking forward to more!

  6. Yaaay! Laura is back! Missed you so much Laura! and so happy to see you once again and also very happy to see that you are one piece, healthy and as vibrant as always. It seems like you have rocked this time in a different style in different parts of the world and I am anxiously waiting to hear more about it in the following days. welcome back!

  7. First time I've read your blog....sounds like your living life to the were always one of the most beautiful women I've met, so I'm not sure where all this "weight" stuff is coming're perfect Laura!......Will check up on your blog more regularly now. I didn't know you were gone, but welcome back.

  8. Yay! Glad to see you back and it sure sounds like you've been busy but it sounds very exciting - can't wait to hear all about it. So wish I lived near you so I could do bootcamp with you and your friends - I just can't seem to get it going on my own! I have to look good because my husband's in Iraq and I'm going to meet him in Europe this summer...and I want to look HOT! Welcome back!!


  9. I am thrilled you are back! totally made my day!

  10. Thank GOODNESS you're back. I missed you!

  11. Welcome Back Laura, you were missed. Glad you had a good time in your travels. There is a whole other world out there, isn't there? Sounds like a wonderful experience, please share more.

  12. Laura , i am such a fan!!! You really inspire me. I've just got my omni dvds. Tomorrow will be my third attempt to do the program because i did begun twice but i could not go through with it ( health issues) and i am not going to give up and i count on you to keep me from quitting with your humor and optimism.
    I am 33, mother of a three years old and a 5 months baby, work full time and i am from Dominican Republic. (yes, Tracy is here too!) i am 5' 4" and 163 pounds! I know that number is a shocker by itself so i am going to keep my meassurements to myself. I plan to start tomorrow. See u

  13. Yayyyy!!!! I'm so glad you're back! I read your whole blog from beginning to end before starting bootcamp and it's so good to have a new post from you :)

  14. Yay, Laura is back!
    Bring back the BootCamp!!! :)

  15. So glad you're back, Laura! I've definitely missed your crazy stories and your amazing success! I say yes to your second go around with BC - I'm on day 28 of my second time through and although it totally sucks, it was definitely a tad easier the second time through! Good luck and can't wait to hear all about it!

  16. Glad to see you back! I've really enjoyed reading your blog and look forward to your future TA adventures.

    Nancy W.

  17. SOOOO happy that you're back! For me, it is at the perfect time. I am on day 2 of BC and plan to read along with your daily posts throughout this process. Your thoughts and above all HUMOR are totally helpful. Can't wait to hear what's next for you!

  18. Oh I found you blog two weeks ago when I started blogging about MY Metamorphosis and I am so happy you've come back! You are first and foremost AMAZINGLY entertaining, and just so sweet in the youtube video you posted. I cannot wait to hear about your progress!
    xoxo Lisa

  19. Yay so glad your back!
    I've been thinking about re-doing Boot Camp - I will if you will!!!! xx

  20. Hi! While you have been away you acquired me as and a few of my girl friends as readers. (Hopefully that will serve to offset any attrition you may have had!) I just want to thank you for being so inspiring. (It was because of you that I started Meta this week.) So welcome back; I look forward to following your blog :)

    Oh...and would you mind sharing how tall you are? I am just curious because we seem to share similar "before" body types.

  21. Yay! You are back! I was wondering where you'd gone also - but so glad to have you back!

  22. You've been missed, can't wait to hear more...

  23. Oops! I guess I should read more carefully; I just noticed that you mentioned your height way back in the begining....

    As it turns out, I *am* your exact "before" body double!

  24. Glad you're back! I found out about your blog through a mutual friend of ours (I worked in the music biz until the beginning of the year), and I LOVE your blog!! I'm going to start the TAM method soon, and I am a little nervous about all the eating/cooking at home. My husband plays baseball, so we travel A LOT.... worried that I won't be able to stick to the diet part!

  25. hi i wrote and it may or may not have disappeared. i really wanted to know if you, laura, stuck with this and saw changes to your body as this was close to two years ago. what about others, how did you manage Lindsay especially with all the cooking involved. please share and feel free to email me at to properly stay in touch and share before after pics! thank you...nervous and excited!