Saturday, January 15, 2011's gettting better all the time!

I rocked it out today!! up at 5:15- working out at 6:00 - doing mat dvd and cardio - increasing my cardio by about 10 extra minutes... to right around 50 minutes.
Weighing in this morning ....126! So , the holiday weight is falling right back with just a little effort!


Thank goodness - today really reminded me WHY I am doing all this...because I want to.

I caught myself thinking about things I "had to do" and remembered that I wanted to do these things...because I want to feel good about myself, fit in my clothes and be proud of myself.

Reminding yourself that your workout plan is a choice...that really helps!

You know what else helps? Watching 'The Break Up' and seeing Jennifer Aniston's ass when she walks by Vince Vaughn and she's in the buff...that also helps.
My lord- that is the ass I want!!!!!!

I couldn't help noticing this morning while working out that my current tushy seems to be a little bummed out.
(get it - "bummed" out?) ...what do I mean by that? I mean it looks sad...kind of like the sides of it are frowning...I want my arse to SMILE!!!!

I want the sides of it to sort of curl upwards - like it's smiling.
yeah- I want that!!!!!!

Currently - the sides of it are frowning ...or not so much frowning as going straight out to the ...come on Tracy Anderson - let's turn that frown UPSIDE DOWN!!!!

I want an ONION ASS!!! - in case you don't know that joke - an onion ass is an ass that brings tears to a mans eyes!!!

Still makes me laugh...but then again I am infinitely immature.

So...that is now officially part of my goal!!! NO OLD MAN SKIN ON MY STOMACH...and to have an ONION ASS.
 MY Lord - this is gonna be fun!!!

I have been doing fairly well this week and feel like I'm gaining a head of speed to finally be back in my full on groove - but it's really been hard to get back into my great eating and solid workouts.

I decided today that although the weight is coming back off - and I'm thrilled for that - I am going to have to really get back to business for a few weeks at least - in order to regain the lean feelings I had prior to Christmas...
What I'm noticing is that although my eating and workouts are MUCH better - they are really right in line with maintaining...not losing.

When my goal is too maintain - my current "pretty good" will do just fine - but to actually lose and tone more I am going to crank it up a bit ...

makes sense, I guess.

Although I much prefer a world where I can slack off for weeks and not suffer ANY consequences and then put in minimal effort and regain ALL results.
Please let me know - immediately - if any of you know where that world is...for I will move next week.

In the mean time - I will continue living in my current world and abide by it's crappy rules!!!!!

So - a few of you have asked some questions....
Let's start some answering, shall we?

1. Did I switch any of the meals during the 30 day method?

Yes I did. I tried to do every meal exactly as Tracy said, but there were a few times I switched one days breakfast for anothers, or a lunch or dinner - but ALWAYS one from the meal plan and always one from the same meal slot. Lunch for a lunch, dinner for a dinner, etc.

2. Did I drink Coffee?

Yes I did. Now, before any of you gasp and freak out that the "BY THE BOOK" girl drank a cup of coffee every day during the 30 day plan...I never realized I wasn't supposed to drink coffee during the 30 days!! I read that darn book four times and NEVER read that we weren't supposed to drink coffee...however - I saw an interview with Tracy after I was done and she said in the interview - no coffee!!! I almost fell over.
So, it looks like I was violating the rules - but I guess it didn't hurt anything...? I did NOT use ANY dairy in my coffee - EVER.
I had one cup in the morning with a tiny splash of almond milk or soy milk and that was all.
I also occasionally had a second cup at the office - again, no dairy - usually just black.

and I gotta tell ya - cutting out the coffee might have just killed me.

So - I certainly can't endorse having it now that I know better and have heard it's a no-no straight from the boss ladies mouth... but I'm kind of thankful I didn't know it at the time, because I love coffee like a construction worker loves Mountain Dew, Like Sonny loved Cher, like a rat loves a Cheeto - I mean to tell you I LOVE ME SOME COFFEE!!!!! last answer is exactly the kind of thing that drives my husband crazy about me - he would read this and say..."why didn't you just answer  'yes, I had one cup a day.' "

Well, duh...where's the fun in that????

Anyhoo - moving on....

Tomorrow I am going to try and make an emotional plunge into my embarrassingly large closet and PURGE IT!!!
I have decided it's time to commit to getting rid of some things that are TOO BIG (yeah!) and have some faith that I won't need them anymore.

I'm hoping that as I throw out old things my stomach will get the message that we no longer have a use for all the "extra" in our do we, old man skin?

you hear me's ok to run along now...find some where else to be, your services are no longer needed here!

I know what that crusty little old man will say - "oh yah - looks like you needed me to be there for you when you were packing it on over the holidays"
Oh shut up. No one likes a know it all.
well, that was then - this is now and I'm done with him, the skin, the big girl jeans and I am going to lighten my load!

I'll let you know how it out my closet could offer some GREAT photo ops!!!

I might go bowling with my friend Eric instead.
hahaha - so many choices, so little time.

Hitting the hay now...up and at it again tomorrow - going for a workout everyday until I see the holiday-schmoliday jiggly-wigglies back off the ole Thass!



  1. hey laura - i've been enjoying your blog - you are hilarious! my sister sent me your link when we both sort of started TAM....she lives in the UK and I live in paris so we're both trying to keep up w/all of this thru the various blogs and FB fan page which is awesome. i managed to buy the BC book when i was in the states for xmas and am currently on day 8! been getting a bit bored w/her book cardio stuff so think i'm going to venutre out and try some of her basic dance combos today. your blog is inspirational and i check it daily! congrats on achieving your goals and all the best to continued TAM fabulousness. my goal this year is to reshape 'flass' (aka: flabby ass). xoxo

  2. Omg, you are so funny! If your ass is frowning I don't know wth mine is doing!!! But I want my ass to smile too damnit! =) Love it. I am on Day 6 now and am having to switch out a couple meals as well. I tried to stick to it exactly, and just can't do it. I also had to add in a little extra protein or gasp... 1/4 cup of wild rice occasionally. I feel like I'm wasting away. I am drinking coffee in the morning too! I know I'm not supposed to, but I don't care! I couldn't function. Love your blog, you're so inspiring!!!! =)

  3. Good job with the 5:15 wake up and 126 lbs after Christmas and New Years... that's just fantastic!!

    When I read the book I saw the part about no coffee but I really didn't want to give that up. I used to take it with cream (half and half) and I made the decision to have my coffee everyday but take it black (which I thought would be totally disgusting and I'd end up ditching coffee for the month). A month after finishing BC I'm still taking it black!! All those little changes make a difference. :)

  4. Keep up the good work Laura! I have been off the wagon for over a week with laryngitis etc so I am hoping to at least get some mat work in on Tues or Wed. I know SOMETHING is wrong with me when I have NOOO appetite for DAYS on end and have to FORCE myself to eat as I have heard some SUPERMODELS say in the past. LOL! Between that and the holidays I have only lost a few extra pounds and am just going to restart the darn bootcamp. You are keeping me inspired! XOXOXO!

  5. I realize you're doing the whole TA thing, but have you considered adding in the High & Tight workout from the Brazil Butt Lift series? That workout changed my booty like no other. I love TA, P57, Pure Barre, all those types of workouts - and they give AMAZING results - but nothing came close to what BBL's High & Tight, three times a week, did for my butt. :D You might consider adding it in for a thirty day challenge, to see if it works for you!

  6. I LOVE your blog Laura! I just found it and I feel like a kid in a candy store! This is my post-workout treat after my BC workout :)

  7. Hey, Laura! I love your blog, and wanted to give you a blog award!! :) Spreading the love today. Here's the link:

    Keep writing! I almost peed my pants (sorry for that) laughing today! :)