Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I have found the ultimate inspiration photo!!!

Is this for real....??????
I ask you????

Is it humanly possible for someone to have an ass THIS GOOD...????!!!!

I will be putting this woman's photo on my mirror so I can look at it when I workout...that way every time I get tired and want to quit my workout I might take a minute and DARE TO DREAM!

Here's the really funny...borderline cruel thing about it...
The little silk number she's wearing is the one that goes with the robe I bought!!!!!

Hold on- give me a minute to stop laughing!!!!!!!!!

Holy Sweet Baby Jesus - that is NOT what it would look like if I were to put it on and stretch my arms over my head!!!!!

I am laughing so hard right now at the thought of what it might look like if I were in this photo!
It would NOT look like her..and since I don't know "her" name - let's just call her Sweet Cheeks.

Sweet Cheeks - You , my dear, have the ultimate onion ass! and -hey- way to make a living with it!

Well done, Sweet Cheeks, well done.

 I can PROMISE you all this...if I can get my hiney to look anything - ANYTHING - even close to hers - I too will walk around with my arms over my head in very short silk night gowns!!!

There would be one major difference between Sweet Cheeks and myself... I would NOT be looking straight ahead- I would be  looking over my shoulder so I wouldn't miss the look of complete and utter awe on the face of whoever happened to be behind me!!!

For the rest of the women in the world who, like me, might not look like ole' Sweet Cheeks in the photo above -
I have this to say...maybe she has a terribly unattractive face!!!!!... PLEASE someone tell me she has a terribly unattractive face!!!

...or maybe chronic halitosis... is it wrong of me to wish her a dog face with dog breath??

ok, you're right...that's not very nice. I take it back.

What about a hammer toe?


I'm sorry - I'm making myself laugh tonight.

I'm kidding - I'm sure she is gorgeous, smart, and kind and has lovely breath.


Maybe she's a hooker.

Hell, I'd pay to see that ass in person - so that one doesn't really make me any feel better about myself.
Because now I'm paying to see women's hineys.

 Well... I'm down to hoping it's excellent photo shop work!

OR.... MAYBE...she does Tracy Anderson Method!!!

Ok! now we are talking - a way we can all strive to get a trunk with NO junk!!!

I am going to actually look at this photo every day and do a few more leg lifts, a little more cardio and just see what would happen if I really tried a little harder....

Let's put Tracy to the test!!!

I think she is the only one that has come up with a way to at least GUIDE us toward looking more like Sweet Cheeks and ... and less like the Hounds of Thasskerville.

I posted this picture for several reasons...

First... because, well -WOW...nice ass.

Secondly...because I found it hysterical that she's wearing the nightie / robe set that I just bought!!!

But more importantly because I realized over the last few days that one of the reasons I have been struggling to get back in my workout groove is because I wasn't focusing on the REASONS I WANT to be back in my workout groove...

read:  I needed to focus and restate my GOALS.

When I was doing the Tracy Anderson 30 day method - I had a was to finish the thirty days.

Then I determined my NEW GOAL would be to stay under 130 for a year... which is going well -btw!
Still under 130.

HOWEVER... my motivation to workout on a regular basis has to be focused on more than weight... it has to be focused on health and RESULTS...

it has to be focused on what I'm really trying to achieve...

and I'm trying to achieve what SWEET CHEEKS has achieved...or what she was born with...and that is a nice little round tush that isn't sliding down the back of my thighs and frowning.

So- I am a re-born, focused girl!!!!

and I will - I WILL - focus on results - and not just weight - because although I have stayed under 130 - and am proud of that - the scale does not matter to me as much as RESULTS matter to me.

I would not look any better in that nightie right now if I had a Sharpie and wrote "weight = 128" on the back of my leg!!!

So - after a few weeks of craziness behind me..and truthfully - a few more in my near future - I am re-committing myself to my RESULTS, not my weight (well, weight too - but merely as a measurement, more than a single minded focus) and I'm going to remind myself everyday why I WANT to workout, WHY I'm working out and re-direct my thinking!!!!!!

If that doesn't work...
well, then I'm taking this photo to a few really good plastic surgeons!

I think it will work!

Ok people....

My trip to Bora Bora is in 6 months...

My goal - simply put- ...  is to have my friends call me Sweet Cheeks!

I hope you all are having wonderful days and are safe and warm - especially if you're in the parts of the world that are being effected by the winter storms!

and let's all say a prayer for peace in Cairo!

Thanks for letting me be my crazy, silly, nut job self!

Lastly - I have ordered my new Tracy Metamorphosis DVD!!! I can't wait for it to get here - I'll give you one guess which one I ordered!!!! You guessed it - the butt one!
We are sooooooooo gonna put that one to the challenge like we did boot camp!!!!

I can't wait!

Night night -
love you all...

xoxo La

AKA: the Sweet Cheeks starter kit.


  1. More inspiration:

  2. O M G!!!!! neeed that !!I just took BEFORE pics of myself to help motivate...YIKES!!! Did you ever get bored w/the routines? For cardio did you just do the 15 min set or did you do other stuff too? thanksss :)

  3. Your arms are better than her's!

  4. Besides her butt she just looks skinny, not near as shapely as her TA counterpart (YOU YA BIG DUMMY!) I am so glad to have you to look forward to! Yay for vacay! My omni meta should be here any ol' day. It says it shipped on the 25th of jan, I hope it gets here in time to start with you! Have you heard that it is 30 min cardio and 30 min ms work! Let's see that's...ijs...eitj ....1 HOUR!!! 1 HOUR!!! That's something I can do! I am so excited about 1 Hour, incase you couldn't tell. Keep 'em coming!

  5. hahah! Thanks to all the sweet comments!!!

    my meta DVD got Here today!!!

    can't wait to see what crazy brutal thing I've signed up for this time! So excited!!!!

    come on rainiraney - let me know when you get yours!!! we will do it together!

  6. This has got to be your most hilarious post ever! I laughed so hard! Love it and I can't wait to read about your next journey! I am on day 3 of omni!

  7. That was damn hilarious LOL! Will be subscribing to your blog :)

  8. How did you get a picture of my ass? Personally I think my cheeks look cuter in person... although much larger as well. Ok... so that's not my ass... I guess that's the price I pay for not having a dog face. Thanks for the post I will be printing and posting on the stairclimber as I wonder for 30mins who the F**** invented that god awful thing.